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HOW buffy is different to other vampire films

HOW buffy is different to other vampire films






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    HOW buffy is different to other vampire films HOW buffy is different to other vampire films Presentation Transcript

    • How Buffy is different to other Vampire films from back in the day By Lisa Begum
    • Introduction In this presentation I will be looking at a couple vampire film trailers from years ago and will explain how the trailer is different to ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ trailer which is more modern and will highlight how this trailer has made an impact on the Vampire Horror Genre.
    • Blood and Roses trailer (1960)
    • Blood and Roses (1960) • • • • • • • • • This trailer mostly shows a female vampire who uses her innocence of being a female as a façade as in actual fact she is a dangerous vampire who causes harm. This trailer has several shots of the female vampire, there is a man speaking/narrating during the trailer telling us, who the characters are and who produced the film, so the music in the background is not so clear. At the end when the man stops talking the sound is heightened to create a jumpy, edgy atmosphere. There are titles throughout the trailer as well. They seem to give the audience hints about how the film is going to be a ‘madness, nightmare’ etc. The camera shots are mainly mid-shot but there is a powerful close-up of when the female sucks the blood from the neck of a vulnerable female. The lighting used all through this trailer is low-key lighting and the scenes are very dark. Setting: In a bedroom, forest and outside streets. The costume- the men mostly wear suits and the female are all wearing dresses which look traditional. Props: The mirror breaking when Vampire throws something at it, this implies she is violent and also a blood sucker.
    • Black Sabbath trailer (1968)
    • Black Sabbath • • • • • • • • • Compare to now the films then usually had a man narrating what is happening and speaking over the scenes shown whilst the music is also very quite and not that effective, this is maybe because they didn't have special editing/ music software's which allowed them to formulate music that sounded effective. In this trailer the music only begins to heighten towards the end of the trailer. Additionally there is not much dialogue used in this trailer, you just see shots of the characters being introduced at the start, then a women being creped upon by a vampire and then the shots start to go into more detail about the narrative. The man narrating seems to repeat the title ‘Black Sabbath’ a lot so that it is in the viewers minds. Majority of the shots used are mid-shots and a few close-up. One effective close-up that I believe is powerful is the high angle shot of a women screaming on the ground as she discovers someone is a vampire. Editing- Each shot is very long and there are no fast cuts. Setting- Inside a house, forest and a graveyard. Costume- Women: dresses Men: suit and trousers. The trailer seems to give a lot away about how the women are vampires and how they use love to be able to suck the blood out of a person. We are shown the main protagonist and antagonist as well.
    • Buffy the Vampire Slayer season one trailer
    • Buffy the Vampire Slayer • • • • • • • • At the start the setting helps us establish that Buffy is joining a new high school, as the narrative develops during the trailer, the music changes as well. There is also a lot of dialogue. After Buffy joins the school we are shown many characters this allows us to understand ‘Buffy is a slayer’ who battles against vampires, demons and other forces of darkness. The music develops throughout and draws audience in as they are able to see what the series would be about. There is dialogue during the first half of the trailer and in the second half audience are given a few teasers of a grave yard, Buffy fighting, a vampire speaking to Buffy. All of these shots are cut quickly with parallel music to fit what is happening on scene perfectly. This creates an eerie atmosphere. In terms of editing as the cuts are fast this is a strong effect as it makes audience want to watch the complete series in order to find out what happens next. Setting- School, library and a graveyard. These are typical locations for a vampire horror. Costume- Casual clothing: shirts, jeans, jackets and cardigans. Buffy gives Vampire horror a modern standard which then allows directors to see how this type of modern day vampire horror will attract the audience of this generation. This is why directors produced films like Blade , it is also a modern Vampire film and includes similar aspects that Buffy has such as: fast cuts, shots that only last a few seconds in the trailer, a verity of camera angles/movement, effective music that is parallel, clothing that is more casual and not traditional, settings, props for example Blade uses swords and other advanced weapons and he is a vampire. In comparison to vampire films from 1910’s-1990 hardly included any weapons.