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Managed Service Provider Deployment Options for SolarWinds Network & Server Management Products


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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. 1Managed Service ProviderDeployment Options forSolarWinds® Network & ServerManagement Products© 2013, SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. All rights reserved.
  • 2. 2Are you a Managed Service Provider (MSP)?2Are you responsible for theIT operations of multiplebusinesses?MSP DEPLOYMENT OPTIONS FOR SERVER & APPLICATION MONITORImage courtesy of Microsoft
  • 3. 3SolarWinds Has Solutions For Your Problems» SolarWinds Software Saves You Time & Money Faster time to market for new managed service offerings with fasttime to deployment & out-of-the-box templates» SolarWinds Tools Are Easy-to-Use & Customize Provide custom application monitoring for your end-users Customize views for customers Enjoy access to the pre-integrated Orion® platform for server &network management products3MSP DEPLOYMENT OPTIONS FOR SERVER & APPLICATION MONITOR
  • 4. 4Server & Network Management tools onSolarWinds Orion Platform4VoIP &NetworkQualityManager(VNQM)WebPerformanceMonitor(WPM)User DeviceTracker(UDT)SolarWinds OrionPlatformIP AddressManager(IPAM)NetworkConfigurationManager(NCM)NetworkPerformanceMonitor(NPM)NetflowTrafficAnalyzer(NTA)Server &ApplicationMonitor(SAM)MSP DEPLOYMENT OPTIONS FOR SERVER & APPLICATION MONITOR
  • 5. 5Deployment Methods for MSPs5MSP DEPLOYMENT OPTIONS FOR SERVER & APPLICATION MONITORCentralized DeploymentDecentralized DeploymentHybrid Deployment
  • 6. 6Centralized Deployment6MSP DEPLOYMENT OPTIONS FOR SERVER & APPLICATION MONITORCentralized Deployment isbased on: A single, centrally-locatedSolarWinds server… Running Server &Application Monitor (orone or more of the otherproducts) and… Configured to monitor ormanage nodes remotely
  • 7. 7Centralized DeploymentThere are two ways remote nodes can be monitored from acentral server:» Connect Using WMI & SNMP Central server can connect directly to remote nodes using SimpleNetwork Management Protocol (SNMP) & Windows ManagementInstrumentation (WMI) For connecting to network devices – use SNMP For connecting to servers – use WMI• In case of connecting to a remote network via a VPN connection, useWMI/RPC (Remote Procedure Calls)Note: WMI connections for servers are complicated because of the dependencies onRPC. If the remote nodes are within the same enterprise, then RPC connectivity maynot be an issue, but RPC is rarely capable of traversing a firewall connectio.n7#1MSP DEPLOYMENT OPTIONS FOR SERVER & APPLICATION MONITOR
  • 8. 8Centralized Deployment» Deploy Pollers to Remote Sites Useful when there is a large number of nodes to be monitored on aremote network WMI & SNMP traffic gets offloaded Tasks can be performed locally &that can be relayed back to thecentral SolarWinds server• Information is sent directly to the SQL Server supporting the mainSolarWinds serverNote: This methodology is not well-suited to the MSP scenario, but may work wellwithin a single multi-site enterprise. Be aware of latency issues with the databasecommunication.8#2MSP DEPLOYMENT OPTIONS FOR SERVER & APPLICATION MONITOR
  • 9. 9Decentralized Deployment9MSP DEPLOYMENT OPTIONS FOR SERVER & APPLICATION MONITORDecentralizedDeployment Providesadvantages overthe CentralizedDeployment model Eliminates thechallenges involvedin supportingRPC/WMI or SQLtraffic over a site-to-site network
  • 10. 10Decentralized Deployment» Independent SolarWinds servers running Server &Application Monitor (or other products) are installed atremote sites» Enterprise Operations Console (EOC) is used to provide acentralized & aggregated view of individual remote sites» Customize the EOC on a per-operator basis. This ensuresoperators can have customized views to only the sites forwhich they’re responsible.» Filter EOC by a particular SolarWinds product in use NetAdmins may use Network Performance Monitor, NetworkConfiguration Monitor, IP Address Manager & NetFlow Traffic Analyzer SysAdmins may focus on Server & Application Monitor, VirtualizationManager or Patch Manager10MSP DEPLOYMENT OPTIONS FOR SERVER & APPLICATION MONITOR
  • 11. 11Hybrid ApproachChoose a hybrid approach if you have implementedmultiple SolarWinds products» Implement one or more products with a centralizedmodel & others with a distributed model» Leverage EOC & access any product11MSP DEPLOYMENT OPTIONS FOR SERVER & APPLICATION MONITOR
  • 12. 12Add Value to Your MSP Offerings» Our deployment models are clearly defined» All of our network & systems managementproducts are easy to deploy & simple to use» Seamlessly manage & monitor independentcustomer sitesMSPs should check our Managed Service Provider Software tolearn how SolarWinds can help you manage your customers andIT operations.12MSP DEPLOYMENT OPTIONS FOR SERVER & APPLICATION MONITOR
  • 13. 13Learn How SolarWinds® Server &Application Monitor Can HelpMSP DEPLOYMENT OPTIONS FOR SERVER & APPLICATION MONITOR
  • 14. 14Key Features & Benefits» Comprehensive Monitoring – SAM leverages out-of-the-box applicationmonitors for more than 150 applications» Remediation of Server Performance Issues – Monitor across servercritical resources including hardware health, operating systemperformance, service health, and process status» Dynamic Service Groups – Monitor and aggregate views of server andapplication groups by service, location, or department - making it easierto isolate where an issue is occurring» Real-Time Process Explorer – Gain valuable real-time insight into what’saffecting your servers performance» User Experience Monitors – SAM measures application performancefrom an end users perspective» Generate reports and receive alerts – When applications and servers areexperiencing downtime, you can receive customized reports and alerts14MSP DEPLOYMENT OPTIONS FOR SERVER & APPLICATION MONITOR
  • 15. 15Experience SolarWinds Server & ApplicationMonitor15MSP DEPLOYMENT OPTIONS FOR SERVER & APPLICATION MONITOR