5 Days to Sales - How I make $3000 every week


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This is a great guide if you want to get started making money online. I personally use this method as one of my own income streams. This guide also contains a mini guide that will show you how you can make $100 today! It's actually very easy to make money online, just follow this simple guide!

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5 Days to Sales - How I make $3000 every week

  1. 1. “5 Days to Sales” Training Guide for Affiliates By: SoloAcademy (Feel Free to replace links in this .pdf with your SoloAcademy affiliate link) Earn Some Extra Cash and Join the SoloAcademy Affiliate Network for free Make an Easy $100 right now Step 1: Become a SoloAcademy Affiliate - Click Here Step 2: Get your aff. link and replace it with all links in this ebook Step 3: Share it with everyone you know (facebook, forums, blog) For more details on making $100 right now go to: http://soloacademy.com/make-100-today
  2. 2. Day 1: Create a Targeted Article Welcome to Day One of the SoloAcademy Affiliate Guide: “5 Days to Sales” If you are reading this you are on the right path to generating a steady flow of traffic by a completely free traffic source. And yes, this is very profitable traffic that will turn into sales! Many people new to the concept of ‘making money online’ try all sorts of crazy tactics to bring traffic to their offer. 99% of them will fail miserably and think there is no possible way that people can actually make money online without either spending a lot of money or learning for years… Don’t be one of those people! Let me give you a little history about us and the SoloAcademy team! We are a community of internet marketers, guided by a team of very successful marketers and developer that can point out what works and what doesn’t in today’s online world. The
  3. 3. internet is constantly changing and we are constantly adapting to always stay on top of the game and maximize our earnings. Being a member of soloacademy is great, you get access to tons of guides, tools and software that will teach you everything from building your website to generating traffic and sales. The step-by-step SoloAcademy tutorials will teach you what the pro’s know. Everything from mass email marketing to simple SEO methods that will rocket your traffic through the roof! We even have guides that teach you how to build your own product and then successfully launch it! Unlike most networks out there, built around hype and promises of becoming an overnight millionaire, SoloAcademy is built on real value and teaches marketing skills in easy to follow guides written by our very own team of highly successful internet marketers… But wait! I have even better news! Did you know that you can be an affiliate with soloacademy for free? If you are not already a soloacademy affiliate sign up now to push one of the highest converting products online, it literally sells itself: Become an Affiliate Today This 5 day training guide will show you exactly how to generate a super profitable recurring income stream as a SoloAcademy Affiliate. All the big guys here at SoloAcademy use this same method, written by our very own team that have been doing this for many years with huge success! So let’s get started! This guide is broken down into 5 separate parts. You will be completing a new section every day. It is very important that you completely finish one section before moving on to the next, this will ensure that you succeed and don’t run into any confusion. Today you will be writing a targeted article promoting SoloAcademy. Think of this article as your home base. It is your landing page, and if you follow these next guides closely this article will soon have tons of free traffic coming to it daily!
  4. 4. Before you start writing this article your must ask yourself what is the purpose of this article? In short, your article should: ● Explain what the product is… ● Your personal experience with the product… ● Why someone should sign up… I will go into more detail shortly on ‘where’ you will be posting this article, but first let’s discuss more about the purpose of this article. You are an affiliate for SoloAcademy, so what should you write this article about? For a moment let’s imaging you are a visitor to our site and you have never heard of SoloAcademy before. What are some questions you might have? Essentially this article should tell your visitor the “5 W’s”. Who – What – When – Where – Why 1. Who is SoloAcademy: “A community of internet marketers, guided by the industry’s top players!” 2. What is SoloAcademy: “A social site for marketers containing guides, tools and software to build your own online business” 3. When is SoloAcademy: “Updated with new guides daily, always advancing and keeping up with current trends” 4. Where is SoloAcademy: “This will be a ‘apply’ type button or link with your affiliate link” 5. Why SoloAcademy: “Why should someone sign up? Give your own review, list benefits, tell your story” This article is a Review/Testimonial about SoloAcademy. Be sure to use your own words to create unique content, we’ll go deeper into the importance of this later. You will also be adding a video to this article tomorrow (Day 2). Here is an example of a small part of an article like this written by one of our current affiliates:
  5. 5. They go into more details on some Pro’s, Con’s and some personal experiences they had with SoloAcademy. This article does a few great things that convert visitors into sales. 1. It tells the visitor what SoloAcademy is 2. .It lets the visitor know that SoloAcademy has worked for someone else 3. .It convinces the visitor that they want to be part of the SoloAcademy community 4. .That visitor signs up via your affiliate link and you make a sale! This whole experience will turn cold visitors into signups. And the best part about this is that as a SoloAcademy affiliate you will collect monthly recurring commissions on this signup! Picking a Title for the Article:
