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Soft Layer Cloud Layer Overview For Slide Share


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SoftLayer provides global, on-demand data center and hosting services from facilities across the U.S. We leverage best-in-class connectivity and technology to innovate industry leading, fully …

SoftLayer provides global, on-demand data center and hosting services from facilities across the U.S. We leverage best-in-class connectivity and technology to innovate industry leading, fully automated solutions that empower enterprises with complete access, control, security, and scalability.

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  • 2. CloudLayer™ Service Offerings CloudLayer is the umbrella brand for the next generation of services that can be sold with our without a dedicated server CDN  Origin Pull or Point of Presence (PoP) Pull  Usage based or packages starting as low as $.12/GB  Sold with servers or as stand alone service Storage  Access from server, desktop, web, portal, API, and PDA  Native apps for iPhone, Blackberry, Windows  Usage based or packages starting as low as $0.15/GB  Sold with servers or as a stand alone service Computing  Computing instances in “minutes” (5-15)  Open source and enterprise OS selections w/ control panels  Monthly billing to start, but evolving to hourly models  Automated recovery in the event of hardware failure  Usage based or packages starting at $.15/hr or $99/mo CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION • SOFTLAYER TECHNOLOGIES 2
  • 3. Datacenter Automation The physical server is the fundamental building block to all technologies CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION • SOFTLAYER TECHNOLOGIES 3
  • 4. Fully Integrated Computing Environment SoftLayer provides the only completely integrated solution in the industry  Dedicated servers, virtualized environments, and cloud solutions all operate together seamlessly to create an on-demand solution that can be scaled in real-time. CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION • SOFTLAYER TECHNOLOGIES 4
  • 5. Cloud Computing Market  Cloud Computing = virtualization with consumptive billing  Virtualization = virtual machines running on a hypervisor  Consumptive billing = pay for what you use SoftLayer  Cloud Computing = on-demand computing with consumptive billing  On-Demand = dedicated + virtualized + cloud + storage  Consumptive Billing = pay as you go or monthly packages CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION • SOFTLAYER TECHNOLOGIES 5
  • 6. CloudLayer™ Value Proposition Value Proposition of SoftLayer Cloud Services:  Rapid deployment  Computing instances – delivered in as little as 5 minutes  Virtualized Servers – 1 to 2 hours  Dedicated Servers – 1 to 4 hours  Content Delivery – real time  StorageLayer – real time  Ancillary Services – real time  Pay-as-you-go pricing  Consumptive billing for all services  Computing instances will evolve to less than 1 month billing cycles  Fully integrated solutions  Work with all SoftLayer Services  One environment that can be managed through the API or Portal  SLA  Standard SoftLayer SLA applies to all CloudLayer products CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION • SOFTLAYER TECHNOLOGIES 6
  • 8. Content Delivery Content Delivery Network  Moves content to geographically distributed server nodes, minimizing the distance data has to travel to reach the end user and helping avoid traffic jams and decrease latency. Current Node Locations Amsterdam New York Atlanta Philadelphia Boston Phoenix Chicago Seattle Dallas Singapore Denver Sunnyvale El Segundo Sydney Hong Kong Tokyo Houston Toronto London Virginia Miami CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION • SOFTLAYER TECHNOLOGIES 8
  • 9. Content Delivery Key Advantages Makes downloading and streaming faster and more High Quality Content consistent, making rich content more practical. Secure Content Secure, streamlined tools help manage content and Management monetization. Broader Geographic Optimizes speed and reliability of content delivery to Reach end-users regardless of global location. Performance-Neutral Spreads workload over multiple servers, so increases Scalability in content demand does not compromise delivery. CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION • SOFTLAYER TECHNOLOGIES 9
  • 10. CloudLayer™ CDN – Origin Pull Offering  Dynamic CDN Service  Distribution from SoftLayer hosted content/storage  Content is “pulled” from a single source (website) the first time a customer requests it from each of 21 Global PoPs  Content expires after 24 hours without demand Who should  Any business that wants an affordable solution to enhance user experience with web content use it?  Many users downloading the same content (e.g. “breaking news”)  First user could have an average experience as content is “pulled” to local PoP  Bandwidth: Pricing  Pay as you go - $0.20/GB  250GB - $45.00  500GB - $80.00  1000GB - $140.00  2000GB - $240.00  Over 2000GB – Call Sales  All overages - .20/GB of bandwidth used CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION • SOFTLAYER TECHNOLOGIES 10
  • 11. CloudLayer™ CDN – PoP Pull Offering  Static CDN services  Content is uploaded into the 21 global PoPs by the user  Content remains available at the edge for end user download at all times  Requires use of bandwidth and storage (mix-and-match plans) Who should  Many users downloading different content (e.g. Netflix) use it?  Content that doesn’t change very often – most websites  Provides better performance for all users since content is “local”  Bandwidth:  Storage: Pricing  Pay as you go -  Pay as you go - $2.00/GB $0.20/GB  250GB - $45.00  25GB Bandwidth - $47.50  500GB - $80.00  50GB Bandwidth - $90.00  1000GB - $140.00  100GB Bandwidth - $170.00  2000GB - $240.00  250GB Bandwidth - $400.00  Over 2000GB – Call Sales  Over 250GB – Call Sales  All overages - $0.20/GB  All overages - $2.00/GB CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION • SOFTLAYER TECHNOLOGIES 11
