Learn to Innovate Faster - Enjoy this FREE 22-page eBook on Accelerating Innovation Training

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Learn to Innovate Faster - Enjoy this FREE 22-page eBook on Accelerating Innovation Training



Discover over 22 pages of details on the award-winning innovation training offered at the Thinkubator Innovation Lab in Chicago and around the world.

Discover over 22 pages of details on the award-winning innovation training offered at the Thinkubator Innovation Lab in Chicago and around the world.



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Learn to Innovate Faster - Enjoy this FREE 22-page eBook on Accelerating Innovation Training Document Transcript

  • 1. JOIN @ THE THINKUBATOR May 5-6 June 23-24 Do You Need Breakthrough Solutions? Do You Want More Innovation? Do You Need Improved Innovative Thinking Skills? Do You Want More & Better Ideas in Less Time? Do You Need Time-Saving Tools & Proven Techniques? Do You Want Proven Systems & Processes that Drive Innovation & Growth? If you answered yes, then you should experience the 2-Day Workshop Scheduled at the Thinkubator in Chicago Chicago Innovation & Creativity Studios August 27-28 July 28-29
  • 2. 1. Build a Bigger & Better Innovation Tool Kit Innovators need more and better tools. Get the award-winning KnowBrainer Tool, the iKnowBrainer App, and an Innovation Resource Kit filled with useful and practical worksheets and planners. 2. Plan to Achieve Your Goals, Overcome Tough Challenges & Solve Real Problems The workshop is very practical and not overly theoretical. Everyone brings a real-world goal, challenge or problem to work on during the workshop. Everyone leaves the workshop with an Action Plan to follow-through and continue applying what they learned to achieve goals, overcome challenges and solve problems. 3. Grow Your Network & Build Innovation Dream Teams Attend as an individual or bring your entire team to the workshop. Collaborate with other workshop participants to gain insights from other bright minds. Grow your innovation network by connecting with people during and after the workshop. Get invited to join communities of innovators which have similar interests. 4. Learn More Efficient & Effective Processes Discover processes that do not get in the way and slow you down. Learn to speed up and optimize innovative thinking by using the proven 4-Stage Accelerated Innovation®, 2-Phase M-Curve™, 2-Step Ideation Process™, and the New 3Rs™ Process. 5. Save Time by Thinking Faster You will invest time to attend the workshop, so you need to regain that investment by saving or gaining much more time after the workshop. More than half of our workshop graduates surveyed revealed that they saved over 5 days of time in the 2 months that followed the workshop. One organization found that for every hour they invested in our innovation training they saved 5 hours over a 6 month period. For example, an 8-hour innovation workshop can produce results equivalent to a full 40-hour workweek. Our 2-day workshop can generate two weeks of time savings or gains. 6. Earn More Profit or Money by Implementing or Selling Ideas Faster Time is money for many people. In addition to translating the time saved or gained into real dollars, there are other ways to profit from the training. Do you have a million dollar idea that needs to be developed? Our innovation workshop can help you earn those million dollars. Do you need to reduce costs or overhead? Our innovation training can help you de- velop the cost saving ideas. Do you want to grow your business and increase profits? Our training can help. 7. Learn Tools, Techniques that Stimulate Brain Power Lack of “tools” is the main block or barrier to innovation for most people. Abraham Maslow said, “If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.” You will receive more than just a KnowBrainer tool, you get an entire innovation tool kit in our innovation workshops. Techniques help you leverage the full power of your brain and our innovation tools. We will give you a menu of over 100 tech- niques and train you to select the best techniques for a variety of situations. 8. Discover Tips That Make People Smarter We have discovered hundreds of tips that enhance personal and organizational innovation. Get ready to learn “28 Great Innovation Tips” in this thought-provoking workshop. GAIN MANY VALUABLE BENEFITS IN JUST 2 DAYS 1
