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Launching Super W

  1. 1. Launching Super W Super W London Super W send a wish Super W 3 Perch Street London E8 2EG United Kingdom
  2. 2. Jan 2008 The Book_The Story of Super W The Story of Super W * Once when I was in the temple, people tried not to wish, and tried not to want to have anything. They were strongly training themselves. I was confused. I was more wondering about the world outside. I wanted to know what people think and what they are looking for. Actually I wanted to know what kinds of things I should think about. One day I decided to ask to the people about their wishes directly. I decided that I will think about their wishes. We will solve them together.
  3. 3. Jan 2008 Entrance LONDON SW7 2EU Super W sent fifty letters which have three letters inside. There were No Replies at all. And, he had to go out.
  4. 4. Feb 2008 Launching Super W Super W Against all the superheroes, Unexpected things happened Super W did not have a special power. while he is in the garment to him and to the people. The Only speical power he seems to have was he could see both ways. He was armed with a rear-view video camera and wish questionnaires. Therefore he could see where people were heading for. *Inspired by Tim Burton, Stain Boy *Super Garment: Video Camera inside, Collaboration with Jasper Sinchai Chadprajong
  5. 5. Apr 2008 The Film_Super W London what do you wish right here right now?
  6. 6. Mar 2008 Anonymous Meetings Anonymous Meetings This place is filled with temporary people, and this fact leads to anonymous meetings everyday on the street. the only thing they know about each other is from the moment’s experience. There is no concept about each other. Without any concept about each other, this meeting can be lead to true relationship. This is really good thing about this place. I wish we would communicate more perhaps with the help or anonymity. *Super W Made of the people who he met
  7. 7. Mar 2008 Wish Collection *Collected Wishes from SW7 2EU London
  8. 8. Apr 2008 Missing Object Strangers’ wishes could be passed to others’ hands.
  9. 9. Apr 2008 Missing Object Fifty blue teddy bears had fifty different wishes marked on them. They could not escape from each other. They always pulled each other. 4 year old girl *Teddy Bears: Made of Natural dyed cotton, Magnets inside Teddy Bears’ hands and feet
  10. 10. Apr 2008 Missing Object
  11. 11. May 2008 Missing Object The Old lady was waiting for a bus reading the Evening Standard. Here carrier was filled with M&S food. The Sun was strong and the street was quiet. She had same glasses as my grandmothers’. I went to talk to her, and the bus came. She let the first bus leave. she wishes for better years. She said she always had same wish The Old Lady “wish for better years” living in Fulham *Pillows: Pure cotton, Letter Press, Ink
  12. 12. May 2008 Missing Object
  13. 13. May 2008 Missing Object I met him in South Kensington Station. He was selling newspapers. I was giving him my letter asking what he wishes. The first time, he was not interested in it and he really did not want to talk to me. The second time I was giving him the invitation letter for my exhibition with my questions. He said he does not have time to go there. I went to talk to him again. This was the third try. He said he comes here everyday from Kent. He said it takes almost two and half hour and he is tired. He said Newspaper Salesman he has got no wishes. He did not say much. Every morning in Souhkensington Station I pass South Kensington Station and I could buy papers from him. He gave me couple of free books. He is not there anymore. I don’t know where he is. After three months, I saw him again. He broke his leg and could not come out. But he said he is okay now. This is the mug for him. I put people’s wishes inside the mug. Then he can drink the wishes everyday. *Mug: Collected Three Earthenware Mugs, Gold letters inside the mugs
  14. 14. May 2008 Missing Object
  15. 15. Jun 2008
  16. 16. + Super W + So Hyun Kim +44 (0)7800 908154
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