Sonja Bella - Creating a 6 figure weight loss consulting practice working 6 clinic hours per week


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Our dynamic speaker today, Sonja Bella has been professionally involved in the health, fitness and weight-loss industries at both a national and international level for over a decade and has an unbelievable passion and enthusiasm for everything she does.

As an internationally acclaimed author, speaker and entrepreneur, Sonja is well positioned to share with you her knowledge, experience and expertise.

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Sonja Bella - Creating a 6 figure weight loss consulting practice working 6 clinic hours per week

  1. 1. 1300 969 a Six-FigureWeight Loss Consulting PracticeWorking Just 6 Clinic Hours Per WeekBySonja BellaCEO & FounderThe Australian College of Weight Loss Consultants
  2. 2. 1300 969
  3. 3. 1300 969 Reality....• Currently 62% of all adult Australians areoverweight or obese, up from 54% three yearsearlier• In 2008 Australia was reported to havebecome the world’s fattest nation• And our health system is sitting on an obesityrelated time bomb that will cost billions inhealth care over the next two decades
  4. 4. 1300 969 Decade of Experience...
  5. 5. 1300 969 frustration begins...• Diagnosed with borderline osteoporosis• 300 female clients per week• Education on healthy eating versus dieting• Clients wanted detailed meal plans• 500 clubs around the world• Potential to make a massive difference tothe global obesity epidemic• Focused only on fitness• Began to realise that without behaviouralchanges, often fitness and/or nutritionalchanges were short lived• Many industries tackling weight loss from anindustry biased approach which is not working
  6. 6. 1300 969 biased approaches to Weight Loss• Weight Loss Industry – Diets / MealReplacements• Fitness Industry – Exercise• Health Industry – Drugs / Surgery• Other Industries – psychologists, life coaches,social support networks
  7. 7. 1300 969 Loss Clinic Trials• At the end of the 12 weeks– Clients wanted the accountability to continue as they recognised this as akey to their success.– A maintenance group program was formed– My experience with personal training, often around the 3 month mark,clients start to drop off or reduce their sessions.• Changing services from Personal Trainer to Weight LossExpert, fees went from $60 an hour to $766 an hour.– Weight Loss Clinic cost was $997 per person to attend for 12 week clinic– 10 participants per group and a total of 26 contact hours over the 12weeks• There is a big ‘disconnect’ between personal trainers / healthclubs and weight loss; fitness is not seen as a method ofweight loss
  8. 8. 1300 969 for Success
  9. 9. 1300 969 (2008) 61kg (2008) 53kg (2012)
  10. 10. 1300 969 Overview of theWeight Loss IndustryWhat is the Weight Loss Industry?
  11. 11. 1300 969 Definition by IBISWorldWeight loss providers include any company offering goods orservices specifically targeted as a weight loss solution.As well as traditional weight loss advice and counsellingservices, companies offer a variety of foods and beveragestargeted at those wishing to lose weight.Please note that this industry does not include gyms,personal trainers and other exercise orientated companies.
  12. 12. 1300 969 primary activities of this industry are:• Weight loss counselling services• Provision of low-calorie foods and beverages• Sale of products and supplements to assistwith weight loss• Surgery to remove fat or assist dieting• Sale of books targeted at weight-lossoriented clientsThe major products and services in this industryare:• Books• Food, drinks and dietary supplements• Medicinal products• Surgery• Weight loss counselling servicesPrimary Activities, Products & Services
  13. 13. 1300 969 Players
  14. 14. 1300 969 Overview of theWeight Loss IndustryCurrent Trends
  15. 15. 1300 969 Forecasts• After the rate of national overweight and obese adults increased from54% to 62% in only three years, consumer concern about weight issuesappears to be increasing.• In 2010-2011 Australians spent $789.6 million on counselling services, lowcalorie foods and shakes, diet cookbooks, weight loss guides, dietarysupplements and even surgery in their quest to slim down. This marks acontinuation of a solid recovery following a difficult year in 2008-2009.• Industry revenue is estimated to have increased at an average annualisedrate of 4.1% over the past 5 years, with 1.7% growth expected in thecurrent year.• Revenue is forecast to grow at an average 3.2% per year over the 5 yearsthrough 2015-2016 to reach a total $922.5 million
  16. 16. 1300 969 LifecycleIBISWorld states that the Weight Loss Industry is Growing• While the industry is more than two decades old inAustralia, it remains in a growth phase of its economic lifecycle.• Revenue growth has proven remarkably resilient to drops inconsumer sentiment and disposable income. In particular,seeing as there have been few new markets exposed by theindustry (male clients), growth has come almost entirelyfrom the same market. The industry’s products and serviceshave been wholeheartedly embraced for some time, yetconsumers continue to spend more on weight loss thanever
  17. 17. 1300 969 at a Glance
  18. 18. 1300 969 Overview of theWeight Loss IndustryOpportunities
  19. 19. 1300 969 Markets• The major anomaly in the industry’s target markets is the absenceof men.• According to (ABS), men are more likely to be overweight thanwomen (45% and 27% respectively).• Women are slightly more likely to be obese than men.• About 80% of industry revenue comes from female customers.• The smallest segment of the market is men over 45 years• The largest industry market is women between 30 and 45 years,closely followed by women aged 46-64 years; a combined 64%share of revenue.• Younger women spend less on weight loss, primarily due to the factthat they tend to have lower incomes. The bulk of their weight lossspending is on diet foods and dietary supplements, rather thanweight loss services and surgical treatments.