  • 3. Training Will Help You & Many People You Know Accelerating Innovation training has been designed to be effective for nearly anybody for almost any goal, challenge, problem or question. The workshop design is based on how most human brains think, and therefore can be used in a variety of job situations, functions, professions and age groups. The workshop has been valuable to people in management, sales, marketing, public relations, communications, product and service development, finance and operations. Students and professors at several prominent universities and schools have found the KnowBrainer to be extremely valuable. The training has helped people develop new products, services and experiences. This workshop has helped people plan meetings, events, conferences and conventions. The training has helped people improve team collaboration and foster more innovation. You can use the training to help your customers, clients, consumers and audiences. Many people have used the workshop to prepare for entrepreneurial opportunities, change careers or find a new job. Learn New & Proven Processes, Tools & Techniques to Accelerate Innovation Train Your Brain to Think and Innovate Better, Faster and Smarter in Our Most Popular Innovation Training Workshop. There is a reason why this workshop is called “Accelerating” Innovation – you will quickly learn a significant amount of valuable knowledge in two days of experiential action-focused training. We recognize that most workshop brochures are a few pages long to give you a quick overview of the training. However, we have found that most of our customers have been very interested in more details about what they will learn (and earn) as a result of their investment. Indeed there are hundreds of innovation workshops and seminars from which you can choose. Yet, we are confident there is no other innovation workshop that offers the caliber of training that we provide. To help you appreciate our award-winning training, you are encouraged to read the following detailed overview of the curriculum. You Will Focus on Actionable Goals & Learning Objectives During this action-focused workshop, you will learn to: • Apply the 4-Stage Accelerated Innovation™ Process to real goals, challenges and problems • Accelerate processes that produce or enable innovation • Collaborate with better thinkers who leverage diverse brainpower • Create new products, services & experiences • Enhance teamwork & collaboration • Improve performance by using KnowBrainer® innovation tools & techniques • Minimize risks, barriers, and obstacles to innovation • Optimize your whole-brain by applying strategies based on the 4-Brain Thinkers™ Model 2
  • 4. EXPERIENCE LIVE WORKSHOPS ATTEND TRAINING WEBINARS SAVE Time and Money on Travel! Learn via Webinars. ENJOY The Inspiring Environment of the Thinkubator Innovation & Creativity Studio REQUEST WEBINAR INFO: info@InnovationWebinars.com Option A: 8 WEBINARS OVER 4 DAYS - Two 60-minute webinars per day - Held Monday through Thursday - Four days in a row - Two webinars each day at 10:00 am and 1:00 pm CST Chicago Time Option B: 8 WEBINARS OVER 4 WEEKS - Two 60-minute webinars per week - Four weeks in a row - Two Webinars each Friday at 10:00 am and 1:00 pm CST Chicago Time Option C: 8 WEBINARS IN 1 DAY - Eight 60-minute webinars - Breaks between webinars range from 15 to 45 minutes - 9:00 am to 8:00 pm CST Chicago Time REGISTER: www.InnovationWebinars.com Accelerating Innovation Training May 5-6, Chicago Thinkubator June 23-24, Chicago Thinkubator July 28-29, Chicago Thinkubator August 27-28, Chicago Thinkubator Innovation Trainer & Facilitator Certifications May 7, Trainer Certification, Chicago Thinkubator 8, Trainer Certification, Chicago Thinkubator June 25, Trainer Certification, Chicago Thinkubator 26, Facilitator Certification, Chicago Thinkubator July 30, Trainer Certification, Chicago Thinkubator 31, Facilitator Certification, Chicago Thinkubator August 29, Trainer Certification, Chicago Thinkubator 30, Facilitator Certification, Chicago Thinkubator Phone: +1 (312) 829-2852 Email: info@InnovationTrainingWorkshops.com REGISTER: www.InnovationTrainingWorkshops.com Phone: +1 (312) 829-2852 Webinar Series