  6. 6. If you know anything about SEO, you know the importance of ranking keywords. You will want to do some keyword research to find a keyword with a decent traffic. We have many guides in SoloAcademy that go deeper into picking a good keyword. A great free tool to search for keywords is the Google Keyword Tool found in Google Analytics. For this article, I would not try to rank for any hard keywords. Keep in mind that just because a keyword is getting a lot of search traffic doesn’t mean you should try to rank for it. If it’s a super popular keyword like ‘make money online’ you may have to spend months of hard work to rank on the first page of google, while keywords with less competition could take only a couple days. Make sure the title of your article/page is relevant and contains the keyword you are trying to rank for. Here is a list of examples of page titles that people have had great success with: ● SoloAcademy Review: How I make $400 Daily ● My Honest Testimonial on SoloAcademy ● My Successful experience making money online with SoloAcademy ● SoloAcademy is my favorite affiliate network ● SoloAcademy worked for me! My Testimonial Tips when writing this article: ● Use 5­10 tags, 5 general keywords like ‘marketing’, ‘online website’, ‘affiliate’ and 5 specific keywords
  7. 7. like ‘soloacademy review’, ‘soloacademy affiliates’, ‘favorite affiliate network’ ● 2­3 Images (link images to your affiliate link) – This creates shareable content ● Have a ‘contact’ link for people to email you with any questions ● Write your own review using unique content. Unique Content is King! So where do you post this article? If you already have your own wordpress site it is suggested to simply create a new post for this article. Some people will use a new page to write this article, but posts allow you to add tags. For more experienced marketers you can buy a domain such as soloacademyreview.comto post this article on. If you don’t have your own website/blog don’t worry! This is not necessary at all in order to post this article! You can use a free site like blogger.com orwordpress.com to post your article. Example: soloacademytestimonial.blogspot.com The purpose of this article is to get it to the first page of google for specific keywords. So if someone types into google “SoloAcademy Review” you want your site to be the first one that appears. A great example of a powerful wordpress site that you can use as an outline for your site is soloacademy.org – This website was built by one of our first pre-launch members, Miguel Betancourt. In the next 4 days we will show you exactly what to do in order to get your page on the first page of google. Many of our members use this exact method to have ranked many sites on the first page generating hundreds to thousands of clicks daily! That’s free traffic! Constantly generating you tons and tons of sales! Isn’t that awesome?!
  8. 8. Importance of keeping your progress tidy: After this 5 day training course you will have several articles ranking for specific keywords. I can’t stress to you the importance of keeping yourself organized. Create a document and title it something like “SoloAcademy Affiliate” and store everything in there. If you don’t already use Google Drive, get it! It’s like having microsoft office anywhere you go from any computer you are on. We have a great guide on this inside SoloAcademy! Every time you write an article make a note of that url and the 2-3 keywords you are trying to rank it for, this will help keep you on track and focused. Also, store all your login info’s for sites like blogger and wordpress Another tool we highly recommend to anyone trying to rank keywords is SerpBook You simply enter your article’s url (ex. soloacademyreview.blogspot.com) and the 2-3 main keywords you are trying to rank it for and it will tell you ranking for those keywords,
  9. 9. updating every hour. This tool is a MUST once you have a few articles That completes today! Easy enough? This process should take you no more than 1-2 hours depending how much time you spend on writing the article. Keep the article between 500-1000 words. If you have a ton of free time today you can already move on to Day 2, but DO NOT move on until you have completely finished this guide and posted your article! Day 2: Create a Video, Fanpage & Group Ok, it’s Day 2 of our “5 Days to Sales” Guide! You should already have your article written and published. It doesn’t matter if this article is posted on your own blog such as yourdomain.com/soloacademyreview or on a free sitelike soloacademyreview.blogspot.com Today we will be creating a youtube video, facebook fanpage and facebook group. You will then be linking these to your already published article! Why? This will give more authority to your article and let’s your visitors interact and relate to you. A visitor reading your article will be more comfortable with you when they see your link to a facebook page and facebook group. It establishes a higher sense of legitimacy. Also, if they join your group or like your fanpage they will be notified every time you add a new post! It’s a win-win situation adding this social presence to your article, did I also mention it will boost your SEO reputation? More on that later…
