Process-Driven SAP Management for successful SAP Projects
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Process-Driven SAP Management for successful SAP Projects



A Ferramenta Aris for SAP auxilia a acelerar o desenho, documentação e otimização de seus processos SAP para atingir a Excelência em Processos de Negócios mais rápido. ...

A Ferramenta Aris for SAP auxilia a acelerar o desenho, documentação e otimização de seus processos SAP para atingir a Excelência em Processos de Negócios mais rápido.
As soluções Software AG o ajuda a diminuir a distância entre TI e o negócio, além de estabelecer uma ligação direta entre o desenho de processos de seu negócio e as funções SAP relacionadas a ele.
• Reutilização de plano de negócios para gerar estruturas para a configuração detalhada e os requisitos para cenário teste
• Opções de análise com relatórios personalizados
• Formação de pessoal com orientação a processos e não apenas aplicações



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Process-Driven SAP Management for successful SAP Projects Process-Driven SAP Management for successful SAP Projects Presentation Transcript

  • ©2013 Software AG. All rights reserved.Gilberto MiyakePreSales ConsultantApril 2013Process-Driven SAPManagement…for successful SAPProjects
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  • ©2013 Software AG. All rights reserved.3 |What is Business Process Analysis?• Software AGs BPA Solution is ideal for organizationsthat want to document, analyze, standardize, andimprove and implement their processes• This all-in-one solution helps YOU to:Define the corporate strategy and map itto business processesDesign and analyze as-is processesCollaborate across stakeholders to build best practice-processes guided by strong process governanceRoll-out standardized and improved to-be processesSpread process knowledge throughout the organizationand beyondSupport standard software implementation, e.g. SAP
  • ©2013 Software AG. All rights reserved.4 |How Customers Use Business Process Analysis?Generic use cases● Process Transformation● Process-driven SAPManagement● Change Management● BPM GovernanceIndustry-specific use cases● Unbundling (Utilities Industry)● Compliance (PharmaceuticalsIndustry)
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  • ©2013 Software AG. All rights reserved.6 |Road to successful SAP projects= Process-driven SAP Management
  • ©2013 Software AG. All rights reserved.7 |Customers Business Values Achieved by BusinessProcess Analysis and Process-Driven SAP Management• Increase Process Agility• Achieve Business Transparency• Reduce Implementation Times• Increase Efficiency• Enhance Quality
  • ©2013 Software AG. All rights reserved.8 |Achieved end-to-endcontrol of all ourbusiness processesBusiness Values - Increase Process AgilityRollout savings ofapproximately 30% perprojectReached twice as fastorder confirmationAgile reaction to changing market and businessenvironment● Fast adjustment to business model changes● Business agility depends on process agility● Flexibility is essential to stay competitive
  • ©2013 Software AG. All rights reserved.9 |Transparent view onglobal FI/ CO businessand SAP ERP solutionBusiness Values - Achieve Business TransparencyImproved process andIT system transparencyARIS is the single pointof truth for OcésprocessesBusiness transparency is the basis for BPA● Leads to reduced costs● Achieves standardization● Increases customer satisfaction● Simplifies IT implementation
  • ©2013 Software AG. All rights reserved.10 |Process reusability reducedprocess documentationtimes, resulting in lowercostsBusiness Values - Reduce Implementation TimesReduced number ofvariations for certainprocesses by as much as 30%SAP implementationprojects are up to 20 - 25% fasterFaster time to market and value● Reduce the design time for new processes byreusing existing best practice processes● Collaboratively share content in a commonrepository● Employ easy to use tools and commonstandards● Communicate via a process portal
