Online Influence:How	  reliable	  and	  useful	  can	  online	  influence	  be?	                                     ©	  20...
All	  Mediocre	  PresentaCons	  Start	  with	  a	  DefiniCon	  @KarlHavard	                   ©	  2012	  TBG	  Digital	  
The	  “Science	  of	  Influence”	  @KarlHavard	     ©	  2012	  TBG	  Digital	  
Why?	  @KarlHavard	     ©	  2012	  TBG	  Digital	  
What	  Influences	  Behaviour	                                                                   Achievement               ...
So….Why?	  @KarlHavard	     ©	  2012	  TBG	  Digital	  
MoCvaCon	  Driving	  Behaviour	                                     Self	                                 ActualisaCon	   ...
Pride	  of	  Place	  in	  the	  Rubber	  Band	  Face	  Community	  @KarlHavard	                      ©	  2012	  TBG	  Digi...
Social	  Networks	  Facilitate	  The	  Need	  to	  be	  Recognised	                                                       ...
Social	  Networks	  Facilitate	  The	  Need	  to	  be	  Recognised	                                        Oliver	  James,...
Enter….	  @KarlHavard	     ©	  2012	  TBG	  Digital	  
Enter….	  @KarlHavard	     ©	  2012	  TBG	  Digital	  
The	  two	  current	  front	  runners…	  @KarlHavard	     ©	  2012	  TBG	  Digital	  
Who’s	  More	  InfluenCal?	                    US	  President	                                       Mother	  Mons†er	  @Ka...
Who’s	  More	  InfluenCal?	                    CEO	  Facebook	                                       Ex-­‐Footballer	  @Kar...
Who’s	  More	  InfluenCal?	                    Lord	  Sugar	                                       A	  Meerkat	  @KarlHavar...
And	  who	  is	  the	  most	  “InfluenCal”	  of	  all?	  @KarlHavard	      ©	  2012	  TBG	  Digital	  
What	  if….	  @KarlHavard	     ©	  2012	  TBG	  Digital	  
Influence	  is	  RelaCve	                    "Really getting into the knitting!!! Helps me relax                  after hig...
Beware!	                                          Influence	  is	  born	  out	  of	  trust	                                ...
A	  Final	  Thought	       For	  the	  non-­‐celebrity:	  It	  has	  been	  mathemaCcally	  proven:	       	       	      ...
Klouchebag	            Karl Havard          Strategy Director          TBG Digital          tbgdigital.comHavardegy Direct...
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Online Influence, at #FoDM econsultancy, by Karl Havard, TBG Digital


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20 Slides of online influence, Justin Bieber, Rubberband Faces and Klout v Kred.

Presented at the #FoDM econsultancy conference on 13th June 2012 by Karl Havard

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • There’s the influencer and the influencee and inbetween is the magical power of influence
  • Most mediocre presentations then continue with a complex diagram, probably stolen from some big agency, to try and demonstrate how intelligent the speaker is… Here it is. Big agency, so must be credible. Using to great words here too…Business, Trust, Listener. Reach….Influence the Influencer….very important….so we’ll leave that in there for reference.
  • So…..what influenced this chap to wrap rubber bands around his face?
  • People already have their own intrinsic motivators and rewards they seek. Influencers are external and can take various forms, positive and negative. The external source….to be effective…. Must be deemed credible and relevant to the influencee.
  • Back to this chap. He looks normal (assumption that we all agree what normal is). Even though the brickwork in the background may not look too dissimilar to a prison cell.Ah….He did a funny!
  • Would he have done this if the web had not existed? He’s found his community, and is seeking recognition.
  • And can now receiving admiring glances from other rubber band face enthusiasts….although he does have some work to do to catch some of the other guys.
  • So, Social networks facilitate this desire to be recognised amongst like minded people, to be seen as an “expert” to have influence….over others…to have powerHi Stephen Fry, I support Norwich City too any chance of an RT?
  • All giving a score for your or your brand’s ego….in exchange for access to your social connections.
  • Kred enable wishes and grantsKlout enable brands to offer perks
  • It’s Lord Sugar of course…but they do share a similar expression.
  • Yes the most influential person in the world: Klout had to recalibrate itself, 10% of Twitter’s dedicated to Bieber.
  • Relative to credibility and area of expertise….which is why these tweets grabbed so much attention. Snickers campaign, very clever. Reported to ASA, probably by the agencies that didn’t think of the idea, and was deemed ok. The 5th tweet did include a tag indicating it was a promoted tweet.Allegedly, Roy Hodgson doesn’t like knitting.
  • Garden paths & Red Herrings. People are influenced by things they trust….it’s not just a high score. Businesses need to really understand their target audience…what they believe in. their shared values, their motivation and their behaviour.
  • Immediate Reaction…..that’s funny, that’s why my score is low!!Secondary Reaction….so these social media gurus aren’t very busy then?!
  • Online Influence, at #FoDM econsultancy, by Karl Havard, TBG Digital

