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Here's a Power Point about the "Present Simple" that we'll use in fifth grade next week.

Here's a Power Point about the "Present Simple" that we'll use in fifth grade next week.



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    Present simple Present simple Presentation Transcript

    • PRESENT SIMPLE “I read books in my free time”
    • •When do we use the present simple? •How do we use the Present Simple? • Don’t forget… OUTLINE OF THE LESSON PRESENTPRESENT SIMPLESIMPLE •Affirmative •Negative •Interrogative
    • • HABITS AND ROUTINES(Acciones habituales, normalmente acompañados  de adverbios de frecuencia) I go to the Gym on Mondays • FEELINGS AND EMOTIONS (Sentimientos y emociones) I like your T-shirt. •SITUATIONS MORE OR LESS PERMANETS (Estados permanentes que no suelen cambiar) The Sun rises in the morning •VERBS OF SENSES (Verbos de sentidos) I hear some music in the house 1. When do we use present simple ?
    • AFFIRMATIVE / POSITIVE FORM SUJETO VERBO COMPLEMENTOSSUJETO VERBO COMPLEMENTOS I play the guitar You play computer games We play table tennis with your friends You play in your bedroom They play in their free time Utilizamos el verbo sin ningún final DESPUÉS del sujeto (PLAY, RIDE, FLY, GO, LISTEN,WATCH…) 2. How do we use Present Simple?
    • NEGATIVE FORM SUJETO DO NOT = DON’T VERBO COMPLEMENTOSSUJETO DO NOT = DON’T VERBO COMPLEMENTOS I don’t fly my kite You don’t fly your kite We don’t fly our kite You don’t fly They don’t fly their kite Utilizamos el verbo sin ningún final DESPUÉS de LA NEGACIÓN 3. How do we use Present Simple?
    • QUESTIONS / NEGATIVE FORM DO SUJETO VERBO COMPLEMENTOS ?DO SUJETO VERBO COMPLEMENTOS ? Do I fly my kite ? Do you fly your kite? Do we fly our kite? Do you fly ? Do they fly their kite? Lo primero que ponemos es el verbo auxiliar “DO” 4. How do we use Present Simple? YES , I DO NO, I DON’T
    • 5. DON’T FORGET ! 1. Aprenderemos a utilizar la tercera persona del singular en otro tema. (he, she, it) 2. En el presente simple, el verbo, va solo sin ninguna terminación. 3. También podemos usar el present simple en frases como: I promise, I agree. EX: I promise I’ll pay you tomorrow. 4. En la interrogativa, delante del verbo auxiliar, puedo añadir partículas interrogativa (who, when, why…) EX: When do you go to school?
    • VOCABULARY UNIT 1: In my free time 1. Theme 2. Magazine 3. Free time 4. Play the guitar 5. Play table tennis 6. Ride a mountain bike 7. Fly a kite 8. Play computer games 9. Listen to CD’s 10.Watch TV 11.At the weekend 12.On Mondays 13.On Tuesday 14.On Wednesdays 15.On Thursdays 16.On Fridays 17.On Saturdays 18.On Sundays 19.Enough 20.Physical activities 21.Lots of children 22.Board games 23.Great 24.Also 25.For about 26.Walk the dog 27.Sleep 28.Start 29.Have lunch 30.Finish school 31.Time for…