Paper rose and rosebud tutorial


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Punchcraft Paper rose and rosebud tutorial
by Dr Sonia S V

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Paper rose and rosebud tutorial

  1. 1. by Dr Sonia S V
  2. 2. by Dr Sonia S V
  3. 3. Materials required Thin paper Craft punches Scissors Glue Embossing pad or Mouse pad Embossing tool or Rounded end of penby Dr Sonia S V
  4. 4. •Place the punched flower on a mouse pad /embossingpad•Emboss the punched flower using the embossing toolor the rounded tip of a pen.•Drag the tool from the edge of the petal inwards
  5. 5. To make a rose bud you need 2 flowersembossed into a cup shape by Dr Sonia S V
  6. 6. Cup one punched flower as shownwith the petals overlapping by Dr Sonia S V
  7. 7. Overlap & cup the petals so that one edge of thepetal is inside a neighboring petal and the otheredge is outside its neighboring petal by Dr Sonia S V
  8. 8. Cup the overlapped petalsto close the flower into a bud
  9. 9. Release and let it spring open again
  10. 10. Apply a little glue on theedge of each petal which isbeing overlapped atop byanother so that on cuppingagain the glue portions fallinside the rosebud by Dr Sonia S V
  11. 11. Alternately apply a ring of glue on theinside of the petals and cup them intoshape again
  12. 12. Cup the flower petals back into abud giving a rolling movement withthe fingers-be gentle so as to notsquish the bud by Dr Sonia S V
  13. 13. On drying the inner bud is formed.If glue stains are visible outsidesponge with red ink or even ignoreas another layer of petals will coverit by Dr Sonia S V
  14. 14. Apply glue on the center & on the lower half of the petals of the 2nd punched flower and stick the bud by Dr Sonia S V
  15. 15. Cup the outer flower onto the inner bud .Overlapits petals too if desired. Hold for a few seconds forthe glue to dry applying pressure at the lower partof the bud as shown by Dr Sonia S V
  16. 16. Your rosebud is nearly ready by Dr Sonia S V
  17. 17. Make a calyx for your rosebud using a pointed petalpunched flower from green paperCut in between 2 petals to the center of the flower by Dr Sonia S V
  18. 18. Emboss the flower into a cup shape by Dr Sonia S V
  19. 19. Optional–Pinch the tips of the petals.Apply glue on one petal and stick the by Dr Sonia S Vadjacent petal over it
  20. 20. When an adjacent petal is stuck over one petal you get a 4 pronged calyx by Dr Sonia S V
  21. 21. Apply glue inside the calyx and stick over your rosebud by Dr Sonia S V
  22. 22. Rosebuds by Dr Sonia S V
  23. 23. To make roses use 5-6 punched flowers oreven more if you want a fuller flowerEmboss all the flowers into cup shape by Dr Sonia S V
  24. 24. Make a rosebud with 2 of the flowers. Apply glueon the center and lower half of all the petals of a3rd flower by Dr Sonia S V
  25. 25. Wrap it around the rosebud
  26. 26. You get a fuller rosebud now. Keeplayering flowers in a similar fashion toget a fuller rose by Dr Sonia S V
  27. 27. Mini Rose /Bud made with 4 flowers by Dr Sonia S V
  28. 28. To flare the outer petals you can apply glue just atthe center of the outer most flower and layer therose over it
  29. 29. Apply glue only in the central part of the outer flowers soas to get a bit of flare. Stick the bud , cup and hold for afew seconds to dry by Dr Sonia S V
  30. 30. Thank you by Dr Sonia S V