  • ©2013 Software AG. All rights reserved.11 |Effort reduction for thelaunch of new products(up to 30%)Business Values - Increase EfficiencyFaster testing andtraining to acceleraterollouts20% reduction of ITrunning costsEfficient use of resources and cost reduction● Improve the performance of your processesby analyzing and simulating them● Remove bottlenecks● Identify and remove waste and duplication● Make best use of resources● Look for automation opportunities
  • ©2013 Software AG. All rights reserved.12 |BPA as foundation forimplementation andtestingBusiness Values – Enhance QualityOptimization ofproduction andproduction planningReduced total costs ofownership of IT solutionsand operational costsImproved quality of processes and IT● Better definition of processes● Avoidance of systems breaks● Better communication within departmentsand among employees● Better knowledge of the processes within thecompany● Improve the quality of IT systems
  • ©2013 Software AG. All rights reserved.13 |Process-Driven SAP Management supports thecomplete SAP project lifecycle in all projecttypes
  • ©2013 Software AG. All rights reserved.14 |Rollout savings ofapproximately 30% perprojectProcess-driven SAP Management at a glanceProcess documentationtimes and costs for SAPprojects reducedSAP implementationand testing● SAP business process design incl. redocumentation● Bi-directional exchange of processes & SAP-relateddocumentation and blueprint data● Process-driven testing of SAP solutions● Global process and project communication with publishing● Strong SAP Solution Expertise & Partnership
  • ©2013 Software AG. All rights reserved.15 |Strategy & Project PreparationSaves time and insuresquality of the SAPSolutionEnables transparencyof existing SAP systemsand processesFast transition of theprocess landscape tooptimized SAP standardFlexible design and management of SAP processesRedocumentation of running SAP solutions based onBPR or IPR contentFoundation for scoping & to-be designShows SAP enterprise structure, organizational unitsand document typesExtraction and representation of customizations,objects and modifications in dashboardSAP Tuning and detection of potential for costreduction
  • ©2013 Software AG. All rights reserved.16 |Jumpstart your SAP Project with a RedocumentationRedocumentation results To-be process definition
  • ©2013 Software AG. All rights reserved.17 |• Increase production capacity• Calculated project payback times varyfrom one to three years• Decrease in total cost of ownership ofIT solutions• Lower operational costs via reuse ofprocess knowledge• Faster testing and training to speedrolloutsCustomer Success Story: SABICChemicals Process-Driven SAP Implementation & RedocumentationISSUE: SAP Redocumentation forImplementationChemicals Intermediates PolymersFertilizersMetals“ARIS Redocumentation provided in a very shorttime a solid base for managing our SAPEnterprise model by providing transparentand reusable models”.
  • ©2013 Software AG. All rights reserved.18 |Process-Driven BlueprintCosts Reduction ofefforts by > 50%Safeguard Identificationof critical issues, gapsand weaknessesSpeed Use of standards& Automatic DocumentGenerationMethodology with focus on BPM and SAP referencecontentBi-directional Synchronization between ARIS and - SAPSolution ManagerDocumentation & analysis of all businessrequirementsIntegration of roles, responsibilities and RICEFsAutomatic document generation, e.g. Blueprint,RICEF
  • ©2013 Software AG. All rights reserved.19 |• Set-up of ARIS and SAP Solution Managerfor SAP ERP project standardization andglobal template management• Fully integrated Volvo finance solutionconcept providing a consistent andtransparent view on global FI/ CO Volvobusiness and SAP ERP solution• Standardized project structures andimplementation methodologies forglobal rolloutCustomer Success Story: VolvoAutomotive Process-Driven SAP Blueprint & SAP global RolloutISSUE: Standardize Rollout Mngmt. ofSAP ERP in more than 100 countries“The process-driven SAP management approachincreases business understanding and structuresall documentation, securing one common viewand place where business-, solution owners, lineoperation staff and project organizations meetand collaborate in an efficient way. The rollout-track indicates savings of approximately 30% perrollout-project.”