  • 5. DAY 1 AGENDA - 8:30am - 5:00pm 8:30am: Speed-Relating™ Networking • Relate-to-Innovate™ Workshop Preparation Technique Know Brains Understanding How Brains Think • Know Your Brain Game™ Experience • 4Brain Thinkers Innovation™ Model • Collaborate-to-Innovate™ Methods • Appreciate-to-Innovate™ Methods Know Goals • Clarifying Goals, Challenges, Problems & Questions • 8 Great Questions™ on Innovation Know Needs • Understanding the Need for Creative & Innovative Thinking • Clarifying Barriers & Blocks to Creative & Innovative Thinking Know Processes • The 2-Phase M-Curve™ Process: How to Generate Breakthrough Ideas Faster • The New 3Rs™ Process: Record, Recall, and Recycle • The 2-Step Ideate & Filterate Process™ • The 4-Stage Accelerated Innovation™ Process • Accelerate-to-Innovate™ Methods to Optimize Processes Know Tools • The KnowBrainer® Innovation Tool & System • How Question Banks Stimulate Breakthrough Thinking • Train Your Brain™ Strategies • Building Bigger & Better Innovation Tool Kits 12:00pm: Lunch & Networking • Quotemplate-to-Innovate™ Networking • Karaoke-ate-to-Innovate™ KnowBrainer Techniques • Leveraging the Full Power of the KnowBrainer • Stimulate-to-Innovate™ Methods • Questionating™ Technique with the KnowBrainer • Wordating™ Technique with the KnowBrainer • Quotemplating™ Technique with the KnowBrainer • Visualating™ Technique with the KnowBrainer • FlashThinking™ Technique with the KnowBrainer • KnowBrainer Power Tool Techniques™ Menu Know Better Brainstorming Techniques • Record-Setting Thinkathon™ & Idea Exchange™ Techniques • Increasing Creativity by over 500% with the KnowBrainer • Questionate-to-Innovate™ Methods • How to Develop Question Banks • 8 Great Questions™ to Questionate-to-Innovate™ Know More Innovation Tools • FlashBrainer™ Innovation Software • Innovation Activator™ Software • Microsoft Office eTemplates™ for Microsoft Word Excel & PowerPoint • KnowBrainer iMusic™ • iPhone Brainer eTool™ App • iPodBrainer eTool™ App • Idea Fan Note Recorders • Journals Learning Review & Preview 5:00pm: Conclusion of Day 1 4
  • 6. Review the following agenda to discover how you will make the most out of every minute of the interactive training workshop. DAY 2 AGENDA - 8:30am - 5:00pm 8:30am: Speed-Relating™ Networking • Relate-to-Innovate™ Networking Welcome: Overnight Insights Day 1 Review • Overnight Insights™ Technique Collaborate-to-Innovate™ • Team Building Strategies 28 Great Innovation Methods: Concentrate-to-Innovate™ • The Decorate-to-Innovate™ Method • The Questionate-to-Innovate™ Method Targeting Opportunities for Applied Innovation • New Products & Services Innovation • Selling & Sales Innovation • Marketing, PR & Promotions Innovation • Process & Manufacturing Innovation • Meeting & Event Planning Innovation • Leadership & Management Innovation • Design & Experience Innovation • Environment & Space Design Innovation • Learning & Development Innovation • Communication Innovation • Strategic Planning Innovation • Green & Sustainability Innovation • Government & Political Innovation Applying the 4-Stage Accelerated Innovation® Process (Part 1) • Stage 1: Investigate Needs - Investigate-to-Innovate™ • Stage 2: Create Ideas - Create-to-Innovate™ 12:00pm – Lunch & Networking • Relate-to-Innovate™ Networking • Karaoke-ate-to-Innovate™ Applying the 4-Stage Accelerated Innovation® Process (Part 2) • Stage 3: Evaluate Solutions - Evaluate-to-Innovate™ • Stage 4: Activate Plans - Activate-to-Innovate™ Know Value: Valuate-to-Innovate • Communicate-to-Innovate™ Strategies • Facilitate-to-Innovate™ Strategies • ROI Strategies: Return On Ideas, Return On Implementation and Return On Innovation™ Know Action: Activate-to-Innovate • Activate-to-Innovate™ Strategies to Facilitate Follow Through • 88 Great Words That Help You Activate-to-Innovate™ • 8 Great Questions™ to Decorate-to-Innovate™ • Getting Things Done the David Allen Way Fostering Continuous Innovation™ • Celebrate-to-Innovate™ Strategies • Replicate-to-Innovate™ Strategies • Innovation Communities & Networks: Relate-to-Innovate™ Learning Review & Follow-up Preview Conclusion & Speed-Activating™ Networking • Activate-to-Innovate™ Follow-up Networking Technique 5:00pm: GRADUATION CELEBRATION! 5 ENJOY AN INTERESTING AGENDA & PRODUCTIVE SCHEDULE
  • 7. Learn Proven Models & Processes 4-Quadrant Model SECOND, you will be introduced to four unique processes that help you facilitate creative and innovative thinking. The M-Curve, New 3-Rs, ideate & filterate, and Accelerated Innovation Process will clarify how you can think better, faster and smarter. FINALLY, you will learn how to USE your brain by applying the 4-Stage Accelerated Innovation® Process that consists of: Over two decades have been invested in developing, refining and testing proven models and processes that can be taught in workshops. FIRST, you will learn how the human brain consists of four quadrants that comprise the 4Brain Thinker™ 4-Quadrant Model. Stage 1: Investigating Needs Stage 2: Creating Ideas Stage 3: Evaluating Solutions Stage 4: Activating Plans 6 4 Stage Process
