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Oregon Open Data Webinar
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Oregon Open Data Webinar


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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. State of Oregon Open Data Webinar Webcast recorded: 9-20-11 1
  • 2. Watch Webcast Recording Data.Oregon.Gov: Innovative Use of Government Data Pays Dividends View Webcast Recording: Read Webcast Transcript:
  • 3. Webcast Speakers Wally Rogers, eGov Program Manager, State of Oregon Peter Threlkel, Corporation Division, State of Oregon Mindy McCartt, Marine Board, State of Oregon Hosted by: Saf Rabah, VP of Marketing, Socrata 3
  • 4. Webinar Agenda  Introductions  Why do we care about open data in government?  Introducing  Empowering agencies to deliver information and services directly to their constituents  Case study 1: The Oregon Marine Board  Case study 2: The Oregon Secretary of Sate  Roundtable conversation  Audience participation - Q&A  Contact Information and next steps 4
  • 5. OregonPresented By: Wally RogersOregon E-Government Program ManagerDate: October 19, 2011
  • 6.… Why now? …and we all have local stories
  • 7. What are adults seeking from Govt?Seek information 48% info about a public or complete a policy or issue transaction 46% looked up what online services a government agency provides 74% April 2010 41% downloaded government formsSocial Networking 35% researched officialto keep informed government documents or Online use of raw statsabout Government government data 33% renewed a driver’s 31% 40% license or auto registration 30% recreational or tourist info 25% Info on a health or“People are not only getting involved with safety issuegovernment in new and interesting ways, they are 23% information about oralso using these tools to share their views with applied for governmentothers and contribute to the broader debate benefitsaround government policies.” 19% info to apply for a government job
  • 8. “In the coming year, we’ll alsowork to rebuild people’s faith inthe institution of government.Because you deserve to knowexactly how and where your taxdollars are being spent, you’llbe able to go to a website andget that information for thevery first time in history... I askCongress to do what the WhiteHouse has already done — putthat information online.”PRESIDENT OBAMA,State of the Union, 01/25/2011
  • 9. What else is at the top of the list? I am more likely to vote for a politicians who champion data transparencySurvey by: Vision Critical, 1,000 nationally represented adultsCo-sponsored by: Sunlight Foundation, Personal Democracy Forum, Socrata, Govloop, Code for America,
  • 10. What else is at the top of the list? How important do you think the following types of public data that Federal, State and Local governments publish are?Survey by: Vision Critical, 1,000 nationally represented adultsCo-sponsored by: Sunlight Foundation, Personal Democracy Forum, Socrata, Govloop, Code for America,
  • 11. Who wants data?Citizens Analysts & Scientists JournalistsDecision Makers Web Developers You!
  • 12. Interactive Share – Search – Interact – Copy
  • 13. Oregon State Marine Board Mindy McCartt Administrative Assistant 503-378-2633
  • 14. Achievementso #1 most viewed map in data.oregon.govo We have had over 16,000 views to our Registration Agents map.o We have received direct feedback from our customers on how useful the maps are.o We have also received emails from vendors wanting us to add their information to our maps. Website:
  • 15. Lessons LearnedBefore you begin: Consistency matters! o Make sure that all of your information is the way you want it to appear (example: same capitalizations, no abbreviations, spelling.) It is easier to fix it before you import it then after it is uploaded. Set your data as private to start. o This is a great way to make sure you have everything exactly right before the world can see. Use it! o This is such an easy way to make your information available in such a variety of ways.
  • 16. Corporation DivisionPeter Threlkel, DirectorCorporation DivisionOregon Secretary of State’s Office“The Division’s programs increase certainty inbusiness transactions to enable commercebetween strangers.” Engage Oregonians - Innovate for the Future - Deliver Results
  • 17. Better with• One free online report freed up 20 hours a month to deliver other business services faster• Oregon Trademarks: Delivering the online functionality without the $500,000 searchable database Engage Oregonians - Innovate for the Future - Deliver Results
  • 18. Takeaways Empower your agencies to deliver information and services cost-effectively >> More agency participation if Open Data supports their mission Delight your constituents with an accessible engaging experience >> Increased citizen participation and adoption Support your government’s transparency and economic agenda >> Fulfill promises made to your constituents, build trust and earn executive support Embrace turnkey cloud solutions >> Eliminate infrastructure and custom development, save staff time, support your CIO’s consolidation strategy while increasing value provided. 18
  • 19. Next steps Learn more about Oregon’s program  Wally Rogers:  Visit Watch the video: spotlight/state-of-oregon/ Learn more about Socrata  Email us:  Visit  Call us: 206.340.8008  We’d love to hear from you! Please take the survey when you leave the webinar 19