Getting the most from your virtual infrastructure


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Whether you have a small or large virtual infrastructure, it's important to keep an eye on application performance and physical hardware health as well as performance, capacity planning, sprawl control for your virtual infrastructure.

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  • SAM - cover Breadth of out of the box coverage Expert knowledge for each template Grouping components to meaningful application group Virtual Infrastructure Performance Management Demo Dashboard and Alerts Mapping to find Resource Contention Performance Analyzer Virtual Infrastructure Capacity & Sprawl Management Demo Capacity Management Dashboard Capacity Trending & Alerts What-If Modeling VM Sprawl Dashboard Creating Application-Specific Performance Monitoring; Embed Virt Widget in Application Management Console Create Vman widget for specific application Show embedded VMan widget in SAM Example troubleshooting of app problem
  • Getting the most from your virtual infrastructure

    1. 1. Getting the Most from Your VirtualInfrastructure: How to Optimize Usageand SpendSolarWinds®© 2013 SOLARWINDS WORLDWIDE, LLC.ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
    2. 2. Welcome to Today’s Webinar!» Your Host Amrit Babu, Sales Engineer» Don’t Wait to Ask Questions This is an interactive presentation Feel free to interrupt and please ask away!© 2013 SOLARWINDS WORLDWIDE, LLC.ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
    3. 3. The Customer Engagement Initiative» Team is comprised of hand-picked, experienced professionals Understanding of your needs as a SolarWinds customer Team has the experience and focus required to understand yourobjectives, existing environment, and goals» Customer-only engagement opportunities Customer-only offers, trainings, webcasts, and more This is an example of one of our efforts We welcome your feedback and requestsContact us directly at© 2013 SOLARWINDS WORLDWIDE, LLC.ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
    4. 4. Overview» Companies are increasingly moving production applicationsinto their virtual environment» While the virtual infrastructure is increasingly robust, uniquechallenges remain» What’s needed to overcome these problems? Visibility Performance Management Optimization and Capacity Planning© 2013 SOLARWINDS WORLDWIDE, LLC.ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
    5. 5. Virtualized Application StackCPU Memory Storage I/O NetworkShared ResourcesVMware® ESX®/ESXi or Hyper-V®HostVM Kernel / HypervisorApplicationApplicationOperating SystemOperating SystemVMWhat could go wrong?•The Application could fail•The Operating System couldhave a performance issue•The VM and its resources canhave performance bottlenecks•The VM Host can encounterperformance problems•The Server Hardware canhave a faultUpDownApplicationApplicationOperating SystemOperating SystemVMApplicationApplicationOperating SystemOperating SystemVMHardwareStatus ofvirtualizedinfrastructureHardware Hardware© 2013 SOLARWINDS WORLDWIDE, LLC.ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
    6. 6. Pain Point: Shared Resources CreateContention» Storage – Most difficult to diagnose from a system level Why? - Visibility in storage vendor tools is poor.• You need deep visibility into the array, analyzing the performance at everylevel (array, controller, RAID group, LUN and disk)» Is the physical server, ESX/Hyper-V host, or VM hoggingstorage bandwidth or other resources? Drill down immediately and map it to your physical storage Look across the infrastructure to see what else is impacted and identifyavailable capacity to leverage for a quick migration» Shared Infrastructure -CPU, Memory, Networkand Storage© 2013 SOLARWINDS WORLDWIDE, LLC.ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
    7. 7. SANOSVMAppOSVMAppOSVMAppOSVMAppHypervisorPhysical ServerVirtualNICVirtualHBAVirtualNICVirtualHBAVirtualNICVirtualHBAVirtualNICVirtualHBAHBANICOSVMAppOSVMAppOSVMAppOSVMAppHypervisorPhysical ServerVirtualNICVirtualHBAVirtualNICVirtualHBAVirtualNICVirtualHBAVirtualNICVirtualHBAHBA NICEnd-to-end mapping from VM-to-spindle allows you to quicklydiagnose bottlenecks, identify resource hogs, and properly allocateand manage your CPU, memory & storage.* Source: Storage Switzerland© 2013 SOLARWINDS WORLDWIDE, LLC.ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
    8. 8. “Normal” I/O Patterns are Disrupted by VirtualizationVM-1 VM-2 VM-3 VM-4 VM-5…As VMs multiply,customers begin to seean “I/O Blender” effectreplacing traditional,predictable I/O patterns.With virtualization,these new datastreams blendtogether to createnew I/O dynamicsand hot spots.1 0 1 1 10 1 0 0 01 0 0 1 01 1I/O I/O I/OI/OI/O© 2013 SOLARWINDS WORLDWIDE, LLC.ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
    9. 9. Capacity Planning and Optimization» Understand how many workloads you can fit.» Understand if applications requests can be supported.» Determine if eliminating one bottleneck will expose another.» Is it a compute/server/VM or storagecapacity problem?» Understand when you will run out ofresources and when you need to buymore.© 2013 SOLARWINDS WORLDWIDE, LLC.ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
    10. 10. Sprawl SignsDISKVMs OFF orSuspendedDISKVMs Powered ON – not beingaccessed - ZombiesCPU MEMThinProvisioningApp LicensesDISKDISKDISKUnchecked Snapshots“Orphaned” FilesDISK© 2013 SOLARWINDS WORLDWIDE, LLC.ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
    11. 11. DemoMeet SolarWinds Server & Application MonitorSolarWinds Virtual Manager© 2013 SOLARWINDS WORLDWIDE, LLC.ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
    13. 13. Thank You For Attending!To get a direct download, ask questionsabout your environment and more:customersales@solarwinds.comp.s. Remember to renew yourmaintenance!The SOLARWINDS and SOLARWINDS & Design marks are the exclusive property of SolarWindsWorldwide, LLC, are registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, and may be registeredor pending registration in other countries. All other SolarWinds trademarks, service marks, andlogos may be common law marks, registered or pending registration in the United States or inother countries. All other trademarks mentioned herein are used for identification purposes onlyand may be or are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.© 2013 SOLARWINDS WORLDWIDE, LLC.ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.