  10. 10. First, Create a Youtube Video This should be 1-5 minutes long. A personal review/testimonial about SoloAcademy has shownbest results in increasing conversions on your page. People may be on the edge on if they should sign up or not after reading your article reviewing soloacademy, but a video gives them a closer connection to the network. If you are unsure what to say take a look at this video made by one of our affiliates (jackie sanders), she has had a TON of success with this video alone getting over 6k views in less than a month: Be sure to submit your testimonial/review video and article to SoloAcademy for a chance to win $500! Submit it at our support center: SoloAcademy Support Center Give the video a title similar to the name of your article, in the video description put a link to your main article that you wrote on Day 1. Go ahead and embed this youtube video to the article you posted yesterday. Not sure how to embed your youtube video? Here is a picture showing you where you can find the embed code: Create a facebook fanpage and facebook group Add your main article link or domain into the description and create some posts linking to your article. Try posting a new post in your group and fanpage every 2-3 days. We will go into more details on what kind of posts you can add to your fanpage and group later in
  11. 11. this training series. A simple free method to queuing posts is a service called hootsuite. You can check them out at hootsuite.com Make your fanpage and group look interesting and exciting. Add some fun pictures to it, use a group name like “SoloAcademy Team” or “The SoloAcademy Marketers” Now give your fanpage and group a kickstart by inviting all your friend to it. I would wait until your fanpage and group has at least 3-4 posts and looks somewhat interesting before inviting everyone to it or they might not hit that ‘like’ button! Be sure to check out and like the SoloAcademy Fanpage! Like us now HERE Great, you’re almost done for today! In your main article you wrote yesterday add the links of your fanpage and group. Google will now see’s that your article has a presence on facebook and youtube. This will give your SEO rankings a nice boost. By tomorrow you may even already be on the top 5 pages of Google when someone searches your keyword. But this is only the beginning! We will be showing you how to create authority backlinks for free to get your article all the way up to the first page! CHECKLIST, you should now have: ● Your main Article reviewing SoloAcademy (Day 1) ● A youtube video (vimeo and other sources are fine too) ● Facebook Fanpage and Group All these should linking to each other. This is the start of a viral effect that will soon spin out of control and the traffic will start flowing! Tomorrow you will go over the steps that will generate your first traffic boost! I hope you are ready! If you are not already a SoloAcademy Affiliate sign up right now: http://soloacademy.com/affiliates
  12. 12. Remember it’s Free! Day 3: Social Boost Your Article It’s time to post your article and video all over social sites! Why? Not only will this give you an instant boost of traffic and potential signups, but also create a viral type effect for your article and pages. When Google sees your link spreading over social sites it will quickly boost your SEO levels, thus bringing your article closer to page one. Tomorrow we will discuss how to create authority backlinks and create great content for new facebook fanpage and group posts, but first we have to establish a social presence that we will be continuously working on in the future to keep growing it bigger and bigger! First, join as many groups as possible on Facebook related to your niche. Groups such as ‘moms working from home’, ‘business entrepreneurs’, ‘internet marketing’, ‘website owners’, etc… are great to join. Get creative when finding untouched groups because this is where you will be posting links to your article and video! Try to join about 50-100 of these groups with 500+ members in them. Closed groups will usually accept you within 24 hours and you will be able to start posting! Finding relevant fanpages also has yielded some great success! Find a fanpage that allows comments, then post a link to your article or video with a comment similar to:“Please like my first testimonial video: Your Link” I do not recommend posting more than two times per group
  13. 13. daily. It is best to post in each group once a day. Every time you post a new article or picture on your fanpage, share it to all the groups! You will be surprised the power of spending 15 minutes a day posting to groups. A simple way to keep track of which groups you have posted to already on a specific day is by going to yourfacebook home, on the left you will see a column showing your groups. As shown in the picture on the left. Click the ‘MORE‘ button. You will see all the groups you are part of and it will tell you the last time you posted in each group. That’s all there is to it! You can get creative with this method. Do the same on other social media sites like twitter and myspace! Try different types of messages in posts to see what works best for your audience. Here are some examples: ● Here’s a great article on how I generate a ton of traffic: your article link ● A great video reviewing my success: youtube link ● I made my first $500 online! Please watch my video: article or youtube link ● This article will change your life, I promise: article link We have many guides on social media marketing, like our: Complete Guide to Twitter Marketing Be sure to bookmark this page, because you will be using this ‘social boost’ on everything and anything you ever publish! We will show you how to use this social boost more in our upcoming guide (Day 4) and how powerful this method will become when used consistently and correctly Day 4: Generate Authority Backlinks This is the guide you have all been waiting for! And if you weren’t, well let me tell you it is!