  • 8. “If you are looking for a creativity tool that is powerful, portable, and low tech, then you ought to check out the KnowBrainer… This tool does an excellent job of leveraging the mind’s capabilities of association to a major advantage.” — Chuck Frey, InnovationTools.com & LifeHack.org “The KnowBrainer tool was a great take- away that will be quick and easy to use.” — Amy Curtis, Abbott Labs “The KnowBrainer (which I use every week) made for one of the most valuable training sessions in which I have participated.” — Kevin Lawrence, American Express “The KnowBrainer tool is invaluable. Understanding how to use this tool has revolutionized my approach to all of my business and personal endeavors.” — Janice Shokrian, EVP, DemingHill “Size Matters; in this case, smaller is better. The KnowBrainer is a Napsterized version of Haman’s knowledge. Using it day to day, doesn’t require a $150 per hour consultant.” — Ben McConnell & Jackie Huba, authors, Creating Customer Evangelists “The KnowBrainer is a power tool that gives your brain a head start.” — Civil Service College, Singapore Research shows that “lack of tools” is a primary block to creativity and innovation. Innovators want MORE TOOLS, and FEWER PowerPoint decks, 3-ring binders and books. The compact KnowBrainer tool summarizes the entire Acceler- ated Innovation Process into a portable tool that can be taken any- where and does not require computer hardware or software. The tool actually fits in a pocket, briefcase or purse. All workshop participants get a tool kit full of unique tools that accelerate innovative thinking. You will receive the latest version of the award-winning KnowBrainer In- novation and Creativity Tool that increases creativity by over 500%. The KnowBrainer summarizes the 4-Stage Accelerated Innovation Process that is the foundation of the workshop and helps you apply the process and techniques during and after the workshop. Discover New Innovation Tools Stimulating Techniques 7
  • 9. All workshop participants learn powerful techniques that stimulate minds to innovate. You will become skilled at using proven techniques such as the Idea Exchange™, FlashThinking™, Questionating, Wordating™, Visualating™ and Quotemplating™ techniques. Learn at least 28 Great Innovation Methods that help you concentrate your brain’s energy to optimize innovation processes, tools and techniques. 8
  • 10. Receive Useful Materials & Resources An innovation workshop should provide you with innovative materials and resources. Traditional 3-ring binders are seldom used after training and become learning trophies that collect dust on bookshelves. THERE ARE NO 3-RING BINDERS IN THIS WORKSHOP. You will be equipped with several resources that can easily and frequently be used after the training. 9
  • 11. Our workshops follow the advice of Abraham Maslow who advocated that people need a variety of tools. The following card from the KnowBrainer quotes Maslow’s wisdom: Workshop participants get an Innovation ToolKit full of the following portable, user friendly, empowering resources that accelerate innovative thinking: You get much more than a regular 3-ring binder or book, you will receive a complete SYSTEM. Your Innovation System includes tools, techniques, worksheets, planners, posters, bookmarks and eBooks. 10 1. KnowBrainer® 5.0 Innovation Tool 2. Recordion™ Learning & Coaching Guide 3. Innovation Resource Kit™ 4. 4-Column Left-Brain Planning Worksheets 5. 4-Quadrant Right-Brain Planning Worksheets 6. Idea Exchange™ Brainstorming Worksheets 7. Solution Evaluator™ Worksheets 8. Color Mini Posters of Innovation Models 9. Bookmarks & Desktop Learning Reminders 10. Speed-Relating™ Networking Cards 11. Speed-Activating™ Networking Cards 12. How to Questionate-to-Innovate™ Guide 13. Innovation Articles 14. Discount Coupons for savings on Innovation Software, iMusic, eTools and Apps
  • 12. You Get Inspiring Coaching & Mentoring Support Once registered, you will be assigned a Certified Innovation Coach who will help prepare you to make the most of your workshop. Your coach has attended the workshop several times, so he or she can offer you advice and guidance to help you before, during and after the training workshop. You will be invited to participate in optional phone calls with your Coach before and after the workshop. Your Coach will provide you with up to three Innovation Surveys that will help you assess your innovation effectiveness and personal experiences. The assessment results will help you further prepare for the innovation workshop and your follow-through. 11
