Cloud Stack & Cloud Storage


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SolidFire's presentations at CoudStack Collab 2013

This presentation reviews different cloud storage options in the market today, including current storage-related features and functionality available within a CloudStack infrastructure. We will then dive into key enhancements needed to bring CloudStack’s storage integration and functionality to the next level.

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Cloud Stack & Cloud Storage

  1. 1. CloudStack & Cloud Storage Where are we at? Where are we going? Why should you care? John Griffith, Lead Open Source Developer, Dave Cahill, Director of Strategic Alliances,
  2. 2. Evolution of EBS Ephemeral volumes (EC2) EBS Launched ‘06 Developer- Boot from EBS Launched ‘08 oriented Provisioned IOPS Basic persistent Launched ‘09 No enterprise storage apps Fully persistent Launched ‘12 Dev/test and virtual machines Compute centric limited Controlled production apps Basic enterprise Performance apps Low IO DBs/apps Wider range of performance sensitive apps
  3. 3. Where is the rest of the cloud industry? Instance NetworkObject Storage Storage Storage Atmos, Nirvanix, EMC, 3Par, Netapp, Local shared disk Scality, Swift Dell Backup, archival, Typically persistent Persistent, HA content repository No HA, limited Variable performance, Cheap and deep performance No SLAs, limited scale
  4. 4. The rest of the industry is 3-5 yearsbehind Amazon EBS, working withinferior technology designed for theEnterprise
  5. 5. Cloud OpportunityThe Performance Sensitive AppsOpportunity $$$ Oracle / SAP High Hadoop / NoSQLAhead Margin Applications IOPS $$ Med Test / Development Backup / Archive $ Low Low Performance Hig Sensitivity h
  6. 6. Watch out forthe Noisy Noisy NeighborNeighbor• Few resource hungry Traditional Multi-Tenant applications Performance negatively affect all other volume performance
  7. 7. Accessing the • Affordable all-SSD performanceCloudOpportunity • Fine-grain QoS control for writing firm performance SLAs • Increase VM density to enable higher profits • Complete management automation to maximize efficiency
  8. 8. Accessing the Not so fast, without…CloudOpportunity • Better block storage – Critical to migrating high-margin apps from on-with premises, managed, and dedicatedCloudStack environments to the cloud • Better storage integration – For a CloudStack-based infrastructure to adequately address the next phase of cloud computing requires deeper and more advanced storage integration
  9. 9. CloudStack & Cloud StorageWhere are we today?• A work in progress – Not much beyond basic Xen Server functionality – Very generic treatment of storage – Treat storage as one giant LUN• Advanced storage functionality requires work-around – QoS, Provisioning, Snapshots, Clones• No storage management interface – All storage management an admin function outside of CloudStack – Lack a good plug-in architecture/driver model
  10. 10. CloudStack & Cloud StorageWhere do we need to go?• Finer granularity – Have to be able to provision more granularly than one big LUN• Scheduling – No directing instance types of customers to specific volumes• Enable secondary attached storage – No concept of instance and data mobility• Improve High Availability – Can’t attach volumes across different hypervisor hosts• Ease of integration – Very hard to add storage driver today• Backup capability – Ability to backup to object storage
  11. 11. CloudStack & Cloud StorageHow are we going to get there?• Better defined integration – New CloudStack Storage API – New Storage driver model• More resources and contributors behind the effort – This is more than just adding support for storage – Need core bug fixes, enhancements and contributions – Core contributions to storage design and framework• Continue to refine understanding of storage requirements – Drive greater storage awareness – Need CloudStack storage ambassadors – Gather customer/end-user feedback
  12. 12. Questions?1620 Pearl Street,Boulder, Colorado 80302Phone: 720.523.3278Email:
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