  14. 14. Why? We are going to tell you how to create backlinks on authority sites, linking back to your main article that you wrote on Day 1. These backlinks (linking to your Main Article) will tell google that your page is hot, and to raise it up to page 1 on google search! This is where the big money is at because using this method to create authority backlinks has gotten us to rank articles on the first page of google within days! That means a steady flow of organic and free traffic! It just doesn’t get any better than that! Ok, so how exactly does this work? Think of your ‘Main Article’ that you wrote on Day 1 as a King. I’m talking about the kind that lives in a castle with a queen. What makes the king more and more powerful? Soldiers! The more soldiers the king has the greater and more powerful he looks. Now imagine this ‘soldier’. What could it be regarding SEO? What makes your main article look more and more powerful? The answer is… More articles linking back to your main article! We call these ‘soldier articles’. Because the main purpose of them is to make your ‘main article’ look better in the eyes of Google. Here is what you do… Create a new unique ‘soldier article’ on a authority site (we will give you examples of some shortly). Take the 3-5 keywords you are trying to rank your ‘main article‘ for and link it back to the ‘main article‘ you wrote on Day 1. Remember, these are the keywords you decided to rank your first article for. For example, if you’re ranking your ‘main article’ for the keyword “network with highest payouts” you would write a sentence somewhere in your ‘soldier article’ using that keyword.Then simply link that keyword back to your main article. Wallah you have just created a great backlink! Google can now see other sites are linking to your ‘main article’,
  15. 15. this makes google very happy so it will reward your site by raising it’s rankings to get you closer to the first page of Google for that specific keyword. Also, link 1-3 keywords to your affiliate link. These keywords should be a mixture ofgeneral keywords and keywords you are trying to rank your ‘main article’ for. Example: ‘signup now’, ‘get started today’, ‘check out soloacademy’, ‘soloacademy trial’, etc… This allows someone reading one of your soldier articles to also sign up to your offer directly from your ‘soldier article‘. Your main objective is not getting signups through soldier accounts, but it’s always a bonus when it happens! What about article content? You might be wondering, well what do I write this article about? The ‘soldier article’ can be similar to your main article you wrote on Day 1. But it is important to use unique content. If you just copy and paste your old article, Google will know. And they won’t rank the article which won’t help out your rankings. The sole purpose of these ‘soldier articles’ is to boost the rankings of your ‘main article’. Soldier Articles linking back to your main article will have a dramatic effect on your rankings and shoot your main article up to the first page of google. Depending on the competition of the keywords your ‘main article’ is ranking for will determine how many of these articles you will need. Sometimes 3-5 will do the trick. Sometimes you might need up to 15. But take our word when we say, hard work will pay off! Write a new ‘soldier article’ at least every 1-2 days. The more the better, we had an affiliate write 30 ‘soldier articles’ in one day and his site is now on page 1 of google for 4 different keywords. One day of hard work is generating him an extra 200+ clicks daily to his ‘main article’ and sales are coming in daily! Here are some great authority sites for publishing ‘soldier articles’: ● wordpress.com ● blogger.com ● tumblr
  16. 16. ● posterous.com ● xanga ● weebly ● smore.com ● stumbleupon.com ● wiki Remember, the point of these soldier articles is not to get them ranked high on google.Their main purpose is to link to your main article you wrote on Day 1, because this creates a backlink to your main article. Google will see all these soldier articles linking to your main article and think there is a viral effect happening with your main article, thus pushing it to the top page of Google. Not only will each soldier article help your main articles SEO, but they will also create traffic themselves. So the more soldier articles you write the more traffic you will start building. This is the type of viral effect you want to create, your articles will be flooding your targeted keywords and with some effort you will be on the top page of google for all of them creating a steady and solid stream of profitable traffic! It’s time to Social Boost your Soldier! Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more viral! Ok, so remember the ‘social boosting’ you learned about yesterday (Day 3). Well you should be using this ‘social boost’ on every ‘soldier article’ you write! To refresh your memory here’s how… Steps to Social Boost your Soldier: 1. Create a new post on your fanpage linking to your newly published ‘soldier article’ 2. Create a new post in your group 3. Share this fanpage post to all the groups you joined on Day 3 4. Post link in at least 5­10 fanpages related to your niche 5. Post link to ‘soldier article’ on any other social networks you are on This will create a small viral effect for your ‘soldier article’ which will slightly raise the value of it’s backlink to your ‘main article’. Do you see the viral effect happening? Google is seeing your link pop up everywhere now. People are talking about it and sharing it.