  • 13. Participate in our 60 to 90 minute “Anticipate-to- Innovate” webinar led by a certified workshop trainer or a Certified Innovation Coach. This advanced webinar will also allow you to get introduced to other people who will attend the workshop. The Journal and webinar will give you a head start on contemplating topics ad- dressed in the innovation workshop. Participate in Important Follow-up & Webinars Your learning continues AFTER you leave the workshop. You will be encouraged to invest important time after the training to talk with your Innovation Coach, continue contemplating questions in your Innovation Journal, and begin developing your own Innovation Plan. The Innovation Plan will help you formulate the elements you need to apply what you learned during and after the workshop Yes, You Earn a Certificate! Creative Recognition for Alumni Thousands of people from around the world have graduated from the Accelerating Innovation workshop. They are easy to identify because they usually have a smile on their face and a KnowBrainer tool in their hand. You will also receive a colorful “Certificate of Completion” to frame and post next to your other awards, diplomas or graduation certifications. Prepare with Meaningful Prework & Webinars Your learning begins BEFORE you arrive at the workshop. You will be encouraged to invest important time before the training to talk with your Innovation Coach and start answering questions in an Innovation Journal. 12
  • 14. Workshop graduates are invited to join exclusive Groups organized by SolutionPeople on the Linkedin Professional Network. Memberships are by invitation only and accepted Group members can display a logo on their Linkedin profiles, blogs, websites and business cards. Groups have been organized on Linkedin for people who have completed SolutionPeople’s intensive certifications for Innovation Trainers, Facilitators and Coaches. Additional groups and communities have been organized for graduates who have interests in specific innovation topics including marketing, sales, product & service development, healthcare, green/sustainability and several other areas. Below is a list of our Linkedin Groups, which have over 300,000 members. 13
  • 15. Recommended by Experts & Authors A Google search reveals over a million references to Gerald Haman and SolutionPeople’s innovation training and tools. Haman has been quoted or SolutionPeople has been recommended in the following books: Innovation Training (ASTD Trainer’s Workshop) by Ruth Ann Hattori Creating Customer Evangelists by Ben McConnell, Jackie Huba, and Guy Kawasaki 99% Inspiration by Bryan Mattimore Creativity and Innovation: The ASTD Trainer’s Sourcebook by Elaine Biech How to Succeed in Business Without Working So Damn Hard by Robert Kriegel Thinking about the Future, Guidelines for Strategic Foresight by Andy Hines Forward-Focused Organization: Visionary Thinking and Breakthrough Leadership by Stephen Harper The Psychology of Money by Jim Ware The 100 Percent Factor: Living Your Capacity by Jodee Bock Power Brainstorming by Dr. Hazel Wagner The Red Rubber Ball at Work by Kevin Carroll Summoned to Lead by Dr. Leaonard Sweet 14
  • 16. Guaranteed ROI (Return On Ideas) Means You Get Results Your investment to participate in the workshop will be significant. Time, travel, transportation and tuition all add up. In order to justify your $2,497 tuition and expenses, the workshop must produce a high ROI (Return On Investment). Additionally, the workshop is designed to yield an ROI (Return On Ideas) that once implemented, yield results worth much more than your tuition investment. If it does not, you can get your money back, or you can attend the workshop again. Solutionman Gives You His Personal ROI GUARANTEE! I invite you to join me or one of our trainers for a training experience that produces results. For over 20 years, I’ve been training, facilitating, coaching and motivating people to realize the full power of their creative and innovative potential. I want you to be very satisfied with your training results. If you are unable to generate ideas that are worth at least $2,497, you can take the workshop again, or we will happily refund your tuition. Sincerely, 15
  • 17. Gerald “Solutionman” Haman founded SolutionPeople.com Innovation in 1989, Thinkubators.com in 1997, InnovatorsDigest.com in 2005, InnovationTooloftheMonthClub.com in 2008, and he plans to launch illumiNation.com in 2014. He is an adjunct profes- sor of innovation at Northwestern University and teaches at the University of Illinois-Chicago. Haman is the Founding Organizer of more than 30 Innovation Groups on LinkedIn.com and Facebook.com that comprise a worldwide community of over 300,000 members. Haman was recognized as one of the “Most Influential People Online” by FAST Company magazine’s Influence Project. He is recognized by clients as “Solutionman” because of his ability to quickly help people develop breakthrough solutions. Solutionman gained international acclaim for establishing a world