Top 5 Reasons to Use DameWare Remote Support


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Are you on the help desk or dektop support team? You never have to leave your desk for end-user support when you have the power of remote access. Simplify remote IT administration with DameWare Remote Support. With a host of built-in tools for remote connection and troubleshooting, you can solve all your desktop support issues in no time.

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Top 5 Reasons to Use DameWare Remote Support

  1. 1. Top 5 Reasons to Use DameWare Remote Support July 2015
  2. 2. What is DameWare Remote Support? • DameWare® Remote Support is an easy-to-use remote control and systems administration software that simplifies remote access and troubleshooting of end-user workstations and servers. • DameWare Remote Support allows IT pros to: o Remotely control Windows®, Linux®, and Mac OS® X computers. o Securely access and troubleshoot computers anywhere, whether they are inside the LAN or situated outside the firewall. o Remotely perform system administration tasks on PCs and servers. o Remotely manage Active Directory® domains, users, and Group Policy. o Provide on-the-go remote support to end-users from your Android™ and iOS devices. 2 R E M O TE AC C E S S AN D TR O U B L E S H O O TI N G TO O L © 2015 SOLARWINDS WORLDWIDE, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Powerful • Affordable • Easy to Use • E nterprise -Ready
  3. 3. Benefits of Using DameWare Remote Support • DameWare is used by IT pros in over 60,000 organizations to access and troubleshoot remote computers. • Key benefits of using DameWare Remote Support: 1. Increase efficiency of IT administration and desktop support. 2. Accelerate issue resolution with remote administration tools. 3. Improve communication with customers during remote sessions. 4. Integrate remote control technology with IT help desk for faster action on support tickets. 5. Realize significant cost and time savings, and eliminate the need for in-person support. 6. Simplify the work of IT admins and support technicians with built-in remote troubleshooting tools. 7. Delight your customers with faster support, and improve customer satisfaction. 3 H E L P S Y O U H E L P Y O U R C U S TO M E R S FAS T E R © 2015 SOLARWINDS WORLDWIDE, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
  4. 4. Top 5 Reasons to Use DameWare Remote Support 4 N O T A L U X U RY. I T I S A N E C E S S I TY. © 2015 SOLARWINDS WORLDWIDE, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
  5. 5. #1 Fast and Secure Remote Control 5 W I N D O W S , L I N U X , M AC O S X © 2015 SOLARWINDS WORLDWIDE, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. • DameWare Remote Support includes the award-winning DameWare Mini Remote Control for establishing remote connections to Windows, Linux, and Mac OS platforms from a single console. o Use built-in DameWare MRC Viewer to remotely control Windows workstations and servers. o Use built-in VNC Viewer for remote access to Mac and Linux computers. o Remotely connect to sleeping, powered-off, and crashed computers, using Intel® vPro™ with AMT, Wake-on-LAN, and Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) support. • Use remote session tools including chat messenger, file transfer, and screenshot capture to improve the quality of support. • Enable multi-factor authentication and improve security using smart card authentication and logon.
  6. 6. #2 Anywhere, Anytime Remote Assistance 6 R E M O TE C O N TR O L I N S I D E & O U TS I D E TH E N E TW O R K © 2015 SOLARWINDS WORLDWIDE, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. • Initiate remote connections to PCs and servers wherever they are located. o For remote connection within the LAN, use DameWare Remote Support as it is, and launch a remote session from the Mini Remote Control console. o For remote connection outside the firewall, and to support end-users over the Internet, use DameWare Remote Support in the centralized mode, and launch a remote session from Mini Remote Control console. • In its centralized mode of deployment, DameWare Remote Support uses a secure Internet proxy to communicate with the connection from outside the firewall. No VPN connection is required for remote access.
  7. 7. All Remote Connection Types in DameWare Remote Support 7 Attended Inside LAN Unattended Inside LAN Attended Outside LAN Unattended Outside LAN Technician on Computer with DRS F I R E W A L L Company Network Internet Attended Inside LAN Technician on iOS® or Android™ Mobile Device with DW App
  8. 8. #3 Simplify Windows Administration 8 AC C E L E R ATE R E M O TE TR O U B L E S H O O TI N G © 2015 SOLARWINDS WORLDWIDE, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. • Using a host of handy Windows administration tools, DameWare Remote Support allows you to: o Start, stop, and restart services. o View and stop processes. o Manage disks, shares, and peripherals. o View and manage event logs. o Edit and modify registries. • DameWare also allows you to access a host of system tools and TCP utilities to perform faster remote troubleshooting. o Built-in system tools: Event viewer, disk administrator, Windows diagnostics, license manager, network client administrator, performance monitor, etc. o TCP utilities: DNS lookup, Ping, Traceroute, FTP, Telnet, etc.
