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Here's what we do at Acuity Design!

Using both simple and complex technologies to make information accessible to people whatever their physical or cognitive capabilities.

We offer clear, affordable advice and service to any size of organisation, globally.

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Acuity Design - what we do

  1. 1. Acuity Design inclusive design
  2. 2. Acuity Design• We specialise in enabling accessible corporate communication to the widest audience• We use the latest research and technologies to create clear, reliable messages that allow people to choose how they use that information• Independence relies on making informed choices and these derive from access to comprehensible information• We help to embed skills in both companies and state agencies to make engaging media for all types of people so they can make the best choices for their own lives
  3. 3. Meeting the needs of General population Adults with impairmentsyour customers Older Adults• 30% of the existing UK population has some form of impairment, whether from birth 20% or due to old age. • The number of older adults is increasing as is the population with a mixture of needs 10%• Within 10-20 years this group will be c. 40% of the UK 70% population
  4. 4. OverLay app• Designed for the iPad, OverLay enables the use of physical media with multitouch audio• This capability makes it possible, for example, to create tactile resources like maps and diagrams for visually impaired people for information and education• OverLay files are easy to edit so as to ensure rapid personalisation to meet the needs of specific users
  5. 5. 3D models for Scottish Parliament visually impairedvisitor tour handling objects
  6. 6. 3D sculpting and 3D printing of handling objects formuseums and galleries
  7. 7. Outdoorinterpretation• Pennoyer Centre interpretation panel with integrated visual and tactile graphics • B&W graphic shows Braille and tactile diagrams that are overlaid over full colour visual graphics• Printed using UV technology to ensure robustness in exterior conditions
  8. 8. Public informationpanels• Integrated visual and tactile information in full colour• Robust UV printing on range of physical media• Affordable design and manufacture Information panel with Braille and Moon accessible text• Cost effective replacement if vandalised or when needing updating
  9. 9. Tactile art interpretation booklet for NationalGeographic show available to all types of visitor
  10. 10. Transparent tactile overlay for National Trust touchscreen Virtual Tour system with visual impairment testing
  11. 11. Scottish Parliament site mapTactile maps: design, testing and production
  12. 12. CognitiveWalkthrough• Overlaying figures and signs over photos of real environments are much easier for many users, including children and people with leaning disabilities to comprehend• We can create and edit both general information and personalised tours for specific users
  13. 13. Tactile wayfinding• Tactile signage that combines simple visual and tactile imagery• Informs people with a range of physical and neurocomplexity needs• Integration of Near Field Communication personal guidance system
  14. 14. NFC guidance• NFC tag enabled signage fitted in buildings and public spaces• NFC tag interpretation app installed on mobile phone or other personal device. User selects their native language and screen contrast• User selects where they want to go on mobile device• When user wants assistance, they hold mobile device on sign• User receives simple directions in both audio and on screen graphics
  15. 15. Acuity DesignTelephone +44 (0)7808 480749Email info@acuitydesign.euWebsite