brainstorming record by facilitating 8,000 people in a Thinkathon® at the Singapore Stadium to generate 454,000 ideas in less than 60 minutes. Since launching SolutionPeople over 20 years ago, Haman has helped clients generate more than three million ideas valued at over two billion dollars. Formerly, Haman was an award-winning manager at Procter & Gamble and Arthur Andersen’s Professional Education Center. Haman is the acclaimed inventor of the KnowBrainer™ innovation tool which has proven to increase creativity by over 530%. He also created the world’s first innovative thinking Apps & eTools for the iPhones, iPads and iPods, as well as FlashBrainer™ and Innovation Activator™ software programs. Haman has been profiled in over 50 major news publications including FAST Company, The New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Newsweek Japan, The Australian, Singapore Straits Times, the International Herald, US News & World Report, Investors Business Daily. SolutionPeople has helped over 100,000 people from 200 of the FORTUNE 500 companies in more than 60 countries. Over 50% of BusinessWeek’s Top 50 of the “World’s Most Innovative Companies” have used SolutionPeople’s innovation for Training & Development awarded SolutionPeople a “Learning Excellence Citation” for their innovation training results. An entire chapter was published about SolutionPeople’s successful business practices in the book, Creating Customer Evan- gelists by Ben McConnell & Jackie Huba, which also profiled IBM and Southwest Airlines. Haman earned a Masters Degree in Communications and Training from the University of Minnesota. He is a contributing au- thor of the New Product Development Handbook and has published articles on innovation for the Journal of Innovative Manage- ment, Productivity Digest, Training Today and The Meeting Professional. Haman was recently certified as an Experience Economy Expert by Joe Pine and Jim Gilmore, the pioneering authors of ground-breaking books including The Experience Economy and Authenticity. Haman incorporates many Experience Economy principles into his innovation workshops, facilitations and keynote speeches. He has also created highly-acclaimed certification programs that designate graduates as Certified Innovation Train- ers, Facilitators, Coaches, Questionators and Masters. He has given innovative presentations to over 100,000 people from around the globe and has been recognized for his creativity by the United States Congress and the American Academy of Achievements. Prior to joining the corporate world, Haman was a concert producer for a variety of Grammy-award-winning musicians including Air Supply, Cheap Trick, Harry Chapin, Little River Band, Alice Cooper, The Babys, Cliff Richard, Michael Johnson, Nick Gilder, Poco, Juice Newton and Head East. Haman’s responsibilities included talent scouting, contract negotiations, marketing, and on site supervision of the stage crews and production teams. Haman originally grew up on a cattle ranch and farm in rural North Dakota and he now lives in downtown Chicago where he loves spending time with his 10-year old daughter Olivia. Solutionman’s hobbies include magic, painting and organizing his growing collection of diverse music and art. Follow or Connect with Solutionman: • GeraldHaman.com • Linkedin.com/in/GeraldHaman • Facebook.com/TheSolutionman • Twitter.com/Solutionman • YouTube.com/Solutionman About Gerald “Solutionman”Haman, Master Facilitator & Experience Designer 16
  • 18. “Accelerating Innovation is one-of-a-kind program that has generated a 75% increase in innovation knowledge, 30% increase in innovation ability, and has created business solutions worth millions of dollars in new revenue and cost efficiencies, as well as billions worth of new accounts.” – Learning Excellence Citation Award from the American Society for Training & Development (ASTD) “I hired Gerald to train our product management team on innovation this past year. His knowledge, approach, and tools were excellent. I would highly recommend him if you want to jump start your organization on producing innovative programs, products or services.” – Dan Love, President, Medline Industries Personal Care (over 100 Medline people have been trained) “I thoroughly enjoyed the Accelerating Innovation workshop recommend it to others who are seeking innovation train- ing or just a new outlook on life and business.” – Tori Berndt, Allstate Insurance “I can’t tell you how helpful Gerald and the tools he created have been! I attended Gerald’s ‘Accelerating Innovation’ training and then sent the rest of my department. Whenever I hold or attend a meeting, people are amazed at the amount