Tinie Tempah Website AnalysisInitially when you browse into the website, weimmediately come across the image of Tinie Temp...
one’s interests and also allows the star to be defined into this one page by some of hisproducts.Many convergences are sca...
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Tinie tempah website analysis


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Tinie tempah website analysis

  1. 1. Tinie Tempah Website AnalysisInitially when you browse into the website, weimmediately come across the image of Tinie Tempahhimself in which he appears to be dressedimmaculately and simultaneously has a ray of lightshining off him from behind almost literallytranslating to the idea of him being a ‘STAR.’Thedress code conforms to the genre and isimmediately classified in the genre of POP. He iswearing his iconic glasses which gives that sense ofrecognition and allows the audience to identify withhim. The images will instantly engage with theyoungsters who are assumingly the main targetaudience as women will aspire to be with him in the form of desiring a partner of such to belike him whereas males to be like him. Throughout the whole webpage, there are severalstylised images of him which not only provide address to the audience but also stress theimportance and promote his star image along with his music. The direct address allowsaudience to be attentive as it’ll almost feel as if Tinie Tempah himself is inviting you tobrowse and thereby a commoner/fan may relate to him more easily. The typography used to present his name has been use frequently in the past which makes it recognisable to young individuals and also simultaneously helps build up the brand ‘Tinie Tempah.’ I f you analyse the fonts, it uses sans serif text which is conventionally used on males as it provides an edge to it and so it corresponds with the youth appeal and the contemporary genre. The font provides a whole sense of masculinity along with the image of him. The use of black and white is verycontrasting and eye catching and the basic, strong block colours tells us that Tinie Tempahhimself is bold and straight forward and direct about his music just like the colours used.The use of few colours is appropriate in this context as it keeps the whole website simpleyet effective.The navigation bar allows individuals to make choices and browse into more specific aspectsof Tinie Tempah which allows the audience to indulge and explore and almost escape into adifferent world.The several moving images not only attract and engage but also add to the interactiveelement which allows individuals to feel in control and involved. The videos will increase
  2. 2. one’s interests and also allows the star to be defined into this one page by some of hisproducts.Many convergences are scattered across the whole webpage whichintegrates and links a range of different mediums into one. It opensthe viewer’s up to a variety of different choices and also offers theviewers to get involved and feel involved. This involvement adds tothe gratification one may achieve and feel satisfied with the websiteto some extent. Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twittergets the star and his fans closer and offers a first-hand experiencewith one another. With such technology developed in the presentgeneration, a fan now has more access to interact and mingle withtheir idols than before which reduces the distance between acommoner and a celebrity and also allows Tinie Tempah to build hisstar image and become more popular. YouTube allows the fans toreturn back to the basics and allows them to view the videos andmusic that initially encouraged them to like him in the first place.Such websites are created to inform people about what theirfavourite celeb is up to so by including convergences like Facebookand Twitter and latest news provides updates of stars and ensuresthat fans receive surveillance.The constant animation used at the top of the webpage grabs your attention and theshocking green invites you to view the section where you have to opportunity to subscribeto ‘Spotify,’ which allows the viewers to join the community and more importantly belong toa group that involves people who love Tinie Tempah. This gives each individual a sense ofinvolvement and makes them feel a part of a fan club of sort. The next animated image provides us with promotional features which letfans to purchase their product through itunes after having been appealed and enticed by the website. The website, on the whole, aims to fulfil and gratify your pleasures and attempts to provide a sense of satisfaction and happiness after having discovered the website, The website not only informs you about thepotential event but also gives you some extra insight into the brand ‘Tinie Tempah,’ and theartist Tinie Tempah making you feel closer to the star.The whole website is bombarded with info and interactive element’s which Dyer willdescribe to be abundance for fans to get involved and dive in making the website moreexciting and intense with info to explore into.