Barrier Electric Commercial Solar


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An intro to our renewable energy service offerings.

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Barrier Electric Commercial Solar

  1. 1. A Related Service Partner of BarrierElectric Electricity generated by the power of the sun SUN GEN sun… Celebrating 50 years in business &  8 Mega Watts of Solar Installed in NJ! Andrew Hamilton Business Development/Commercial Solar Mobile: 201 376 5489 201.376.5489 Office: 201.823.2542
  2. 2. Our Key Differentiators: Our Key Differentiators: We can provide performance bonding on any project that we undertake! We can provide performance bonding on any project that we undertake! NY/NJ Port Authority & NJ Transit Active Qualified Vendors. We’re a Licensed NJ Electrical Contractor  ‐ In business for 50 years. Have successfully installed thousands of Solar Panels! We employ a professional, highly trained workforce. Numerous projects and references that we’re proud to share with you. There’s very few solar/electric companies that can say all that! Th ’ f l / l ti i th t ll th t!
  3. 3. Contractor Details Contractor Details • Headquartered in Bayonne, NJ since 1960. • Performance Bonding available for all projects. • NY/NJ Port Authority & NJ Transit Active Qualified Vendors. • Installed over 8 Mega Watts of PV in the last seven years. • Unique access to proven solar technologies, manpower & expertise,  enabling solutions that match client needs. • Operations & Maintenance of Systems is a Specialty. • Full service engineering & design, project management, and project  Full service engineering & design project management and project finance all “In House”. • Lighting Retrofit, Energy Efficiency, Service Upgrades and complete  commercial roofing services are also available.
  4. 4. Some Recently  Completed Projects: l d • FEDEX R it C t Edi FEDEX, Raritan Center, Edison  NJ 2 42MW NJ 2.42MW  • Rutgers College, Piscataway NJ 1.35MW • Woodbridge Community Ctr NJ 493.35kW 1MW = 5,000 Solar/Photovoltaic Panels (Approx) Zero Downtime Rule • Focusing on large‐scale commercial and institutional clients, Focusing on large scale commercial and institutional clients,  we have built a solid reputation for managing complex projects  with zero downtime and no disruption to our client’s everyday  operations.
  5. 5. FEDEX Ground FEDEX Ground “Our commitment to our customers and the communities in which we operate extends far  beyond delivering packages on time and intact,” said David F. Rebholz, president and CEO  y gp g , ,p of FedEx Ground. “We want to reduce energy use and shrink our carbon footprint. This  project is a giant step forward in those efforts!”
  6. 6. Rutgers College Rutgers College “We believe this project will serve as a model that other institutions can emulate,” said  Rutgers president Richard L. McCormick. The solar energy farm should save Rutgers  $200,000 in its first year of operation, with annual savings going up to $300,000 over 15  $200 000 i it fi t f ti ith l i i t $300 000 15 years, according to the university.
  7. 7. Woodbridge  Community Center C it C t “The solar panel installation at the Community Center is used to heat and cool the  building year ‘round, heat the swimming pool, freeze the ice on the skating rink, power  the many exercise and physical fitness machines and equipment, and generally provide  the many exercise and physical fitness machines and equipment and generally provide power to the facility.” Mayor McCormac
  8. 8. Ownership &  Financing Options We offer several different forms of ownership: Roof Lease: -Client receives revenue -Solar system becomes another “tenant” Power Purchase Agreement – PPA: -Client receives a reduced electricity rate -Bragging rights of “Going Green” -Hedge against unknown utility rate i H d i t k tilit t increases Direct Ownership: -Owner of the system claims all of the benefits & Incentives All types of leases: -Depending upon client requirements Hybrid Off i H b id Offerings: -Numerous options that can be custom tailored to meet specific client needs.
  9. 9. Operations & Maintenance Operations & Maintenance Key Highlights of Our Annual Maintenance Plan: • Review of physical condition and electrical status Review of physical condition and electrical status.  • Conductor service including visual inspection, torque check and  status.  • Inverter service including torque checking wire connections and Inverter service including torque checking, wire connections and  cleaning filters.  • Test for ground continuity and overall system safety.  • Cleaning of the array. g y • Inspect & recalibration of monitoring systems as required. Of course we have several variations of the service plans that we offer. We can even tailor an agreement to meet specific client needs…
