Break New Relationship Man Code


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Break New Relationship Man Code
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Break New Relationship Man Code

  1. 1. ==== ====Break New Relationship Man Code ====Break New Relationship Man CodeDo you ever feel like men speak a totally different language sometimes?I mean, theyre technically speaking the same language......but somehow what you hear them say, and what they mean seem to inevitably be twocompletely different things.So is this just one of those Mars / Venus things that we have to just accept and hope that we canfind some way to live with it?No way!In fact, men arent nearly as hard to figure out once you learn how theyre wired......and men ARE WIRED DIFFERENTLY.Think about this for a second...When you first look at a man and a woman, you are able to notice subtle differences between thesexes.It is when the two sexes communicate with each other, however, that the differences become trulyglaring.This is because one is speaking he talk while the other is speaking she talk.Where this difference really becomes a problem is when you are in a relationship, and you need toknow how to combine he talk and she talk into we talk.So I feel like its my job - as a man and as a dating coach who has seen this issue causefrustration for women for over 11 years - to help all you women learn how to understand he talk (orman talk as I like to call it)......cause I dont want you to need to hire a translator to understand what men are saying!Women always want men to express their feelings. One of the biggest complaints I hear from mywomen clients is:Why cant he just say he loves me? or I wish he would just compliment me more.
  2. 2. What you need to pay attention to and realize, though, is that men do tell you they love you andcompliment you ... they just do it USING THEIR OWN LANGUAGE.Actually, heres something most experts never tell you about men: MEN SOMETIMES DONT USEWORDS AT ALL WHEN THEY ARE COMMUNICATING WITH YOU.Accepting this truism about men will help you to better understand mens verbal and non-verballanguage.Sometimes its not what men say, but its their actions that are significant. It is necessary forwomen to learn to interpret mens very roundabout way of communicating with them.So GET READY ... AND LETS GET STARTED ...Here are KEY INSIGHTS INTO MAN TALK that youll hear from a guy youre newly dating.Now lets tackle some of these new guy words and actions and reveal what they REALLY mean:-----------------------NEW RELATIONSHIP MAN CODE-----------------------If you pay attention to these four things at the beginning of a relationship, you will have a muchbetter idea both of how well your relationship is going and, more THE MAN in this new relationship BELIEVES ITS GOING.**MAN CODE #1: A Man Tells You He Needs His Space**So what does this mean to you?It means that you need to ignore him and not call him. Men love the chase. By not calling him,hell start calling you and wondering what happened.Also, by not making yourself too available, it keeps a man on his toes. This is important early inthe dating process.**MAN CODE #2: A Man Calls You Every Night Just To Say Goodnight**When a man does this, it actually has several meanings (beyond that which may seem to be theobvious one) especially when a relationship is new. This is one thing men will do early in arelationship as a way of seeing if we still like you.You see, men are always looking at relationships with a grass is always greener eye, and callingyou like this early in a relationship is a way to confirm that we are still interested in you.Thus, if a man continues to do this as the days pass, as the women you should read this as a
  3. 3. good sign of early interest in a relationship.**MAN CODE #3: Flowers On the Dinner Table**A man offers to make you dinner at his house. When you arrive you notice that in the middle ofthe table sits a vase with your favorite flowers in it (which heonly heard you mention once in passing on your first date).In man talk, what does this mean? By doing this, hes telling you that he pays attention to you,and he is interested in learning more about you and sharing more things with you.Men generally do not pay particular attention to the different varieties of flowers. If he not onlypayed attention to the name of a particular flower you like, but remembered it days later so that hecould have them in his home for you to see, this is a very good sign of early interest.Most men couldnt tell you the difference between a rose and a rhododendron ... Take this as asign of definite interest in wanting to escalate a new relationship to a higher level.**MAN CODE #4: The Car Rescue**You have plans to meet him at a place that was close to his house, and at the very last minute youwere having car problems. So you call him and tell him that you are having car issues and cantmake it.Not only does he offer to pick you up, but he insists on picking you up. This in man talk will tell youthat he is interested in you as more than friends......because we dont go out of our way for just any woman.We only go out of our way for women in whom we are really interested.If you want to NEVER AGAIN ask what did he mean by that? or why did he say that?, click here toread more: ====Break New Relationship Man Code ====