and quality of ideas that come out it. I attribute much of that to Gerald’s tools and training.” – Katie Schelp, McDonald’s Corp. “There aren’t enough words to express the value I gained from attending the training--the experience is invaluable. Solutionman and his techniques are the catalyst for creativity, enabling actionable and innovative solutions that result in a “Return On Ideas.” – WS Walts, Bank of America “The innovative approach to training combined with usable take-away tools like the KnowBrainer (which I use every week) made for one of the most valuable training sessions in which I have participated.” – Kevin Lawrence, American Express “The training was so successful that he was invited back by other groups within the company. I sincerely recommend Gerald and his company for innovative training to create new ideas to grow your business.” – Jaime Borras, Wireless Silicon Group & Motorola “Accelerating Innovation training is deceptively effective. You start out having some fun, playing with your new KnowBrainer tool and learning techniques to enhance creativity and innovation and suddenly you find you have a replaceable and powerful process in your hands with the skills to use it in every situation in which you need fresh ideas. Soon enough everyone wants to know how you become the ideas powerhouse of the organization.” – Dana Montenegro, Seriously Creative, formerly with Red Bull “When Gerald describes ROI (Return on Ideas), it was a real outcome for each of the teams. We walked away with more ideas than we could have imagined and left the workshops with concrete ways to implement them.” – Raymond Truitt, formerly with TAP/Takeda Pharmaceuticals “We have regained our industry leadership position for innovation as a result of this training.” – Gary Peterson Vice President of R&D, Life Fitness 17
  • 19. “Accelerating Innovation training with the KnowBrainer tool has made it easy for our internal and international trainers to foster more creativity and innovation in our company throughout the world.” – Andy Hines, formerly with Dow Chemical & Kellogg’s, author, Thinking About the Future “Simply an amazing experience. This goes WAY beyond just a creativity seminar. This is applied creativity, and WOW is it powerful. If you are looking to make your business expand exponentially, I highly recommend the training.” – Peter Mars, Mars Authentic “Our company hired Gerald and his team to facilitate work we were doing internally and we couldn’t have been more pleased. From their energy and openness through their fantastic tools like KnowBrainer, SolutionPeople were a great partner in getting great work done. Specifically, we found their tools to be powerful at bringing new ideas and insights to the forefront quickly and keeping us focused and engaged all day, which is key when dealing with a large group of creative people with other things on their minds.” – Rene Huey-Lipton, Vice President, GSD&M Advertising “Gerald “Solutionman” has developed an excellent process for being innovative. Using the process will save and I believe will provide excellent results. I do recommend his Accelerating Innovation course.” – Tom Zobitz, General Manager, Trelleborg “The innovation workshop with Gerald was an out of the box memorable experience based on a successful tool. The KnowBrainer helped me generate new creative ideas & solutions to challenges that I’ve been working on for a year.” – Maher Mezher, Head of Marketing, First National Bank of Lebanon “I had the fortune of attending a two day seminar with Gerald at his Thinkubator in Chicago. I have been to many training sessions over the years, but this had to be the most worthwhile experience. From the moment we started, the content was instantly engaging and connected to my personal and business goals. His tools like the “KnowBrainer” and other handouts are so easy to use, easy to learn and applicable to so much that I do in business and in life outside the workplace. I went to the seminar to find ways to help my creative team think differently about challenges and remove mental blocks. I walked away with a set of tools that will not only help my team and me at me work, but will help in personal life as well. Gerald is a sincere individual who really takes pride in what he does and I would recommend using his training or simply his perspective on any innovation or thinking you need.” – David Lifsitz, Director of Innovation, Liberty Mutual “Gerald provided a two-day workshop on innovation and his KnowBrainer tool and it was a very inspiring session at the Thinkubator. Gerald’s passion and knowledge come through in everything and he had great follow up after the