    1. 1. Online Influence:How  reliable  and  useful  can  online  influence  be?   ©  2012  TBG  Digital  
    2. 2. All  Mediocre  PresentaCons  Start  with  a  DefiniCon  @KarlHavard   ©  2012  TBG  Digital  
    3. 3. The  “Science  of  Influence”  @KarlHavard   ©  2012  TBG  Digital  
    4. 4. Why?  @KarlHavard   ©  2012  TBG  Digital  
    5. 5. What  Influences  Behaviour   Achievement Altruism Efficacy Sharing Curiosity Excitement Adventure Autonomy Enjoyment Discipline Security Previous Experience@KarlHavard   ©  2012  TBG  Digital  
    6. 6. So….Why?  @KarlHavard   ©  2012  TBG  Digital  
    7. 7. MoCvaCon  Driving  Behaviour   Self   ActualisaCon   Fulfillment   Self  Esteem   Achievement  –  RecogniCon  -­‐  Respect   Belonging   Friends  –  Community  -­‐  Family  -­‐  Partner   Safety   Security  –  Stability  –  Free  from  Fear   Physiological   Food  –  Water  –  Shelter  -­‐  Warmth  @KarlHavard   ©  2012  TBG  Digital  
    8. 8. Pride  of  Place  in  the  Rubber  Band  Face  Community  @KarlHavard   ©  2012  TBG  Digital  
    9. 9. Social  Networks  Facilitate  The  Need  to  be  Recognised     “Twi&ering  stems  from  a  lack  of  iden5ty.  It’s  a   constant  update  of  who  you  are,  what  you  are,   where  you  are.  Nobody  would  Twi&er  if  they  had  a   strong  sense  of  Iden5ty”                                                                                    Oliver  James,  Clinical  Psychologist     “Twi&er  is  like  a  giant  baby  monitor.  The   person  wri5ng  wants  to  be  at  the  forefront   of  your  mind,  nothing  more.”                                                                                                        Alain  de  Bo[on,  Author  of  Status  Anxiety   “Any chance of an RT?”   “Using  Twi&er  suggests  a  level  of  insecurity  whereby,   unless  people  recognise  you,  you  cease  to  exist.”                                                                                                Dr  David  Lewis,  CogniCve  Neuropsychologist  @KarlHavard   ©  2012  TBG  Digital  
    10. 10. Social  Networks  Facilitate  The  Need  to  be  Recognised   Oliver  James,  not  on  Twi[er….yet.    @KarlHavard   ©  2012  TBG  Digital  
    11. 11. Enter….  @KarlHavard   ©  2012  TBG  Digital  
    12. 12. Enter….  @KarlHavard   ©  2012  TBG  Digital  
    13. 13. The  two  current  front  runners…  @KarlHavard   ©  2012  TBG  Digital  
    14. 14. Who’s  More  InfluenCal?   US  President   Mother  Mons†er  @KarlHavard   ©  2012  TBG  Digital  
    15. 15. Who’s  More  InfluenCal?   CEO  Facebook   Ex-­‐Footballer  @KarlHavard   ©  2012  TBG  Digital  
    16. 16. Who’s  More  InfluenCal?   Lord  Sugar   A  Meerkat  @KarlHavard   ©  2012  TBG  Digital  
    17. 17. And  who  is  the  most  “InfluenCal”  of  all?  @KarlHavard   ©  2012  TBG  Digital  
    18. 18. What  if….  @KarlHavard   ©  2012  TBG  Digital  
    19. 19. Influence  is  RelaCve   "Really getting into the knitting!!! Helps me relax after high-pressure world of the Premiership." "OMG!! Eurozone debt problems can only properly be solved by true fiscal union!!! #comeonguys."@KarlHavard   ©  2012  TBG  Digital  
    20. 20. Beware!   Influence  is  born  out  of  trust   •  Friends  &  Family   •  Heroes  &  Icons   •  Brands   •  Niche  communiCes   Not  just  a  high  score!  •  Influence  can  be  posiCve  &  negaCve  •  It  has  “influence”  at  every  stage  of  the  consumer  journey   •  Recall  (Awareness  &  Interest)   •  AOV  (Conversion)   •  CLV  (MulCple  Conversion  &  Loyalty)   •  NPS  (Advocacy  &  Trust)  @KarlHavard   ©  2012  TBG  Digital  
    21. 21. A  Final  Thought   For  the  non-­‐celebrity:  It  has  been  mathemaCcally  proven:           Klout Score                   Busy-ness Your  Klout  Score  is  inversely  proporConal  to  how  busy  you  are.    @KarlHavard   ©  2012  TBG  Digital    
    22. 22. Klouchebag   Karl Havard Strategy Director TBG Digital tbgdigital.comHavardegy DirectorDigital : : : : : : @KarlHavard   ©  2012  TBG  Digital  
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