  • 13. StorageLayer™ Integrated Storage Solution  Multiple enterprise-grade storage technologies (including FTP, NAS, iSCSI, and an online data backup and recovery tool) unified for the ultimate level of security, reliability, and flexibility. High-availability solutions, Fully automated and accessible and geographic data replication. through Customer Portal & API. CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION • SOFTLAYER TECHNOLOGIES 13
  • 14. StorageLayer™ Key Advantages Industry-Leading Utilizes most widely used storage technologies, for Protocols fast, reliable, cost-effective, and scalable options. Enterprise-Class Transfers all data from customers’ private VLANs over Security the Private Network for the highest level of security. Exceptional Leverages 10-gigabit uplinks from server rack to Connectivity array, utilizing jumbo frames for near-zero latency. Geographical Seamlessly transfers and stores data between Replication geographically diverse data centers nationwide CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION • SOFTLAYER TECHNOLOGIES 14
  • 15. CloudLayer™ Storage Access and share content regardless of location or device Simple yet robust solution that can be used by consumers, SMBs and large enterprise CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION • SOFTLAYER TECHNOLOGIES 15
  • 16. CloudLayer™ Storage Offering  Highly scalable, fault tolerant, and secure storage environment  Built-in collaboration tools  Access files from: server, desktop, mobile devices  White label or branded offering for resellers Who should  Large amounts of static content use it?  Customers looking for a way to upload and manage data from multiple access points  Low cost collaboration tool  Storage:  Storage + Bandwidth: Pricing  Pay as you go -  Pay as you go - $0.25/GB $0.25/GB  20GB – 100GB BW $10  50GB - $10  50GB – 250GB BW $20  100GB - $19  100GB – 500GB BW $38  250GB - $45  250GB – 1250GB BW $90  500GB - $85  500GB – 2500GB BW $170  1000GB - $160  1000GB – 5000GB BW $320  2000GB - $300  2000GB – 10000GB BW $600  Over 2000GB – Call Sales  Over 2000GB – Call Sales  Includes 1GB of bandwidth  $0.10/GB for bandwidth overages  $0.10/GB overages CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION • SOFTLAYER TECHNOLOGIES 16
  • 18. CloudLayer™ Computing Evolving Infrastructure  SoftLayer has virtualized key environments, including servers, security, network, and storage to give our customers the ability to leverage massively scalable computing resources. CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION • SOFTLAYER TECHNOLOGIES 18
  • 19. Virtualization Tomorrow’s Cloud Today  Built to host highly-virtualized solutions for:  On-demand storage  Cloud services for any sized business  Utility computing  Web-based app providers Full Automation Virtualized Storage Virtualized Server Environments Provisioning, Best-practices built OSs management, iSCSI SAN troubleshooting, iSCSI NAS Industry-leading hypervisors integration, and reporting. Enterprise-grade hardware CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION • SOFTLAYER TECHNOLOGIES 19
  • 20. CloudLayer™ Computing Architecture  Powered by Citrix XenServer™ Hypervisor  Computing Instances are fully integrated with SoftLayer’s exiting infrastructure services  Management and provisioning available via web interface or API CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION • SOFTLAYER TECHNOLOGIES 20
  • 21. CloudLayer™ Computing Highlights Key Differentiators:  World Class Platform – based on Citrix XenServer  Ease of Use – common interface via customer portal and API  Integration – private network design fosters integration into current systems  Highly Scalable – from one to many on-the-fly  Hybrid Solutions – dedicated + virtual + cloud solutions operating together  Infrastructure Design – built for massive scale and manipulation  Virtualization “Outside the Box” – network, security, storage, and management  Ancillary Services – work across all computing platforms  Image Management – capture, template, and store CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION • SOFTLAYER TECHNOLOGIES 21
  • 22. CloudLayer™ Computing – Offering Solution  Instant Deployment  Image Management Overview  Wide OS Options  Automated Recovery from hardware failure  KVM over IP access to computing instances  Control Panel & API  Offered across all SoftLayer data centers  Monthly Billing initially; hourly to follow SoftLayer  Multi-tenant Cloud Difference  Private Cloud  Hybrid Environment  Add Any Ancillary Service  Leverage API to create automated provisioning and decommissioning of computing instances  Citrix XenServer Technologies  SuperMicro Servers  Dell EqualLogic SAN  F5 Load Balancers  Fortinet Firewalls  Cisco Network CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION • SOFTLAYER TECHNOLOGIES 22
  • 23. CloudLayer™ Computing – Offering  Real-time delivery of computing instances in all data centers Offering  Guaranteed delivery of an entire core (2.0GHz Processor)  Available with all O/S options  Windows, Red Hat, and SUSE will have a surcharge Who should  Organizations with unknown computing requirements use it?  “batch” oriented applications (e.g. image rendering)  Web-crawling applications  Applications with variable demand/users (e.g. Facebook) Pricing  Pricing starting at $99 per instance per month  1 Core – 1GB Ram – 100GB SAN Storage  2 Core – 2GB Ram – 100GB SAN Storage  4 Core – 4GB Ram – 100GB SAN Storage  8 Core – 8GB Ram – 100GB SAN Storage  2000GB of bandwidth included in monthly packages  Hourly pricing of $0.15 per core + bandwidth ($0.10/GB)  Ability to add all SoftLayer services, including load balancing, firewalls, additional storage, and back-up  $20/mth for Enterprise O/S (Windows, RedHat, SUSE) CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION • SOFTLAYER TECHNOLOGIES 23