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“Integrated ERP” initiative at MIDC intends to achieve the goal of e-enabling MIDC’s customers, vendors and employees. It will reduce dependency on physical papers and files by electronically capturing most of the MIDC’s processes and customer interactions, leading to better customer and employee experience, increased transparency, better decision making and governance.

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Integrated ERP_MIDC

  1. 1. TransformationofIndustrialInfrastructureProvisioningServicestoInvestors &Enterprises usingInformation TechnologyMicrosoft Consulting Services IndiaImplementationBodies:
  2. 2. o About MIDCo MIDC Departmentso Current Scenario & Business needo Customer’s vision of ERPo Value Propositiono ERP - Overall Solutiono Solution Architectureo Implementationo Challengeso Suitability for other Entities2
  3. 3. Microsoft Consulting Services India3 Functions & Powers of MIDC (Ref. - MID Act.) To promote & assist in rapid and orderlyestablishment, growth and development ofindustries in State of Maharashtra. Establish and manage industrial estates atplaces selected by the State Government. Develop industrial area selected by the StateGovernment for the purpose and make themavailable for undertakings to establishthemselves. Undertake schemes or works, either jointlywith other corporate bodies or institution, orwith Government or local authorities, or on anagency basis, in furtherance of the purposesfor which the Corporation is established and allmatters connected therewith. Objectives of MIDC Set up industrial areas for planned andsystematic development. To function as Special Planning Authority indevelopment of Industrial areas. ‘Prosperity to all through Industrialization’ isthe corporate philosophy of MIDC.Established under The Maharashtra Industrial Development Act, 1961Activities of MIDC The MIDC has been declared as an agent of the StateGovernment for carrying out the activities within theframework of the MID Act and the MID Rules. These activities can be divided under following 3 broadcategories: Acquisition and disposal of land. Provision of infrastructure facilities. Providing of servicesAchievements of MIDC Built 230 Industrial complexes with approx. 54,717hectares of land. Developed specialized parks for different industrial sectorsincluding IT, BT, Special Economic Zones, Wine(GrapeProcessing) Park, Silver Zone, Gems & Jewellery, Textiles,Leather, Chemical Industry, Electronics Food Processing,Floriculture etc. Elaborate network of industrial & domestic water supply,total quantity supplied 1430 MLD.Note: Above information is from MID Act, MIDC Web Site &MIDC Annual Telephone Dairy.
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  5. 5. Land Acquisition PlanningDepartmentScrutiny ofProposalInputs on the shortlistedsitesSelection of SiteApprovalJointMeasurementBillsApprovalFire DepartmentCEO’s officeGeneral AdministrationEngineering Dept.Land AllotmentFinanceDepartmentTechnical AdvisorCustomerShortlisted SitesCurrent ScenarioTechnology• Heterogeneous Hardware & Softwareplatforms & practices• Poor connectivity between locations• Minimal use of Technology• Difficult to get timely & accurateinformationPeople• Poor Adoption• Subcontractors doing routine work• Resistance to ChangeProcess• Very few departments/processesautomated• Current system can’t scale up• Lack of Process integrationNeed :• Improve Productivity by streamliningprocesses• Reduce workload through automation &use of latest Technology• Broaden system adoption with easy- to-use Solutions• Increase control through integratedsystem• Provide DSS for Management5
  6. 6. One Stop Solution for Entrepreneurs and otherstakeholders..One stop approvals &communicationsOne stop virtual consultationsOne stop application formsOne stop submissionOne stop processing & tracking• Step by Step User guide• Online and printable• PDF documents available• Processing desk information available forphysical submissions• Summary sheet indicating status via colourcoding system• Approval available online• Entrepreneurs and Government officials candirectly interact6
  7. 7. 7ManagingComplianceAutomateProcessesReduceWorkloadIncreaseVisibilityImprove Productivity• Automate Process• Accrual accounting• Custom WorkflowReduce Workload• Informationavailability• Reporting fromsystem• e-TransactionsIncrease Visibility• Operational BI• Consolidation ofInformation• MIS throughDashboardsCompliance• Best Practices• Audit Trail• DrivingAccountability
  8. 8. 8Area DescriptionPortalSingle Window Clearance Solution – Portal which provides Online facility forGuidance – Forms – Application – Tracking – Payment – ApprovalInvestors -www.midcindia.orgProperty ExchangeCustomers -www.midcindia.orgWater Bill, e-Payment of chargesVendors –www.midcindia.orge-TenderingAgency Fire Agency ApplicationIntranet for Employees Intranet portal website for EmployeeCollaboration and Document Management
  9. 9. 9Area DescriptionERPMIDC DepartmentsIndustrial PlanningLand AcquisitionTechnical AdvisoryLegalMarketing & PREngineering & MaintenanceFire ServicesGeneral AdministrationHR & PayrollFinance & AccountsEnvironmentSEZs and Special Initiatives
  10. 10. 10Area DescriptionOthersIntegrated FileManagement SystemReplaces the existing DJMS with Web solutionhaving more features and integrated with ERP.Handles Virtual files and Correspondence.Enterprise wideApplication Integration(EAI)Integration with Land Management Solution,Automated Building Permission Solution, Autocadbased Engineering Drawings solutionOther IndustrialInfrastructuredepartments of GoMLinks or Direct access to services required by anEntrepreneur from other departments of Central& State Governments.
  11. 11. • Microsoft Consulting Services India11
  12. 12. • Microsoft Consulting Services India12
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  16. 16.  Customer Maturity Customer Team Availability Partner eco system & Maturity Frequent Change of BusinessFunction Heads Multiple Parallel Critical Paths Need for Iterative Methodology Need for Staggered Release Schedule Constraint Project Multiple Partners, Solutions Customer Resistance to Change16
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  18. 18. 1 Birth & Death Department 14 Web Portal Module 27 Chawl Department2 Property Tax Department 15 CFC Module 28 Encroachment Department3 Water Supply Department 16 DMS & Workflow Management Module 29 TDR Software4 Grievance Information System 17 Welfare Scheme Module 30 Zoning System5 Building Permission Department 18 Hospital Management System 31 Hostel Management System6e-Procurement & Online TenderingSystem19 Asset Management System 32 Online Hall Booking7 Project Systems 20 Land & Estate Management 33 Marriage Registration8 Food & Market Licenses 21 Materials Management 34 Instant water Billing9 Solid Waste Management 22 Legal Department 35 Water Valve Monitoring System10 Fleet Management 23 Municipal Secretary Department 36 MSEB Reading System11 Accounts Department 24 Audit Department Module 37 Online Scholarship Registrations12 Establishment Department 25 Octroi Module 38 Online Recruitment Registrations13 Employee self service module 26 AutoDCR Module 39 Disaster Incidence Management18
  19. 19. Integrated ERP Implementationat MIDC : Few screenshots19
  20. 20. 20Administrative Approval to get the financial sanction that initiates with the creation of work.
  21. 21. 21Preparation of dockets for Technical Sanction.
  22. 22. 22User defines various tender conditions, clauses and document applicable for the tender andgenerates the Draft Tender Papers.Select the document from thelist for which you want tospecify the amendment.
  23. 23. 23The financial accounting of AX that creates debit and credit vouchers for each running bill.
  24. 24. Thank YouMaharashtra Industrial Development CorporationUdyog Sarathi,Mahakali Caves Road, Andheri(E),Mumbai: 400093Phone : +91 22