  • ©2013 Software AG. All rights reserved.20 |Business Blueprint in ARIS for SAP & SAP SolMan
  • ©2013 Software AG. All rights reserved.21 |Automated creation of process oriented blueprintdocumentBenefitReduce Blueprint CreationEfforts by up to 50%Reduced Errors, Gaps andRedundancies
  • ©2013 Software AG. All rights reserved.22 |IndustryPerformaceREADY: Jumpstart Your SAP ProjectsSaves time & money by reusing existingprocess description linked to pre-configured SAP systemReference processes for more than25 industriesPreconfigured SAP software and industry-specific best practice process scenariosFirst process-driven end-to-end solutionbased on SAP’s software offeringsEmbedded KPIs to measure processperformance and governance workflowsLowers project risk using consistent wayto scope, manage, design, implement andrun a SAP solution
  • ©2013 Software AG. All rights reserved.23 |Content: Industry.PerformanceREADYPredesigned BestPractice ProcessesPreconfiguredMonitoring Solutions PreconfiguredGovernance SolutionsPreconfiguredSAP SystemsPredesignedMobility ScenariosPreassigned KeyPerformance IndicatorsPredesigned DataObjects and FormsPredesignedwebMethods ScenariosPreconfiguredDocument GeneratorsPredesignedRisks Catalogs
  • ©2013 Software AG. All rights reserved.24 |Re-use process models to create required projectdocumentation automaticallyBlueprint documentSpecification (draft)RICEF Master listRACI chartXXX XXX
  • ©2013 Software AG. All rights reserved.25 |ARIS – SAP SolMan Synchronization ScopeMaster dataMaster dataOrganizational UnitsSAP system landscapeProjectProjectScenarioProcessProcess StepsTransactionsEnd-user rolesDocumentsKeywords & Attributes
  • ©2013 Software AG. All rights reserved.26 |Role Authorization25 April 2013 | Software AG - Get There Faster | 26
  • ©2013 Software AG. All rights reserved.27 |SAP ESR IntegrationFast search and easy design for newservice requirements based onbusiness process analysisSustainability of business processeswhile laying the foundation for aservice-oriented world● Direct access to SAP’s Enterprise ServiceRepository (ESR)● Browsing of ESR content from ARIS front-end and Merging of ESR objects into ARISdatabase● Access of additional information from SAPDeveloper Network (SDN) and WSDL files● Automatic generation of ESR businessblueprint
  • ©2013 Software AG. All rights reserved.28 |Process-Driven SAP RealizationCosts Reduction ofSAP Projectsup to 5 - 10%Safeguard Transfer ofBusiness Processes intoImplementationSpeed SAP projects upto 25% fasterImplementation bases on business processesInclude and define SAP enterprise servicesBridge from BPM to ALMARIS and SAP Solution Manager as Single point of truthAutomatic and Continuous CustomizingDocumentation
  • ©2013 Software AG. All rights reserved.29 |• Existing process informationconsolidated in a business processarchitecture• Flexible, ARIS-based management ofprocess information• SAP implementation projects are up to20 - 25 % faster• SAP project cost reduction between 5-10 %Customer Success Story: BrenntagChemicals Process-Driven SAP ImplementationISSUE: Process Harmonization inHeterogeneous IT Landscape
  • ©2013 Software AG. All rights reserved.30 |Process-Driven SAP Testing & PreparationImproves ProcessQuality in later projectphasesSaves Time by re-usingexisting data andprocessesReduces Risks ofincomplete testingFast design of integration testsFlexible end-to-end test scenario recordingIntuitive capturing of multiple test variantsAutomatic creation of test documentsSync with SAP Solution Manager and export tostandard applications and HP Quality Center
  • ©2013 Software AG. All rights reserved.31 |ARIS Test Designer and its different InterfaceScenariosImplementationProjectTest ProjectTest Workbench
  • ©2013 Software AG. All rights reserved.32 |• Standardize and harmonize businessprocesses and full documentation of allrequirements• Business Process Management asfoundation for implementation andtesting• Graphical test case creation incl. testcase documentation• Direct transmission to SAP for testingCustomer Success Story: Deutsche Telekom AGTelecommunication SAP implementation & Process-Driven SAP TestingISSUE: Testing of implementedbusiness processes