session. Definitely recommended.” – Bill Myers – Research In Motion “I have heard about Gerald’s Thinkubator and his work for many years. However, I had the privilege to recently attend one of Gerald’s workshops recently. I am amazed how much he has accomplished and contributed to the field of creativity and innovation. I love his latest design of Thinkubator! Besides his innovation methods, I learned from Gerald’s training style and techniques. Overall, I am truly impressed by Gerald’s work in Chicago and impact around the world!” – Praveen Gupta, Faculty, Business Innovation, Illinois Institute of Technology “My experience with Gerald during the 2 day Accelerating Innovation Workshop was very positive. From the moment I walked in the door he made me feel welcome and comfortable. The 4 -Stage Accelerated Innovation Process, presented by Gerald, is a great guide and highly valuable when also using his KnowBrainer Tool. Gerald also presented four techniques that tap into the potential of the KnowBrainer Tool. Overall, the workshop was fun, informative, and empowering. I recommend it for anyone in any industry who has a need to increase idea output and realize them as solutions.” – Duke Fox, Development Engineer, Biomet Other People Rave About Our Innovation Workshops 18
  • 20. 19 Experience Creative Training Locations Gerald Haman believes “if you want to think outside of the box, you should not train your brain in a box.” In 1995, SolutionPeople created the Thinkubator® in Chicago so people would have an ideal space to experience creativity in action and become inspired by a wide variety of innovative resources. Many people have reported that an added benefit of experiencing the training in thought-provoking environments like the Thinkubator is that they are inspired to borrow ideas to improve their own work paces, conference rooms, offices or cubicles. Workshop participants will learn how SolutionPeople applied their proven Decorate-to-Innovate™ method to create one of the world’s most unique innovation centers. Workshops in Chicago are held at The Thinkubator and other creative venues. Our Trainers have the option of taking a “portable” Thinkubator on the road to other locations including con- ference centers, hotels, art galleries and museums. Visit Thinkubators.com for more details. Get Free Subscriptions to Innovative Communications Continuous communications will happen after the workshops to keep you engaged in learning and earning a significant ROI from your training. After graduation you will receive free subscriptions to newsletters and blogs that inspire continued application of workshop ideas on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Five valuable newsletters include Innovators Digest, Technique-of-the-Week News, Tool-of-the-Month News, VIP (Very Innovative People News) and Innovation & Creativity Training & Learning Opportunities News. Reasonable Tuition Investments The award-winning 2-day workshop is designed to help you develop ideas and action plans to address your real-world goals, challenges and problems. SolutionPeople guarantees that you will leave with ideas worth more than your tuition investment. Tuition is $2,497 per person or less than $1,300 per day. A survey of over 1,000 graduates revealed that 80% of them generated ideas valued at over $50,000 from the Accelerating Innovation Training. One team of 25 people yielded solutions valued at over $273 million. If you do not feel you have gained at least $2,497 worth of value, you can ask for a refund or take the course again. SolutionPeople is confident you will generate ideas worth much more. Bring Your Team for Significant Savings & Group Discounts Register your team or entire organization and learn how to “collaborate-to-innovate” while getting some significant savings. Save 20% for 2-4 people or 35% for 5 or more people. Groups can qualify for discounts and do not need to attend the workshop on the same locations. All major credit cards are accepted including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. For more information, email info@solutionpeople.com or phone +1-312-829-2852. or fax +1-312-829-2852 Bring the Training to You with Convenient On-Site & In-House Options Our certified trainers are happy to come to your organization and train your team, department or organization. Our talented trainers have experience in training very large groups. We can come to you and share the experiences with 10, 100, 1,000 or even 10,000 people. We can tailor, customize, personalize, architect, design, style, minimize, or maximize for small groups or very large audiences.
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