  20. 20. 1300 969 Segmentation
  21. 21. 1300 969 for Services• The demand for WLC will not be met by available supply for many years.• WLC is fast growing and relatively under-supplied which is why manypeople are attracted to becoming a WLC; either to become a professionalin their own right or to add WLC skills to their existing role.• WLC do not need to be a specialist in any particular field. However,approaching WLC from a particular expertise or niche is becoming moreprevalent. There is already a considerable Weight Loss Consultingpresence and influence in the following areas:– Nutritionists / Dietitians– Psychologists– Life Coaches– Personal Trainers / Exercise Physiologists– Beauticians– Pharmacists– Nurses
  22. 22. 1300 969 Models for Earning aSix-Figure Income
  23. 23. 1300 969 Clinics – My Formula for Success$120,000 per year working just 6 clinic hoursper week!Your formula for success:• 3 x weekly weight loss groups (Mon/Thur/Sat)• Each group has 10 participants• Cost per participant is $997 for 13 weeks*• Each session is 2 hours in duration• This equates to $2,300 pw / $120,000 pa
  24. 24. 1300 969 were the sessions structured?Participants received:• Access to Nutrition Complete & Food Journals• A copy of the Real Body Plan & Real Body Real Food Plan• Handouts / Worksheets during each session• Online support via email if/when required• SMS motivational messages each weekEach two hour session consisted of:• 45 minute group education session based mostly aroundbehavioural changes but also some general education aroundweight loss• 15 minute weigh and measure• 60 minute group circuit / interval training session (strength/cardio)
  25. 25. 1300 969• Building networks within your community; eg– GPs– Nutritionists, Dietitians, Naturopaths– Massage Therapists• Strong promotional and marketing strategy– Know your niche market– Understand their key pain and drivers– Understand their profile; where they eat, what magazinesthey read, what social media they use, where do they hangout, what makes them tick– Be everywhere; networking events, community eventsKeys To Success
  26. 26. 1300 969 to One Consultations• As a Weight Loss Consultant you can charge$75 - $150 per session or $750 to $1500 permonth depending on the frequency and levelof support and service you provide to yourclients.• As an example, if you charged 10 clients anamount of $1000 per month, you would earn$10,000 per month or $120,000 per year.
  27. 27. 1300 969
  28. 28. 1300 969 Future of theFitness Industry
  29. 29. 1300 969 Outlook Australian Fitness Industry Report 2012One of the biggest opportunities currently facing the FitnessIndustry is the potential for it to link in with the general andallied health sector. Traditionally, fitness has been aboutservicing the ‘well, while the ‘unwell’ have been left for healthsector professionals such as GP’s, physiotherapists anddietitians.As the health of Australians becomes more complex –particularly as the incidence of physical inactivity related andobesity related disease increase and the population ages – theneed for the fitness workforce to be able to contribute to themanagement of health issues is growing
  30. 30. 1300 969 Forecasts THE FUTURE OF FITNESSA White Paper - Suzie Dale, Sue Godinet, Natalie Kearse and Dr Adrian Field (commissioned by Les Mills)We are likely to see ‘merging’ and ‘blurring’ of what constitutesa gym and health club. For example:– Clubs may become a key partner in working with healthy and at-riskpopulations to promote and sustain wellness. Given their regularaccess to the consumer, fitness professionals might become a centralhub in the health information flow, feeding health-monitoringinformation and insights to healthcare providers.
