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The Must Do’s of Network Security and Configuration Management


Published on

For more information on NCM, visit: …

For more information on NCM, visit:

Watch this webcast:

This webcast will focus on the “must do’s” of configuration management, compliance reporting, and network security within today’s complex and dynamic network environments. During this webcast we’ll cover:

• Configuration management best practices
• Compliance auditing and reporting
• Access control audits and remediation
• Managing access lists and firewall rules
• Network security within a virtualized infrastructure

During this event we’ll highlight not only technology from SolarWinds but also technology from Athena Security.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1.
  • 2. A big “Howdy” from SolarWinds®
    based in Austin, Texas
    • Josh Stephens- VP of Technology & Head Geek
    • 3. David Hurst – Network Security Guru & CTO, Athena Security
    Today’s Topic:
    Network Security and Configuration Management Must Do’s
    Who is SolarWinds?
    • What we do…
    • 4. Who are our customers?
    • 5. The SolarWinds community…
  • 6. Who is Athena Security?
    • What they do…
    • 7. Who are their customers?
    • 8. How do they relate to SolarWinds?
    Introduction Cont’d…
  • 9. Agenda
    • Introductions & Housekeeping
    • 10. Configuration Management
    • 11. Managing access lists and firewall rules
    • 12. Compliance Reporting
    • 13. Network Security within a Virtualized Infrastructure
    • 14. Introduction to Athena FirePac
    • 15. Summary and Q&A
  • Housekeeping
    • Can you hear me now?
    • 16. If not, use the GoToWebinar Q&A panel to contact the moderator
    • 17. How do you ask questions?
    • 18. Will this thing be recorded?
  • Configuration Mgmt in a Nutshell
    • Managing configurations of:
    • 19. Routers, firewalls, switches, IDSs and other network infrastructure devices.
    • 20. Any CLI or menu driven device
    • 21. Tasks such as:
    • 22. Scheduled configuration backups
    • 23. Automated bulk config changes
    • 24. Real-time change detection and notification
    • 25. Compliance needs for:
    • 26. Policy management, verification, and remediation
    • 27. Log collection, alerting, and storage
  • 28. Key areas of focus for Config Mgmt
    • Access Control:
    • 29. ACL maintenance and audits
    • 30. Firewall rule management
    • 31. Compliance reporting
    • 32. Auditing and validation of public policy compliance
    • 33. Enforcement of private policies
    • 34. Remediation of variances
    • 35. Security in a virtualized environment
    • 36. Security policy enforcement and deployment
    • 37. Access control within virtual networks
  • 38. Configuration Management in Action
  • 39. Orion NCM + Athena FirePAC
    Rule/Object Cleanup
    Change Validation
    Advanced Query
    SolarWinds Orion NCM
    • Use default deny policy and reduce number of specific deny rules
    • 41. Use rules that are as specific as possible, no “ANY” rules
    • 42. Don’t multiply rules and objects unnecessarily
    • 43. Be aware of the impact of NAT control
    • 44. Use a stealth rule
    • 45. Prevent external access to the firewall
  • Rule/Object Cleanup
    • Remove all structurally redundant rules
    • 46. Monitor usage over time to identify unused rules
    • 47. Determine object usage per-rule and globally per object
    • 48. Document business reason for the rules
  • Advanced Query
    • What services are allowed to critical hosts
    • 49. What sources can reach critical hosts
    • 50. Does the firewall already implement a given policy
    • 51. Identify what rules/objects to modify to implement a change request
    • 52. What rules (ACL, NAT, route) implement a given policy
  • Summary and Q&A
    Thank you for attending!
    To learn more or to download free 30-day trials of
    SolarWinds products visit:
    For Athena products visit
    Contact information
    SolarWindsAthena Security
    Josh Stephens, Head Geek David Hurst, CTO
    Blog: Blog: