Brand Revitalization Strategies for LG Mobiles & RC Cola in Pakistan.


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This particular presentation is based on our findings and recommendations for the revitalization of LG mobiles and RC Cola in Pakistan.

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Brand Revitalization Strategies for LG Mobiles & RC Cola in Pakistan.

  1. 1. REVITALIZATION STRETEGIES PRESENTED BY: Wajid Ali 3335 Haifa Saleem 3336 Nabita Ishtiaq 3353 Shakeel Aslam 3338 Hassan Naseer 3328 Rana Tassadaq 3316 PRESENTED TO: MR. GHULAM AHMAD RANA
  2. 2. FADING BRANDS AND REVITALIZATION Brand-1 Strategies for LG Mobile’s Revitalization in Pakistan.
  3. 3. About The Company LG Electronics was established in 1958 as the pioneer in the Korean consumer electronics market. Since then it has become a major global force working in 80 countries. LG recently underlined its reputation as one of the world’s leading innovators of LCD and Plasma televisions, by unveiling a 100 inch liquid crystal display (LCD) TV. LG entered in mobile communications market in 1997. LG ranked fourth in global mobile handset sales in 2005.
  4. 4. LG PAKISTAN Pakistan is the fastest growing country in regard to mobile phone user base with 130 million mobile phone users. World’s most popular mobile phone manufacturers are launching their mobile phones in Pakistan to catch a big customer base while there are also some local mobile phone manufacturers to catch growing opportunities. In the mobile domain, LG is one of the early companies to release touch screen phones in Pakistan. LG Mobiles, struggling somewhat in the most recent period with an operating loss of (USD 49.48 million) mainly due to greater expenses and high cost. LG is said to have a Smartphone market share of 3.6% in Pakistani market.
  5. 5. Strategies to Revitalize LG Mobile Expansion of LG’s brand awareness. Improvement in LG’s brand image. Entrance in new potential market.
  6. 6. Expending Brand Awareness LG mobiles should develop & implement short term marketing strategy and plans in Pakistan. This strategy will result in improving the price- premium imagery, building brand awareness of LG mobiles. It should develop complete communication strategy and marketing campaigns for the cell phones. With complete planning, including launch and mid – life kick. Should set up specific goals and investment ratios for building imagery through sponsorships and innovative associations & visibility. It must develop 360° campaigns for successful launch of new products, and for gaining shelf space in Retail.
  7. 7. Cont’d It should work with Operator and Modern retail business teams on co- marketing campaigns such to ensure increase in business expansion and more value to LG Mobile Consumers. For better market penetration it should provide great customer services like other mobile phone brands like Apple, Samsung and Nokia etc. It is said that “out of sight and out of mind.” If LG does not consistently remind its target market that its actively doing business, people will forget about LG and go elsewhere as it is being happening with LG mobiles in Pakistan. Another way that can increase LG mobile’s awareness is social media like Facebook & Twitter. At Facebook & Twitter, mobile customers can share tips, ask questions and network with one another. The benefit to LG will be that it will stay in touch with its target market in real time.
  8. 8. Improving the Brand Image & Entering New Markets LG should reposition its target mobile market in Pakistan because currently the main focus of all mobile manufacturers is urban population. The urban population has almost 100% mobile penetration, so the new growth market for the LG mobile phone in Pakistan is the rural population. Most of the people in rural areas are wage earners who save money over a period of time to buy a mobile phone. As the price of mobile phones increases, the total cost of ownership has risen for the low-end segment of the market, making it difficult for the mobile device makers to grow in this segment. LG mobile phone sales can regain positive growth only if the total cost of ownership of a mobile phone can be reduced for the lower social class.
  9. 9. Cont’d To establish a premium brand image and to achieve a broader penetration of the Pakistani market , LG should relaunch its operation in Pakistan under largest retailers like United-Mobile, Advanced-Telecom and Mobile Zone etc. To persuade the retailers to sell its offerings, it should encourage them with higher profit margin and support for marketing & training. It should avoid discount retailers as their compensation is based on sales volume so such move can tarnish the premium brand image of LG. LG mobiles should increase its focus on "Smart Technology" with low price because this technology will add convenience and joy in new customers lives and will help to keep them loyal with brand.
  10. 10. Cont’d In order to sustain place among other competitors in Pakistan, LG mobiles' R&D should drive the development of "Great Products" and strength core technological capabilities through a process of "select and focus". To achieve its lofty goals in Pakistan, LG mobile should recruit new talent and strive to increase its business by consolidating R&D systems oriented toward Pakistani market as like it is doing in other strategic countries like China & India etc. It must develop & implement Communication plan and 360° media strategy.
  11. 11. It must ensure growth in business through innovative marketing campaigns that support achievement of desired sales results & communication objectives. Should manage press launch events and media relations effectively. Should plan and manage activities like Road shows/ Mall activities/ rural vans/ Event Sponsorships. Should plan and execute market research programs for better understanding of market consumer trends, and channel requirements. Cont’d
  12. 12. Cont’d The company is not offering a complete range of products including mobiles at its first brand shop opened in Lahore, as it does globally, we recommend that it should fill the gaps as soon as possible. Pakistan is price driven market but LG as a global brand should also contribute towards a segment where people are more into life style enhancement rather than just to have a mobile just as a source of communication. They should strengthen their brand shops network and provide consumer complete hands-on experience and provide right choice of products which enhances life style with reliability.