  • ©2013 Software AG. All rights reserved.33 |Process-Driven SAP Training & Go-Live SupportQuick, flexible andreliable publication ofprocess informationSafeguard global accessfor end user to keybusiness processinformationSaves Time Easy andintuitive trainingplatformRole-based and Business Process Based trainingHigh performance company wide process portalDirect connection between business processes andSAP systemsBusiness processes and trainings all over the worldand around the clockDMS integration for documents
  • ©2013 Software AG. All rights reserved.34 |Business Process and SAP Documentation at allTimesOpenprocessmodelStart SAPtransactionOpen SAPdocumentation
  • ©2013 Software AG. All rights reserved.35 |• ARIS became the “Single Point of Truth"for Océ’s processes, organization,applications, data, and infrastructure• Reduced number of variations forcertain processes by as much as 30%• Lower implementation cost thanks touniform processes• Improved link between business and ITCustomer Success Story: OcéPaper Process-Driven SAP Implementation and TrainingISSUE: Inflexible Organization andComplex IT Infrastructure
  • ©2013 Software AG. All rights reserved.36 |Run your SAP solution Process-DrivenSaves time & moneythroughout sap solutionlifecycleTransparency ofbusiness processes andSAP systemsLowest Project Risk &higher qualitySAP template, roll-outs and upgradesProcess Publication for central communicationProject Management CockpitChange Request Management and Process GovernanceinfrastructureSAP run & operation support
  • ©2013 Software AG. All rights reserved.37 |• High process reusability for SAPprojects has substantially reducedprocess documentation times, resultingin lower costs• Effective communication within theregionally distributed project team• Efficient implementation of usertraining• Flexible deployment of IT and shorterfamiliarization times for new usersCustomer Success Story: EVONIKChemicals Process-Driven SAP implementation & global RolloutISSUE:Global SAP Template and Roll-out
  • ©2013 Software AG. All rights reserved.38 |Company Process WebPublicationSAP System LandscapeConfigurationImplementation & OperationSynchronizationBusinessITBusiness Process DesignDesignYourCompanyProcesses
  • ©2013 Software AG. All rights reserved.39 |Methodology - Prime for Process-Driven SAPManagementIntegrated Methodology.Supports all SAP related projectscenarios.Process-Oriented.LeveragesIndustry.PerformanceREADYpredefined industry process contentand accelerators.Based on ASAP (Accelerated SAP)
  • ©2013 Software AG. All rights reserved.40 |Methodology - Prime for Process-Driven SAPManagementCombines the best features ofpre-existing content andproceduresAdapted to meet actualrequirements and incorporate thelatest methods and proceduresProcess-DrivenSAP StandardsASAPAVE for SAPProcess-DrivenSAP Deliverables
  • ©2013 Software AG. All rights reserved.41 |Reduction of SAP project costs between 5-10 % andSAP implementation projects are up to 20 -25 %faster at BrenntagReduction of SAP implementation time and costs atSABIC EuropeOngoing clarity and transparency with ARIS BusinessArchitect at Unibail-RodamcoEvonik reduced process documentation times andcosts for SAP projects substantiallyARIS is the single point of truth for Océs processesCustomer Statements
  • ©2013 Software AG. All rights reserved.42 |BestpracticeOwnpracticeIMGIMGDOCBPMN 2.0SAP NetWeaver BPMARIS SAP NetWeaver Business ProcessManagementSynchronization BPMN 2.0 export
  • ©2013 Software AG. All rights reserved.43 |Monitoring SAP ProcessesLimited visibility into SAP-based process steps
  • ©2013 Software AG. All rights reserved.44 |SAPESBBPMBAMApplicationApplication
  • ©2013 Software AG. All rights reserved.45 |How does Optimize for SAP work?Non-invasive integration with SAP• SAP Process Monitoring Agent installedwith SAP Adapter on Integration Server• Process steps are configured in SAP’sBusiness Object Repository (BOR),automatically sending data to the ProcessMonitoring Agent• SAP-specific business content (Rules, KPI’s)and data models defined in Optimize• Events in the BOR directly configured;others can be easily added withoutprogramming
  • ©2013 Software AG. All rights reserved.46 |Process-Driven SAP Companies
  • ©2013 Software AG. All rights reserved.Questions?