American school system


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American school system

  1. 1. Abington Senior High School
  2. 2. Abington Senior High School Sports: Lacrosse, Field Hockey, Ice Hockey, Track and Field, Bowling, Tennis, Soccer, Golf, Baseball, Football, Basketball, Cheerleading, wrestling, and more Clubs: Chess, Spanish-French-Ukrainian-German Clubs, Gardening, Reading, Community Service, Science Club, Math Club, and many more Extra Classes: Sewing, Photography, 5 types of art classes, Cooking, Different Computer Classes, Acting Class, Chorus. Over 100 different classes to choose from
  3. 3. Abington Senior High School Campus: 2 Buildings, one for the Junior High School (7th – 9th grade), one for the Senior High School (10th – 12th) Sport Areas: About 12 different large areas (fields) for Sports, for example: 3 different baseball fields, two track fields and so on. Each field area is used for a different sport during each season of the year (fall, winter, and spring sports), 6 tennis courts, one large football stadium. One pool. 4 gym areas (Sport). 2 weight lifting rooms.
  4. 4. Abington Senior High School Students: About 700 students in each grade, so 700 students in my 12th grade Awards: Money Magazine called Abington Township one of the best cities in all of America to live in. Abington also won an award five times for being one of the top communities for young people. And the US News Magazine awarded Abington Senior High School for being one of America’s best high schools.
  5. 5. Plays/Musicals Every year, both the Junior and Senior High School put on plays and musicals You have try out and can either be a dancer, a singer, or a singer/actor in the play Every year there is a different play, and practice for the play is everyday after school for about 5 months They perform four shows, and hundreds of people come to see the students perform
  6. 6. • Thousands of books Library• Over 20 computers• Over 30 laptops• Area with• couches where you can read
  7. 7. Computer Room• Three separate rooms full of computers that students can use to do homework and projects• Computer classes
  8. 8. School Dances Every year, each grade from 9th to 12th grade has a big fancy dance Freshman (9th grade): “Formal” Sophomore (10th gade): “Soph-hop” Junior (11th grade): “Junior Prom” Senior (12th grade) “Senior Prom” All of them are in the school gym except for Senior Prom which is in a hotel
  9. 9. Honors & Non Honors There are two different levels of difficulty for classes; honors and non honors Honors are classes that are of a harder level, for those who are smarter and like to challenge themselves Non honors are classes of an easier level You get to choose which honors and non honors classes you take
  10. 10. GPA GPA: Grade Point Average Your grade point average is all of your grades from all of your classes and tests put together into one number, rating how well you do in school The highest number is a 4.5, which is almost impossible to have By taking honors classes, you can get more points towards your GPA than in non honors classes
  11. 11. Schedule of the Day There are 8 periods (time for class) for each day Each class is 45 mins. And we have 4 mins in between classes They consist of: the main classes (history, science, math, language class, and english), lunch, either gym or health class, and elective classes (classes you get to choose such as sewing class or cooking class ect.) Study hall (a few times in the week) Each day is not always the same
  12. 12. Classroom Enviroment and Teachers Many teachers are young or in their 30’s Every year you have a new teacher for every single subject During class, usually we have discussions and people give their thoughts and opinions, rather than the teacher talking the whole time Very friendly enviroment, students and teachers get along well most of the time Teachers can stay after school and help you if you are having trouble with the material you are learning in class
  13. 13. Semesters & Exams The year is split up into four different marking periods (each marking period our report cards with our grades are sent home) We have two semesters, first 2 marking periods = first semester, second 2 marking periods = second semester At the end of each semester, we take exams Then our grades from the 2 marking periods and exams are put together, giving us one concrete grade for each class (creating a semester grade) The exams have a big influence over your overall grade for each class
  14. 14. Progress Book Progress book is an online program for my school where every single grade you get for every paper you write or worksheet you complete or test you take is written down It always gives you your average grade at the time for each class you are taking This way, you see what your grade is and you know what you need to do in order to get the grade you want for each class
  15. 15. SAT Exams SAT: Scholastic Assessment Test A 5 hour test that is on math, reading, and writing The whole test is multiple choice except for short math problems you have to do on your own, and the long essay you have to write It is very important to get a good grade because colleges really look at your SAT grade when deciding if you are accepted to the school or not Grading: between zero and 2400 Each section is worth 800 points Tudors and classes
  16. 16. College Thousands of colleges Different colleges offer a different veriety of classes for career options Different prices Can get scholarships from the school if you have good grades or are good at a certain sport You have to apply to every school and write a long essay You do not get accepted into every school you apply to
  17. 17. Graduation If you pass all of your classes in 12th grade you get to graduate There is a big ceremony where all the students wear caps and gowns and are called up on stage to receive their diplomas All the family members come to cheer for you The class president has to give a speech That is when we are officially finished with high school