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Computer Architecture
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Computer Architecture


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  • 1. Computer Architecture Applications of Computer Architecture
  • 2. Applications of CA
    • Engineering Design and Automation solving design problems wind tunnel experiments for aerodynamics studies
    • Energy Resources Exploration discovery of oils and gas and recovery ensuring nuclear reactor safety
  • 3. Engineering Design and Automation
    • Finite element analysis designs of dams,bridges,ships,supersonic jets , high buildings and space vehicles requires resolution of a large system Computational engineers have developed finite-element code for the dynamic analysis of structures. High-order finite elements are used to describe the spatial behavior. CDC Start-100 and Cyber-205 have been used to implement these computations for structural analysis.
  • 4. Engineering Design and Automation
    • Computational aerodynamics providing new technological capabilities and economies in pressing ahead with aircraft and spacecraft lift and turbulence studies. NASA is seeking to supplement its Illiac-IV to do 3D simulations of wind tunnel tests at gigaflop speeds. Two gigaflops supercomputers known as ‘ Numerical Aerodynamic Simulation Facilities’ (NASF) proposed by Control Data Corporation which are capable of simulating complete aircraft design for US government and commercial aircraft companies.
  • 5. Engineering Design and Automation
    • Artificial Intelligence and automation Future supercomputers must directly communicate with human beings in speech , images ,natural languages .
    • Image processing , Pattern recognition , Computer vision , Speech understanding , Machine inference , CAD/CAM/CAI , Intelligence robotics , Expert computer systems , Knowledge engineering Japan launched a national project to develop fifth-generation computers which possess highly intelligent I/O subsystems, capable of most of above functions.
  • 6. Engineering Design and Automation
    • Remote sensing applications
    • Computer analysis of remotely sensed earth-resource data has many potential applications in argiculture,forestry,geology and water resources. Explosive amount of information need to be processed in this area. NASA has ordered a Massively parallel processor (MPP) for earth satellite image processing which can computing rate of 6 billion 8-bit integer operations per second . It can almost provide real-time , time-varying scenes.
  • 7. Energy resources explorations
    • Seismic exploration Many oil companies are investing in the use of attached array processor or vector supercomputer for seismic data processing. One physical company in Houston has about 2 million magnetic reels of seismic data in inventory and 300,000 reels awaiting processing. The demand of cost effective computers for seismic signal processing is increasing sharply.
  • 8. Energy resources explorations
    • Plasma fusion power Nuclear fusion researchers are pushing to use a computer 100 times more powerful than any existing one to model plasma dynamics Synthetic nuclear fusion requires the heating of plasma to a temperature of 100 million degrees so it must be magnetically confined. The United States National Magnetic Fusion Energy Computer Center is currently using two Cray-I and one CDC-7600 to controlled plasma experiments.
  • 9. Energy resources explorations
    • Nuclear reactor safety
    • Reactor design and safety both control by computer simulations studies. These studies attempt to provide for
    • On-line Analysis of reactor conditions
    • Automatic Control for normal and abnormal operations Simulation of operator training Quick assessment of potential accident mitigation procedures