Thematic Data Dissemination on bhuvan


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This is the presentation on "Thematic Data Dissemination on bhuvan" presented at FOSS 4G India 2012 conference at hyderabad

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Thematic Data Dissemination on bhuvan

  1. 1. Bhuvan Multi Resolution Thematic Data Dissemination on Bhuvan Gateway to Indian Earth ObservationSocietal ApplicationsThematic Vectors Bhuvan Cell National Remote Sensing Centre Hyderabad
  2. 2. Gateway to Indian EO Data Products & Services Project Specific “Multi theme and Multi User Utilities” Visualisation Data Archive Thematic Services Geo-Processing • EO Data/ Products Exceeds 14 Terrabytes • 19000 Unique users / month • ~ 70000 EO image downloads since Sep 2011 Website of the Month – Dec’2010
  3. 3. NRSC Open EO Data Thematic Services “OGC Web Services (WMS, WMTS) Archive towards interoperability” Released on 29 Sep 2011 Released on 17 Dec 2011 Cartosat-1:DEM: 1 arc Sec  LULC – 1:50000 (2004-05) Oceansat-2:OCM: NDVI, VF (2011):1Km  LULC – 1:250000 (7 cycles – 2004-05 to 2010-11) RS-1:AWiFS Ortho (2008,2009,2010):56m  Wasteland – 1: 50000 (2008-09) RS-1:LISS III Ortho (2008-09, 2011):24m  Urban Landuse – 1:10000 (2006-07)  Flood Hazard Layer (Assam : 1998- 2007)  Flood Annual Layer (Assam & Bihar : 1998-2010) Data Downloads CartoDEM 20912  Bhuvan Clip & Ship on 11 Apr 2012 AWiFS Ortho 7339  105 MOU signed and Data delivered LISS III Ortho 47222 (world institute of sustainable energy, NIO, NDFI, VF 579 Bangalore Univ, Pune Univ, National Research centre for Agrofor etc ) Total – 76052 (till 08 Oct’12) 475 enquiries received
  4. 4. Thematic Datasets Land use The way in which, and the purposes for which, human beings employ the land and its resources Land cover The physical state of the land surface
  5. 5. Thematic Datasets Urban Land Use WastelandMapping of Thematic assets on a scale of Mapping the wasteland extent of the1:10,000 for the city and environs country
  6. 6. Thematic DatasetsFlood Hazard Flood Annual LayersFlood Hazard Zonation maps derived Mapping and monitoring floodfrom 10 yrs of flood inundation layers
  7. 7. Thematic Data Dissemination Using OGC Web services  Web Map Service Provides a simple HTTP interface for requesting geo-registered map images  Web Map Tile Service Extension of WMS where rendering is in the form of tiles Fetch the tiles asynchronously and completes the request to fill a single view
  8. 8. Software tools  PostgreSQL  PHP (Hypertext  PostGIS Preprocessor)  GeoServer  JavaScript  GeoWebCache  Apache WebserverDissemination as OGC Web Services …Enabling Interoperability
  9. 9. System ImplementationPHP + JavaScript (Open Apache Server (web server)Layers API ) viewer WMS WMTS Geo-WebCache PostgreSQL + PostGIS Geo Server
  10. 10. ResultsThe web-interface for this Thematic DatasetsDissemination is available at –
  11. 11. Accessing Thematic datasets as Web ServicesUsing these GetCapability URLs, users can access thematic layers and plot on anycompatible clients/Web browsers (QGIS,Gaia,OpenLayers, ArcGIS etc)Tutorials are available at
  12. 12. Get DataAllows the users to place request for digital databaseGDAL library is used to facilitate the user to do the clip and ship through FTP configuredusing Apache FTP
  13. 13. Statistics tool under Bhuvan Thematic servicesStatistics tab helps the user to view the statistics of the selected geography for thespecific theme in both tabular and graphic formOpen source PHP charting library is used to create Pie-charts
  14. 14. Analysis tool under Bhuvan Thematic servicesUsers can define their Area of Interest (AOI), and analyze to get the output (statistics)PostGIS functions ‘ST_IsValid’ is used for checking the validity of AOI and ‘ST_Intersects’is used to process the AOI
  15. 15. Query shell example in Bhuvan Thematic servicesCreate a simple query using AND, OR, NOT operators and get the spatial outputRequest is processed at PostgreSQL/PostGIS and the resulting layer is dynamicallypublished using REST API of Geoserver
  16. 16. MetadataData about dataBased on National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI)-2.0 metadata standard
  17. 17. Overlay of other Thematic LayersThe overlay layers include – Administrative Boundaries, Transportation layers, Waterbodies, Rediff navigation map and other themes.Opacity vary from 0.1 to 0.9 to understand the temporal changesAdd own WMS layer using ‘Add Button’
  18. 18. Conclusion Thematic data dissemination through Bhuvan helps the users to visualize and consume the thematic datasets as WMS and WMTS services which leverages the data access across the web for further value addition. It facilitates the researchers, planners, administrators etc to use these vital information towards societal good Currently at an average there are around 150 unique visitors/day to Bhuvan-Thematic Services portal
  19. 19. Future Prospects Extension to complex query based on multiple thematic layers Query on the area of interest created through buffer on line, point or polygon Querying facility for the Bhuvan mobile version having dashboard Integration of more Thematic Datasets like Geomorphology, Land Degradation
  20. 20. Thank you… Questions? For feedback and queries write to us at