  31. 31. 1300 969• 14% of Australians participated in fitness industry activities in 2009-2010(ABS) versus 62% of adult Australians who are overweight or obese• The weight loss market seeks out ‘weight loss services’ vs ‘fitness services’as a support mechanism (partnership)• Demographic ageing suggests increased demand for fitness services inolder age groups (45-64 and 65+), which have traditionally had lowerparticipation rates than younger age groups, but which will now swell interms of absolutenumbers if currentparticipation rates by age andgender are maintained. 27% ofthe weight loss market arewomen aged 46-64• 61% of the $789.6m was spent bywomen aged 30-64
  32. 32. 1300 969 Loss ConsultantsThe Missing Link?
  33. 33. 1300 969 New Member ModelNo Results or Too Confused = AttritionGymFloorGroupExercisePersonalTrainingMembership ConsultantInduction to Club Products & Services
  34. 34. 1300 969 Member Model with a WLCPersonalised WeightLoss Program incRecommendationsPersonalTrainingGym FloorEquipmentSupplements& Retail ItemsBoot CampsPersonalisedMeal / EatingPlansOtherPrograms /Servicesoffered12 WeekWeight LossClinics /ChallengesGroupExercise
  35. 35. 1300 969 an additional 6 figureincome stream to your Health Club
  36. 36. 1300 969 it down...• A Weight Loss Consultant could easily add $2500 per weekor $360 per day to your club revenue– Charging for personalised meal plans and/or weight loss plans– Running Group Weight Loss Clinics– Increasing Front Desk Revenue via product recommendations(supplements, meal replacements, pedometers, etc)– Increased Membership Base; advertising and appealing to thetraditional Weight Loss Market versus the Fitness Market– Increased Membership Revenue; new Premium Weight LossMemberships– Increased Retention & Referrals – better results, increasedattendance, increased accountability, higher usage of clubservices
  37. 37. 1300 969 & Diploma Overview
  38. 38. 1300 969 Qualifications• Certificate in Weight Loss Consulting• Diploma in Weight Loss Consulting• Qualified to write meal plans• May be eligible to apply for Health Fundrebates– Health Fund program criteria:• Professional Indemnity Insurance• Membership of the Weight Management CodeAdministration Council of Australia Ltd
  39. 39. 1300 969 & Diploma Modules• AILC01A Utilise relevant psychological based models in understandinghuman behaviour.• Psychology is the study of animal and human behaviour. This course willdevelop your ability to analyse aspects of a person’s psychological stateand apply derived knowledge to motivate that person. This provides asolid introduction/foundation for further studies of psychology coveringthe nature and scope of psychology, neurological and environmentaleffects on behaviour, personality, consciousness, perception, needs, drivesand motivation.• This unit gives you an interesting and informative start to the exciting fieldof psychology. This subject is perfect for students who want to gain astrong foundation in psychology and understanding people and providesan outline of the most common models used in coaching.
  40. 40. 1300 969• ACWLC02A Understand the principles of nutritional science• Understanding the principles of nutritional science is the cornerstone tosuccess as a Weight Loss Consultant. The fundamentals which determine ahealthy diet and assist in weight loss must be able to be identified in orderto successfully advise clients on a suitable weight loss strategy; a dietwhich meets both nutritional requirements for good health and the rightenergy balance to induce effective weight loss.• In this unit you will gain a thorough understanding of what nutrition is,how the body converts food into energy and the complex processes of thebody’s digestive system.Certificate & Diploma Modules
  41. 41. 1300 969 & Diploma Modules• ACWLC03A Undertake an initial weight loss consultation• Undertaking an initial weight loss consultation is the first step in helpingclients on their journey to weight loss success. As a Weight LossConsultant you will be working with a wide range of unique clients, all ofwhich will need to be coached differently to gain effective results.Learning how to communicate with your clients effectively and evaluatetheir needs in terms of medical, health, lifestyle and weight loss is the keyto their success.• At the outcome of this unit, you will be able to conduct an initial weightloss consultation which includes medical screening, goal setting, food andactivity analysis, reviewing lifestyle and cultural factors and performingdifferent forms of progress measurements.
