Project Management . The Change Agent


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Vijay Prasad M.Tech, PMP
Visiting Ukraine in partnership with SoftServe
4 March, 2011

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Project Management . The Change Agent

  1. 1. Project Management . The Change Agent Some Good practices in Project Management Vijay Prasad M.Tech, PMP Visiting Ukraine in partnership with SoftServe 4 March, 2011
  2. 2. Strategic: Projects steer the global economy • More than 20% of gross global product is spent on fixed capital projects • Add projects in IT, new product and service development, and other knowledge work • 20 million people worldwide work on project teams full-time or part-time Source: PMI
  3. 3. The Word Is Out • 50% of project failure traceable to poor (or no) project management: – Bad estimates/deadlines – Scope changes – Poor resource planning • “80% of higher-performing projects use a certified project manager • More innovative organizations extendPricewaterhouseCoopers survey, 2007 project thinking to program and portfolio management Source: PMI 3
  4. 4. Reality… In General 3 out of 10 satisfied customers will tell others how good we are …6 out of 10 dissatisfied customers will tell others how bad we are...
  5. 5. Project Management Competencies
  6. 6. Project Management
  7. 7. PMI identifies 5 competencies for effective ProjectManagement Project Management Knowledge Organization practices & Personal Knowledge Competency Industry /Domain Performance Functional Competency Competency PMI Competency Development Framework
  8. 8. Project ecosystem
  9. 9. The Project ecosystemExternal Customer Performing Organization ManagementBusiness Partner PMO Quality Project Manager Finance HR Other Solution Partner Project Account Manager Team
  10. 10. The Project ecosystemInternal Customer Performing Organization Management PMO Project Manager Quality Finance HR Other Solution Partner Project Team
  11. 11. Some suggestions for Project Managers for driving projects to success
  12. 12. Project ManagerUnderstand Big PictureUnderstand clearly the requirements, objectives,functions, scope, quality standards, timelines, budgetUnderstand clearly all risksUnderstand Stakeholders ‘ requirements and theirpositionUnderstand clearly contractual obligationsUnderstand clearly constraintsRecord any assumptionsUnderstand deliverables acceptance & project successcriteria.Understand the methodologyDevelop Project Charter and conduct Kick-off meeting
  13. 13. Project ManagerDevelop WBS ACCURATELYRe-plan if taking over a previously planned projectEstablish/seek escalation path in your organization aswell as in customer’ organizationEstablish effective Change Control ProceduresIdentify Team Members and clearly communicateProject requirements, objectives, functions, scope,quality standards, timelines, budget, risks,Contractual obligations, Stakeholders ‘ requirements &their position, methodology, deliverables acceptance& project success criteria. and project ecosystem
  14. 14. Project ManagerVisualize upfront deliverables and “changed state”after project completionUnderstand the change management requiredPLAN, PLAN, PLANPlan for training needsESTIMATE ACCURATELY CONSIDERING ALLCONTINGENCIESCOMMUNICATE, COMMUNICATE, COMMUNICATECommunicate upfront and seek agreement on Plan,methodology, all communications, report formats,frequency, distribution list, Change Control procedures
  15. 15. Project ManagerAssign Team roles and responsibilitiesInspire Team, explain your style, and seekcommitmentEmphasis and follow on Professionalism, ethicalbehavior
  16. 16. Project ManagerEstablish SLAs with all participants in ProjectecosystemCommunicate plan to relevant participants inecosystem and seek their commitmentEncourage peer-reviewsEstablish and communicate Customer QA and QC andaudit processesEstablish, communicate, and enforce monitor andcontrol processesEstablish, communicate and enforce governanceEstablish frequency of reviews
  17. 17. Project ManagerMonitor, measure progress accuratelyCommunicate progress timely and TAKE CORRECTIVEACTIONSESCALATE judiciously and timely, and seek requiredhelpCreate Knowledge Repository and record Lessonslearned and best practices from Day 1
  18. 18. Project ManagerEnsure all deliverables developed to scope, QC alldeliverablesSeek acceptance from customer of all deliverablesStart each phase with approval and Close each phasewith sign-offClose project with customer sign-off and as per legalRequirementsCreate excitementCelebrate each win with team and ecosystem playersRecognize performance in public and reprimand,mentor in private
  19. 19. Project ManagerEffective Project Managers understand that projectsare born Red, and they have to constantly bring theminto GreenIt is not Project Management, it is ProjectManagement & LeadershipLead with motto of Prevention is better than cureAnd “like an apple a day keeps the doctor away”,project review and action a day keeps the projectproblems awayLead to make this project a case study for yourOrganization
  20. 20. Project ManagerLead as if this the last project, and last opportunity todemonstrate your ability to drive the project tosuccess
  21. 21. Project ManagerProject Manager’s Daily Check list:1. Are we on target to deliver next deliverables to the scope and quality?2. Are we exceeding customer expectations?3. Are we under budget?4. Is the team motivated?
  22. 22. Project ManagerProject Manager’s Daily Check list:5. What problems we foresee? o Customer satisfaction o Scope o Schedule o Cost o Quality o Team o Risks o Process/Methodology
  23. 23. Project ManagerProject Manager’s Daily Check list:5. What actions I have to take today?
  24. 24. Project ManagerSeek support from:Your managementYour teamYour support teams – PMO, Quality, HR, Finance, andothersYour Solution PartnerYour Account ManagerYour Business PartnerAnd although Customer is the King, seek support fromthem to serve them better
  25. 25. I congratulate SoftServe and localProject Managers in Ukraine forstarting theProject Management Community
  26. 26. Thank youMy Contact DetailsVijay 26Mobile: +91-98490-06070