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Software testing with Rational Teamtest

Software testing with Rational Teamtest






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    Software testing with Rational Teamtest Software testing with Rational Teamtest Presentation Transcript

    • Software testing with Rational Teamtest Ashish Soni Lecturer, ITP [email_address]
    • Outline
      • Miscellaneous testing facts
      • What is software testing?
      • Why do we test?
      • What methods and tools are available to test applications
      • Demo
      • Future
      • Conclusion and questions
    • Interesting facts
      • Recent studies show that :
        • C++ : 25% more defects than C
        • A OO C++ defect takes 2-3 times as long to debug regardless of defect complexity
        • Inheritance engenders 6 times more defects
        • Java: multi-threading and inheritance: nearly impossible to write correctly and worse to test!!
        • No of lines of code in applications growing rapidly, e.g. Windows 3.1 – Windows XP
    • What is software testing?
      • Finding out If something works or not
      • Determine if overall objectives are being met
      • Testing involves operation of a system or application under controlled conditions and evaluating the results
    • Software Testing
      • Testing is the feedback mechanism in the software development process.
      • It tells you where corrections need to be made to stay on course at any given iteration of a development effort. It also tells you the current quality of the system being developed
    • Why do we need to test?
      • Real life examples:
        • First US mission to Venus failed
          • (Reason: missing comma in a FORTRAN do loop)
        • Australia: Man jailed because of computer glitch. He was jailed for traffic fine although he had paid it 5 years ago
        • June 1996: Ariane-5 space rocket, self-destruction, $500 million.
        • (reason: reuse of software from Ariane-4 without recommended testing)
    • Why testing?
      • Software is never correct no matter what development technique is used
      • Any software must be verified
      • Important to control the quality of the product
      • Very expensive:
        • In a lot of cases 50% of development costs
    • Software quality
      • Software quality can be measured across 4 dimensions
      • Reliability
      • Functionality
      • Application performance
      • System performance
    • Software development era
      • Over the past decade software development has changed radically
      • Client server era – annual releases of new versions of products
      • We also knew how many users we had since all users were employees
      • If system went down it could be restored from backup or orders were taken manually
    • E-business
      • The big change right now is E-business Which includes e-commerce and ERP
      • Business process automated using the web.
      • Users are customers and not Employees!!
      • We cant send a broadcast to users saying “don’t login for one hour until we reboot the system” 
      • Lost customers = Lost Revenue ~ bankruptcy
      • This makes testing very important.
    • Release checklist
      • Does the application operate without crashing, hanging or causing exceptions?
      • Does it meet your business requirements?
      • Has it been tested thoroughly to meet the demands of your customers?
      • Can you track your progress against requirements, defects and other metrics?
      • Does everyone on the team have the same critical testing information?
    • Methodologies of testing
      • Glass box Testing
      • White box Testing
      • Structural Testing
      • All three methodologies involve testing internal code structures, loops etc.
    • Methodologies
      • Black box and functional testing
        • Involves testing functionality of the application, interfaces etc.
    • Web application testing methodologies
      • Performance
      • Functional
      • reliability
    • Rational Team test
      • Suite of tools to automate the testing process
      • Provides tools for
        • Functional testing
        • Performance testing
        • Test case management
        • Defect Tracking and change requests
    • Rational Team test
      • Major tools in test suite:
        • Rational Test Manager: Used to Manage all test activities:
          • Planning
          • Design
          • Development
          • Execution
          • analysis
        • Rational Robot: used to develop and execute functional tests for your windows and web applications
    • Rational Team Test
      • Rational Administrator:
        • Used to create and manage rational projects
      • Rational Clearquest:
        • Used to track any kind of change activity associated with software development, these include enhancement requests, defect report etc.
    • Rational Team Test
      • Rational Quality Architect:
        • Used to test middleware components built using EJB and com.
        • Virtual testing : scalability and workload , server response times
        • Functional and performance testing
    • Rational Team Test
      • Site Check
        • Used to manage internet and intranet websites
    • Installation and Setup guidelines
      • Standard Install
      • Build and setup examples provided with team test
      • Create a Project in Rational Administrator and associate various artifacts with the project
    • Create Project
    • Project Artifacts
    • Create Test Data Store
    • Create Clearquest DB
      • You can use any of the Database below
        • Microsoft access
        • Microsoft SQL server
        • Oracle
      • Choice of DB depends on number of users of application
      • Pre-requisite: the Database has to be created before it can be associated
    • Contd..
    • Project status and details
    • Rational Test manager
      • Once project has been created we are now ready to create test plans and test cases
      • You can associate test plans and test cases with your requirements
    • Testing phases in RUP
      • 5 testing steps in RUP:
        • Planning – involves Test Plans
        • Designing – involves Test cases
        • Implementing – involves scriptst
        • executing
        • evaluating
    • Testing lifecycle
    • Test Manager
    • Create a Test Plan
    • Contd..
    • Create test case folder
    • Contd..
    • Configure Test case folder
    • Contd..
    • Create Test Case
    • Contd.
    • Contd..
    • Test cases
      • For each Test case you can:
        • Associate iteration
        • Associate configuration
        • Select manual or automated implementation
        • If automated then you can select appropriate test script
        • Specify pre and post conditions
        • Specify acceptance criteria
    • Test Case properties
    • Execute tests
      • You can execute test cases from Test Manager by selecting the “Run” option.
    • Contd.
    • Test manager
      • Lots more you can do with Test Manager!!
      • Execute other Rational applications
      • Please read documentation on rational CD.
    • Rational Robot
      • Set of components for automating the testing of windows client /server and internet applications
      • Can record and playback:
        • GUI scripts: functional testing
        • VU scripts: performance testing
      • Proprietary language used to write scripts
      • Can use java or visual basic to write custom scripts
    • Rational Robot
    • Advanced Features
      • Performance testing using “virtual test” agents deployed on several client machines
      • Accepting test inputs from datapools : this requires knowledge of sqabasic language
      • Please refer to Rational documentation on CD for language details
    • Rational Site Check
      • Internet and intranet website testing
      • Checks for broken links, structure etc
      • Can deploy website to target destination using Site check
    • Demo
    • Contd..
    • Other Rational Tools
      • Rational test Factory – used to automatically detect bugs
      • Quality architect – EJB and COM testing
    • Current issues
      • In addition to reliability and functionality software has to be secure!
      • Various hacks are made possible because of poor programming practices and inadequate testing (e.g buffer overflow)
      • Most hacked software : Microsoft IIS 
      • Shorter deadlines
      • Bug fixes open up new weaknesses in software
    • Secure Programming Practices
      • Building Secure software – Addison wesley
      • www.shmoo.com – very good secure programming guidelines
    • Additional resources
      • www.rational.com
      • Getting the most from your automated testing tool ( article rational edge magazine)
      • Automated Testing – silver bullet? ( article rational edge magazine)
    • Did you know that:
      • Software testing consultants cost!
        • Junior level test engineer: $80 - $100 (1-2 yrs of experience)
        • Medium level test engineer - $100 - $150/ hr
        • Senior level test engineer : $150- $300/hour
      • If testing for security these figures go even higher
    • Questions??