  9. 9. #4 Remote Active Directory Management 9 C O M P L E TE C O N TR O L O F Y O U R AD E N V I R O N M E N T © 2015 SOLARWINDS WORLDWIDE, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. • DameWare Remote Support helps you: o Manage Active Directory® (AD) objects such as Organizational Units (OU), containers, users, groups, contacts, computers, and shares. o Unlock user accounts, reset passwords, and edit Group Policy from a single management console. o Manage extended AD objects such as photos, employee IDs, and logos. o Retrieve, search, and filter AD objects and attributes using a built-in Active Directory Object browser. o Manage multiple AD domains from a single dashboard. • Using the DameWare exporter application, you can easily export AD properties, system configurations, and software information in an easy-to-use CSV or XML format.
  10. 10. #5 On-the-Go Remote Support 10 M O B I L I TY AN D R E M O TE AC C E S S © 2015 SOLARWINDS WORLDWIDE, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. • DameWare Mobile applications for Android™ and iOS devices help you achieve remote access to desktops, laptops, and servers from anywhere. o Remotely control Windows computers from your iPhone®, iPad® or Android devices. o Easy-to-use virtual mouse, keyboard, and hot keys simplify remote access via mobile devices. • The mobile functionality of DameWare Remote Support can be accessed by deploying it in the centralized mode, and configuring the Mobile Gateway server on your LAN and mobile app on your mobile device. • Wherever you are–away from the office, travelling, on holiday–you have the power of remote control from your mobile device to remotely address critical issues.
  11. 11. Simple Licensing and Affordable Pricing • DameWare Remote Support is licensed by the number of IT technicians using the software. o There is no limit to the number of end-users or computers supported. 11 D O W N L O AD , I N S TAL L , AN D D E P L O Y © 2015 SOLARWINDS WORLDWIDE, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. • Pricing is very affordable and starts at $349 per technician user. o Pricing per seat reduces as you purchase more seats. o First-year maintenance and support included in pricing. • DameWare Remote Support can be deployed in two modes: o Standalone - Best suited for organizations that maintain small or mid- sized IT departments. o Centralized - Best suited for large organizations with a centralized IT department to support multiple locations, and require frequent remote access outside the firewall. For more information on pricing and deployment modes, click here.
  12. 12. Integrate with IT Help Desk • DameWare Remote support has native integration with SolarWinds Web Help Desk®. o Initiate remote sessions with a single click from help desk tickets or from the IT asset inventory  speed up service delivery. o Save remote session metadata, chat log, screenshots, and other info back to the help desk ticket  capture desktop support session data. 12 R E M O TE AC C E S S F R O M H E L P D E S K TI C K E TS © 2015 SOLARWINDS WORLDWIDE, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
  13. 13. Screenshots 13© 2015 SOLARWINDS WORLDWIDE, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Remote Control Windows, Linux, Mac OS X Over-the-Internet remote session Perform Windows administration tasks Manage Active Directory
  14. 14. DameWare Customer Review • ROI on DameWare Remote Support: o DameWare has allowed us to maintain our non-traditional approach to IT support. It allows our administrators to work from anywhere and has extended their reach to clients domestic and abroad. o Return on investment was realized as soon as we purchased the licenses. We don't have to maintain a large office space or overhead costs due to the flexibility it allows our administrators. o First call resolution has increased drastically since implementing DameWare company-wide. The user no longer has to wait to reproduce an error. We can screen share and view it as it happens and mitigate the issues. 14 M AR C C U M M I N G S , S Y S TE M AD M I N I S TR ATO R , R E B O O T I T L L C © 2015 SOLARWINDS WORLDWIDE, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. More Reviews »
  15. 15. DameWare Case Study The city of Lakewood has between 500 - 1000 employees in different physical locations. • Challenge: Before implementing DameWare Remote Support, help desk personnel were spending hours travelling to sites to fix problems, or using Remote Desktop. This caused downtime for the user and didn’t reflect an accurate assessment of the problem. • Result: DameWare Remote Support has been invaluable in this process. DameWare has also been instrumental in developing an inventory of software. • ROI: Significant time savings for help desk personnel. 15 Y V E TTE M I L E S , B U S I N E S S AN A LY S T, C I TY O F L AK E W O O D © 2015 SOLARWINDS WORLDWIDE, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. More Case Studies »
  16. 16. Resources 16 L E AR N M O R E AB O U T D AM E WA R E R E M O TE S U P P O R T © 2015 SOLARWINDS WORLDWIDE, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. DameWare Remote Support Overview [2:47 min] Remote Connection to Mac OS X & Linux [1:17] Contact Sales P: