Flexible CIGS PV: Past, Present, and Future


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A quick introduction to the development of lightweight, flexible, high performance CIGS solar technology at Ascent Solar. The unique value proposition of these product enables innovative design and integration solutions for novel applications in rapidly growing niche markets.

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  • The key take-away from the presentation will be this: Traditional photovoltaic technologies severely limit design options. The next generation of flexible products, from companies such as Ascent, enable a wide variety of innovative solar solutions.The value proposition for flexible technologies (next slide)
  • First Gen:Modern silicon solar cell demonstrated by Bell Labs in 1954Second Gen: Thin film solar technologies developing in the late 60’sThird Gen: The next generation of organic and dye sensitized technologies are, for the most part, not yet ready for commercialization
  • Monolithic integration is an in situ process for creating cell units from the photovoltaic material
  • worldwide mobile communications industry
  • Flexible CIGS PV: Past, Present, and Future

    1. 1. Photovoltaic Europe 2010<br />13/4/2010<br />Flexible CIGS PV: Past, Present, and Future<br />
    2. 2. <ul><li>Founded: 2005 (technology development ITNES)
    3. 3. Location: Thornton, CO USA
    4. 4. Technology: CIGS (flexible, plastic substrate)
    5. 5. Efficiency: Verified 10%+ (NREL)
    6. 6. Product: Lightweight and Flexible modules
    7. 7. Status: Commercial production; ramping capacity
    8. 8. Markets: Consumer Products</li></ul> Transportation Solutions<br /> Defense Applications<br /> Building Integrated <br />Ascent Solar » Company Overview<br />
    9. 9. Traditional solar technology in glass modules<br />define the industry brand: the “Blue Square”<br />Positive: Energy Independence, Sustainability, <br /> Job Creation Climate Awareness, Clean Energy, etc.<br />Negative: Heavy, Rigid, Limited Aesthetic<br /> Expensive, etc.<br />“Blue Square” solar severely limits design and integration options<br />Flexible CIGS » Re-defining the PV Brand<br />Blue Square<br />Ascent Solar is moving beyond the “Blue Square” by providing innovative products that enable the next wave of solar solutions<br />
    10. 10. Flexible CIGS » Value Proposition<br />High Power<br />Flexibility<br />Lightweight<br />Low Profile<br />
    11. 11. Historic CIGS » Best Research-Cell Efficiencies<br />Crystalline Si CellsSingle crystalMulticrystallineThin Si<br />Thin Film TechnologiesCu(In,Ga)Se2CdTeAmorphous Si:H (stabilized)<br />Emerging PVOrganic cells<br />UNSW<br />UNSW<br />24<br />UNSW<br />UNSW<br />UNSW<br />Stanford<br />Spire<br />UNSW<br />Georgia Tech<br />ARCO<br />20<br />NREL<br />Sharp<br />Georgia Tech<br />NREL<br />NREL<br />16<br />UniversitySo. Florida<br />NREL<br />Efficiency (%)<br />NREL<br />AstroPower<br />Euro-CIS<br />Boeing<br />Solarex<br />ARCO<br />Boeing<br />Kodak<br />12<br />UnitedSolar<br />Boeing<br />AMETEK<br />Masushita<br />United Solar<br />AstroPower<br />Kodak<br />Boeing<br />8<br />Monosolar<br />Photon<br />Energy<br />RCA<br />Solarex<br />University California<br />Berkeley<br />Boeing<br />Princeton <br />University<br />of Maine<br />4<br />RCA<br />RCA<br />UniversityKonstanz<br />RCA<br />RCA<br />RCA<br />NREL<br />RCA<br />0<br />2000<br />1995<br />1990<br />1985<br />1980<br />1975<br />SRC: Best Research-Cell Efficiencies ; NREL<br />
    12. 12. <ul><li>ITN Energy Systems formed
    13. 13. Monolithic integration /CIGS on plasticdemonstrated
    14. 14. Begin construction of Fab2 and new world headquarters
    15. 15. 10.4% efficiency reached at commercial production, verified by NREL
    16. 16. Intelligent processing demonstrated
    17. 17. Norsk Hydro strategic relationship
    18. 18. $61mm secondary offering completed
    19. 19. Ascent Solar completes IPO
    20. 20. Flexible CIGSdemonstrated</li></ul>2007<br />1990<br />1994<br />2008<br />1999<br />2005<br />2009<br /><ul><li>Thin-film PV development begins at Martin Marietta Aerospace
    21. 21. Fab1 production line completed
    22. 22. Ascent Solar spun off from ITN Energy Systems
    23. 23. Begin receiving equipment in Fab2
    24. 24. Roll-to-roll CIGS demonstrated
    25. 25. Pre-production testing facility operational (10-12% cell efficiencies)
    26. 26. Fab1 manufacturing line begins commercial production</li></ul>Historic CIGS » ITN / Ascent Development<br />
    27. 27. Technology<br /> » Manufacturing Process<br />Thin-Film Roll-to-roll Deposition Process<br />Material Stack<br />Module Manufacturing and Encapsulation Incorporating Monolithic Integration Techniques<br />
    28. 28. Technology » Monolithic Integration<br />Discrete Process<br />Deposition on a conductive material<br />Cut material into discrete units<br />“Shingle” cells and assemble module<br />Monolithic Process<br />Deposition on a insolating material<br />Laser scribe: does not cut substrate<br />Screen print leaves complete module;<br />No Assembly Required<br />
    29. 29. Development » Roll to Roll Production<br />
    30. 30. Development » CIGS<br />R&D Toolset<br /><ul><li> Static Process
    31. 31. Distinct deposition chambers </li></ul>Pilot Toolset<br /><ul><li> Moving Web
    32. 32. Roll to roll</li></ul>Fab 1<br /><ul><li> Industrial equipment
    33. 33. Intelligent process controls</li></li></ul><li>Development » Monolithic Integration<br />Pilot Toolset<br /><ul><li> Distinct equipment
    34. 34. Proof of concept</li></ul>Fab 1<br /><ul><li> Automated equipment
    35. 35. High throughput</li></li></ul><li>Enabling Solutions<br /><ul><li>Custom Modules</li></ul>Roll Products<br /><ul><li>Charging Modules</li></ul>The unique value proposition enables premium end applications<br />
    36. 36. Value Proposition » Consumer Products <br />Higher power and voltage density<br />Drop resistant (No Glass)<br />A fraction the weigh of crystalline<br />Integrates into a variety of products<br />
    37. 37. Value Proposition » Defense Applications<br />Lightweight enables portable solutions<br />Excellent power density<br />Voltages match battery ecosystem<br />Ruggedized per military specs<br />
    38. 38. Value Proposition » Transportation Solutions <br />Low profile, minimal air resistance<br />Does not add significant weight to vehicle<br />Conforms to shape of the vehicle body<br />Significant power given constrained space<br />
    39. 39. Value Proposition » Building Integrated<br />Flexibility enables design options<br />Does not add significant weight<br />Dual value in shading application<br />Qualifies for BIPV feed-in tariffs<br />
    40. 40. Markets » Solar Mobile Phone Opportunity<br />Usage growing significantly in the developing world<br /><ul><li>4.3-billion mobile phone users globally
    41. 41. Most of the next billion users will be in emerging markets</li></ul>Access to power for charging a challenge<br /><ul><li>2.6-billion people have limited or no daily access to electricity </li></ul>Significant incentive for operators to solve charging challenge<br /><ul><li>The expected increase in direct revenues to operators (from charging solutions) total US$2.3-billion per year
    42. 42. “60% of mobile operators surveyed already have off-grid charging initiatives or are investigating off-grid charging solutions.”</li></ul>Solar accepted as viable solution<br /><ul><li>ZTE (Coral-200), HTW (S116), Samsung (Blue Earth & Crest E1107)
    43. 43. Safaricom reports selling 100,000 units into Kenya alone</li></ul>SRC: Various including UNDP, MoniBasu (CNN), GSMA; Green Power for Mobile: Charging Choices, GSMA; 20/10/2009<br />
    44. 44. Markets » Flexible BIPV Opportunity<br />Product Revenue ($-millions)<br />CAGR: 34%<br />SRC: Building Integrated Markets, 2009 and Beyond; August 2009; NanoMarkets, LLC. <br />
    45. 45. Summary<br />Traditional “Blue Square” solar severely limits design options<br />Flexible CIGS enable the next wave of solar solutions<br />Flexible, Lightweight, and High Power solar products have a unique value proposition in multiple premium applications<br />These applications encompass significant market opportunities<br />
    46. 46. Daniel Tomlinson<br />Senior Sales Executive<br />DT@AscentSolar.com<br />Thank You<br />