  17. 17. RECAP TIPS: ● Try to write one soldier article supporting your main article every 1­2 days. The more the better! ● After publishing a soldier article ‘social boost’ the link on all your social pages/groups as you learned on Day 3 ● Add 5­10 keyword tags relevant to your main articles keywords to the ‘soldier article’ ● 1­2 pictures in the article will help ranking (link pictures to your soloacademy affiliate link) ● ‘Soldier Articles’ will be similar to your ‘Main Article’, just make sure the content is unique Tomorrow we will outline the last 4 Days for you and give you a easy to follow checklist that you can print out to make sure you stay on track and succeed. We will also tell you how you can use everything you have learned the past 4 days to continuously keep on building a bigger and bigger viral effect that will ultimately generate you thousands of free organic visitors daily! Day 5: Rinse & Repeat You have made it to the end of the guide “5 Days to Sales”! Congratulations, hopefully at this point your stream of traffic has begun! Now it’s time to keep building on top of it! We will outline the entire process for you, so print this page and keep it on your desk or hang it on the wall. Staying on track is key to succeeding at this. Most people give up because they aren’t making $100 daily after a few days of trying online, but the reality of it, like anything else is that you need to keep at it and keep growing it so it can be built from a small seed into a huge tree. But I promise, with our help you can’t fail!
  18. 18. CHECKLIST 1. Write Your Main Article w/ Youtube Video 2. Create Facebook FanPage and Group (Done only Once) 3. Add posts to Fanpage and Group with Link to Main Article 4. Social Boost your Main Article 5. Write Soldier Articles Linking Keywords to Main Article (Every 1­2 Days) 6. Post link to new Soldier article on Fanpage and Group 7. Social Boost (Post every new soldier article to fanpage, groups and relevant fanpages) 8. After 3­5 Posts on your fanpage Invite all your friends 9. Repeat Writing Soldier Articles (Every 1­2 Days) 10. Repeat entire process with new ‘main article’ (every 1­2 weeks) Once you have written 5-10 soldier articles supporting your main article repeat the whole process with a new ‘Main Article’ targeting different keywords. So every 1-2 weeks it is suggested to create a new ‘Main Article’. Depending on what keyword you are trying to rank for you may need to spend more time writing ‘soldier articles‘ to support that main article. You do not need to create a new fanpage of facebook group for every main article you post. Every Time you write a new ‘main article‘ and ‘soldier article‘ be sure to paste the link into your fanpage and group. Did you know that as a SoloAcademy Affiliate you also earn 10% of all commissions of affiliates that sign up under you? Perhaps this is a great starting place for your next ‘main article’. It could be titled something similar to: ● Become a SoloAcademy Affiliate Today ● Join the SoloAcademy Affiliate Network for Free ● The best Free Affiliate Network ● How I made my first $800 weekly
  19. 19. After sticking to this process of creating ‘main articles’ and then linking 5-10 ‘soldier articles’ to it you will have a large amount of articles posted all over the internet targeting your keywords. After a month you should already have 15-30 articles (2 main articles – 15+ soldier articles). These will all be generating traffic. The more you add to it the more your traffic funnel will increase. The goal is to be persistent and not give up, at a certain point all your articles will be so intertwined that google will be super happy and keep raising your ranking. All your articles will keep ranking higher and higher on google and in as little as 1 month (sometimes less than a week). You will have built a powerful viral collection of articles all feeding off of each other generating a ton of traffic. The best part about this is that your articles will always be online which means they will always be making you money. Your earnings can only increase from here, so get ready because your dedication is about to turn into a consistently producing goldmine of traffic! Bookmark this page! Sometimes it’s easy to get lost and lose focus! After a week or 2, before starting a second ‘main article’ I suggest you read through this whole guide again. Maybe you will find something you missed before. Things may be more clear after you gain some experience with this powerful method. If you have found this guide useful be sure to check out all of our other guides here at SoloAcademy! This guide is the start your online success, and the beginning of a whole new experience…
  20. 20. Get Full-Access to all of our Guides, Tools & Software Today for Only $5 CLICK HERE If you found this post helpful please thank us by ‘liking‘ and ‘sharing‘ with your friends.Thank You! Visit our Facebook Page