  10. 10. Our Process: Our Process: 1. Perform an in depth feasibility assessment to determine the best solution for your organization 2. Design a realistic project that meets or exceeds all required engineering & incentive programs 3. Engage our commercial roofer to determine if any roofing items need to be addressed 4. 4 P id a detailed written fixed price proposal with approximate start & completion d t Provide d t il d itt fi d i l ith i t t t l ti dates 5. Facilitate all incentives and permit procedures 6. Procure all required system components in a standard EPC fashion 7. 7 Professionally manage the project every step of the way 8. Always keep the client and key stake holders abreast of the progress and current situation 9. Commission the system and prepare for project close out 10. Turn over the professionally completed, p j p y p , project ready to p y perform trouble free, for y , years to come
  11. 11. Solar/PV: • With Federal, state and local solar rebates, you can save up to 50% off the total cost of your  Solar/PV system. S l /PV t • System paybacks in as little as 4.5 years in some cases and a great IRR/ROI • Super efficient panels with solid warranties • Helps reduce your electric bill and also helps the environment • Generates SRECs (renewable energy certificates that you can sell ‐ $$$) This is the time to go solar ‐ call now… hi i h i l ll We will walk you painlessly through the process.
  12. 12. Roofing:  A very important piece of the project. • We’ve recognized that roofing has historically been a major stumbling block to solar projects in  g g y j g p j NJ.  Through our hands‐on industry experience and contacts, we’ve removed that “barrier” to the  successful completion of solar projects. • Solar panels are going to perform for over 20 years, if the roof only has a couple of years left,  then what? then what? • Our roofing services carry a warranty that runs concurrent with the solar panel warranties, which  is a very important aspect of our installations. • Of course, if you’ve recently had your roof redone, we can work hand in hand with your roofing  Of if ’ l h d f d kh di h d i h fi contractor, to ensure that we keep or enhance the existing warranty as needed. •Peace of mind with a warranty from a solid company •Peace of mind with a warranty from a solid company •No worries for years to come •No need to remove the system to redo the roof in a couple of years
  13. 13. Lighting Retrofit: Lighting Retrofit: Commercial Building Energy Consumption g gy p • Lighting fixtures consume the largest amount of electric  energy in commercial buildings, three times the energy  consumption of air conditioning.  p g • We’re able to provide a comprehensive energy audit to  identify what fixtures should be replaced • We’re also able to handle the paperwork & explain the  We re also able to handle the paperwork & explain the payback – which can be in as little as 12 months!
  14. 14. Energy Efficiency: Energy Efficiency: • The Time for Energy Efficiency Retrofits is Now! • Cut Energy Use, Reduce Carbon Emissions, Achieve Efficiencies while Enhancing Corporate  Sustainability • Government Incentives May Help to Pay For Retrofitting • The energy implications facing your organization today are out of control, but we can help. • you must become more sustainable, • you must reduce your carbon footprint, and  • you must cut back on power usage and become energy efficient. These Are Not Options.  These Are Necessities. Be Energy Efficient or Loose the Consumer’s Respect!
  15. 15. Are you prepared to leverage  stimulus money to your advantage?  Government Action and Performance Incentives Government Action and Performance Incentives • The American Clean Energy and Security  (ACES) Act was passed in early 2009. It  contains millions upon millions of dollars in the  form of grants and energy efficiency  improvement incentives. A massive flow of  improvement incentives. A massive flow of money is heading into business community.
  16. 16. We Handle Everything! We Handle Everything!
  17. 17. Summary: • Performance Bonding Available for All Projects • Licensed NJ Electrical Contractor for 50 years • A Proven 7 Year Track Record in Solar/PV • NY/NJ Port Authority & NJ Transit Active Qualified Vendors. • Operations & Maintenance of Systems is a Specialty. • All Design/Installation Work Done “In House” • Single Source Responsibility/One Stop Shop • Roofing Services to Support System Installation
  18. 18. Next Steps: Next Steps: If you’ve just been considering a “Renewable Project”, or you already have  a sustainability plan in place, we’d love to work with you either way. Please give me a call or send an email today, so that we can: • Discuss possible projects & accompanying economic analysis • Do our best to get all of your questions answered • Provide many satisfied references P id ti fi d f • Set an appointment to visit some jobsites… • When you’d like to take the next step in “Going Green”, we’re here to help! • Thank you. Thank you Andrew Hamilton Become Energy Efficient or  Business Development/Commercial Solar Mobile: 201 376 5489 201.376.5489 Loose the Consumer’s Respect! L th C ’ R t! Office: 201.823.2542