  13. 13. LG should facilitate Pakistani consumers as well, with their cutting edge technology like LTE technology. They should not get into the volume game with all other brands of unbranded/Chinese products which are heavily flooded in Pakistan electronic market. In order to enhance the life style of the consumers, care & delight can be the real tool for LG whereby they can provide real experience not only LG mobile but after sales experience which make consumers life’s good and hassle free. Cont’d
  14. 14. They should launch a TV program whereby LG will contribute towards Pakistan community and provide education to the Pakistani youth. Also a quiz program can be conducted on some renowned TV channel like Dunya, Express, Samaa or Geo etc where students can participate on the intellectual basis. Sponsoring these kinds of events can enhance the brand image of LG among Pakistanis. Cont’d
  15. 15. FADING BRANDS AND REVITALIZATION Brand-2 Strategies for RC COLA’s Revitalization in Pakistan.
  16. 16. RC COLA IN PAKISTAN Pakistan has a huge market of soft drinks beverages. The major competitive and ruling brands of the country are PepsiCo. and Coca-Cola Company. RC cola was a very famous drink in Pakistan. It was well known since the time of its arrival in the sub- continent which was the 70’s. Internationally RC cola faded away by the early 90’s.
  17. 17. Reasons for RC Cola Loosing Market in Pakistan Pepsi and Coca Cola stormed into the market. Advertising was minimal in Pakistan as compared to its competition. It was being sued by different organizations internationally that’s why it reduced its investment in Indo-Pak. RC finally stopped production somewhere in the early 90’s.
  18. 18. Strategies for Re-launch RC COLA in Pakistan Expansion of RC Cola’s brand awareness. Improvement in RC Cola’s brand image. Entrance in new potential market.
  19. 19. Strategies for Re-launching RC COLA in Pakistan RC Cola has to reposition itself in Pakistan. RC Cola should use Adventure in their positioning statement and Advertisements. The word ‘Adventure’ will be associated with this brand as there is no cola brand in Pakistan which claim to be adventurous. Other brands which shown themselves adventurous are Mountain Dew and Sprite 3G but they are not cola drinks. This factor will be the point of differentiation for RC Cola.
  20. 20. Cont’d RC Cola should target the youth of Pakistan in its re-launch. Because 80% of the consumers of cola drinks in Pakistan is youth of the age in between 13 to 35. The social class will be upper-lower to lower upper class. Price must be keeping the view of their target market. It should set price according to the product demand of public.
  21. 21. Cont’d Some modifications should be done with the shape of the bottle specially the regular bottle because it seemed to be thin and had lower volume compared to other cola-drink bottles. According to our point of view they should re-launch Just one category, Regular RC Cola to gain the full attention of market initially. They should give huge incentives in the form of deep freezers etc to retailers for gaining shelf space in retail. They should give special offers to consumers on special occasions like Ramadan and Eid days instead of decreasing the price of the products.
  22. 22. For experiencing the response of consumers I think they should initially launch RC Cola only in the capital of each province i.e. Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar and Quetta. They should also provide trade allowances to their distributors and retailer to further intensify usage of push strategy. Other than these some special points should also be look after by direct sales vehicles such as hotels, restaurants, public parks, big and reputed super stores etc. As we studied about the effectiveness of IMC tools in our last activity so by keeping that in our minds, we’ll recommend that RC Cola must use Integrated Marketing Campaign in its all kind of promotional activities. Cont’d
  23. 23. Cont’d A successful advertisement program can be their most effective means of increasing consumer awareness, trial, and actual product purchases in Pakistan. These experimental activities can be done in different shopping malls and crowded places. They should organize different youth related competitions in which winners can be rewarded with RC Cola cash rewards or Laptops or solar systems can also be a good choice. Although print media advertisement as compared to electronic media advertisement is not much effective but RC Cola should use top newspapers of the country like Dawn and Jung etc to advertise the print ads.
  24. 24. TV commercials must be used to advertise the brand. The frequency of ads should be greater specially on youth channels like Aag, 9x, Oxygen, Geo super and PTV sports etc. The theme of the first re-launching ad should include all the shots from the previous ads of the brand so that people can recall the brand and then show adventurous and thrilling scenes. Whole advertising campaign should be done on the theme of adventure. Also they should use popular radio channels for advertising. Cont’d
  25. 25. As like Coca Cola billboards should also be used to advertise on roads and buildings near highly dense areas like Pace, Fortress, Mall etc in Lahore. They should also use online advertisement , ads should be published through all the famous social networking websites like Facebook & Twitter etc. They should also re-launch their official website of RC Cola Pakistan where any kind of information regarding the drink will be available from the history of the drink to the ingredients used. Cont’d
  26. 26. RC Cola should participate in trade shows, and exhibitions of all kind to increase the awareness of the new launch. If they gain good response from target market then they should launch RC Diet Cola which will target to diabetes people. RC cola should do a joint venture with all the cinema’s in Pakistan, that only RC Cola will be the soft drink which will be available in cinemas, this venture can be good because in recent period Pakistan’s film industry is flourishing again after the release of WAAR. RC Cola should sign a contract with Telenor, Zong, Warid, Mobilink or Ufone that free airtime will be offered to the customer after typing a code which will be on the back of RC cola’s cap. Cont’d
  27. 27. RC Cola failed in Pakistan because of its poor attention given towards the ad campaign. When other colas came they advertised and they did it so well that people were attracted towards them. Its also about how u present it, the looks of the product. RC Cola's bottle is not appealing and the regular one specially looks so thin, it seems as if it has less drink inside. It is possible for them to rise again through the proper attention towards the advertising and targeting the potential customers. The outlook of the product should be appealing and beautiful, it should be trendy.