  42. 42. 1300 969 & Diploma Modules• ACWLC04A Advise on appropriate diet, nutrition and weight managementproducts and services within recommended guidelines• On completion of this unit, you will understand the need to view weightloss as a multi-disciplinary field and what options, services and programsare available to you as a Weight Loss Consultant to either advise yourclients of, refer your clients to or work with to achieve the best outcomefor your client’s weight loss goals.• Diet, exercise, surgery, social, psychological, emotional and other factorsall come into play on your clients journey, and understanding all of thesecomponents is crucial to your success as a Weight Loss Consultant and thesuccess of your clients.
  43. 43. 1300 969 Completion
  44. 44. 1300 969 Modules• ACWLC05A Undertake regular weight loss consultations• This unit combines all of the skills and knowledge from previous units andties them together to provide a complete strategy within the Weight LossConsulting context.• At the completion of this module, the Weight Loss Consultant will have amore detailed understanding of what is required to perform ongoingweight loss consultations, from motivational strategies through todeveloping a series of educational and support resources for your clients.
  45. 45. 1300 969 Modules• RTAACWLC06A Design, plan and deliver group weight loss consultations• Delivering regular group weight loss consultations has been proven toincrease the adherence and therefore the success rate of weight lossamong weight loss clients. The social and support network created in thisenvironment is conducive to creating a sense of community andbelonging.• As much of weight loss is about emotional support, this module willprovide you with the tools and structure to design, plan and deliver yourown group weight loss consultations within a guided framework.
  46. 46. 1300 969 Modules• ACWLCCUS402A Address customers needs.• This unit describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledgerequired to manage the ongoing relationship with a customer, whichincludes assisting the customer to articulate their needs, meetingcustomer needs and managing networks to ensure customer needs areaddressed.
  47. 47. 1300 969 Modules• ACWLCREL401A Establish Networks.• This unit describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledgerequired to develop and maintain effective work relationships andnetworks. It covers the relationship building and negotiation skills requiredby workers within an organisation as well as freelance or contract workers.• This unit applies to individuals with a broad knowledge of networking andnegotiation who contribute well developed skills in creating solutions tounpredictable problems through analysis and evaluation of informationfrom a variety of sources. They may have responsibility to provideguidance or to delegate aspects of tasks to others. The ability to establisha range of networks is critical for the success of a Weight Loss Consultantand their clients.
  48. 48. 1300 969 Modules• ACWLCSMB403A Market the Small Business.• This unit describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledgerequired to coordinate and review the promotion of an organisation.• The information included in the unit provides the opportunity for ourstudents to develop a marketing plan designed to attract potential WeightLoss Clients.
  49. 49. 1300 969 Modules• ACWLCMKG413A Promote Products and Services.• This unit describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledgerequired to coordinate and review the promotion of an organisation’sproducts and services.• The information in this unit provides the Weight Loss Consultant with theability to convert potential clients into paying clients by utilisingappropriate sales conversion strategies.
  50. 50. 1300 969 Completion
  51. 51. 1300 969
  52. 52. 1300 969’s Conference Special OfferCertificate in Weight Loss Consulting$2450 reduced to $1950 – upfront$2950 reduced to $2450 – student loanCerfificate + Diploma in Weight Loss Consulting$3450 reduced to $2950 - upfront$3950 reduced to $3450 – student loan• Course/Diploma can begin any time after enrolment; completion required within 12 monthsCall Now 1300 969 367
  53. 53. 1300 969 Vision• By 1st July 2017 Weight Loss Consultants will be recognised as a profession within the allied healthindustry.• Our members and graduates include a passionate and powerful group of people committed toworking together to stem the tide of global obesity.• Weight Loss Consultants have bridged the gap that exists between the weight loss, fitness andmedical industries.• The community regards Weight Loss Consultants as the first choice for people looking for the rightweight loss advice.• The Australian College of Weight Loss Consultants is recognised as the leading provider of weightloss education in Australia.Our Values• Leadership• Passion• Integrity• Community• Transformation