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The ultimate guide to Twitter – 50 useful tips


Published on

50 useful tips how to use Twitter in your business or personal branding.

50 useful tips how to use Twitter in your business or personal branding.

Published in: Social Media, Technology, Business

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  • 1. The ultimate guide to Twitter – 50 useful tips @JustynaKwiecien @socjomania
  • 2. @Socjomania is a Polish-based social media consulting and training company.
  • 3. Our mission is to educate and ‘translate the internet’. We are helping companies with social media strategies, marketing in social media in a practical way. In our portfolio are trainings both in Polish and in English. Socjomania has conducted over 120 trainings, plenty of consultations hours and have cooperated with companies like: Telecoms: Orange, Plus; Polish Banking: BRE Bank, Nordea Bank, BGŻ Bank; Media: TVN, Ringier Axel Springer Polska; Real Estate Companies: Jones Lang LaSalle, Press: Polityka Magazine, E-commerce: Allegro Group, Payback; Logistics: Raben Group; RTV euro AGD, We cooperate also with national organizations like Ministry of Economy, PKP Cargo, PKP Energetyka, Poczta Polska, University of Warsaw. In our portfolio are trainings with Israeli Trade Department in Poland, Embassy of Izrael. We are helping companies like Unit9 with their content marketing strategy.
  • 4. Remember you can tweet every tip from this presentation. Just click the tweet button ↓ ↓ ↓ Remember you can tweet every tip from this presentation. Just click the tweet button ↓ ↓ ↓
  • 5. 1 Understand the power of 140 Twitter characters: it’s a chance, not a limit #SocjoTips
  • 6. 2 Don’t auto-connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Give your followers some extra value #SocjoTips
  • 7. 3 Don’t just link to your latest blog post/article. Twitter is not a poster pillar #SocjoTips
  • 8. 4 Standard egg avatar looks like a spam account. Make sure your profile and background pictures look professional #SocjoTips
  • 9. 5 Make sure hashtags you use are unique and clear. Do not overuse them. 1-2 per tweet are enough #SocjoTips
  • 10. 6 Join a conversation and answer the questions in your niche. Be an expert in your field #SocjoTips
  • 11. 7 There is no difference between private and brand profile, so brand can start the dialogue #SocjoTips
  • 12. 8 #RT = Retweet. This is a re-posting of someone else's tweet. You can also use #MT = Modified Tweet. #SocjoTips
  • 13. 9 #FF = "Follow Friday." Twitter users suggest who others should follow on Fridays, by tweeting with the hashtag #FF #SocjoTips
  • 14. 10 #DM = A direct message is a private message sent via Twitter to one of your followers #SocjoTips
  • 15. 11 Putting a dot (or anything else) before mention, makes the tweet visible to all of the sender's followers #SocjoTips
  • 16. 12 Use the search bar to find new people to follow. Check what others talk about you and your competition #SocjoTips
  • 17. 13 Monitor keywords and hashtags related to your company. Check „trending” tab from random places #SocjoTips
  • 18. 14 Use Twitter as a customer service tool. Check @notifications tab regularly #SocjoTips
  • 19. 15 A URL of any length will be altered to 22 characters, even if the link is less than 22 #SocjoTips
  • 20. 16 Use „call to action”, ask people about themselves and share valuable answers #SocjoTips
  • 21. 17 Your Twitter BIO is only 160 characters. Include keywords your potential followers may be searching for #SocjoTips
  • 22. 18 Post everyday at different times of the day, to see where your audience is. #SocjoTips
  • 23. 19 Think and decide, what you’re going to tweet about. Create a short plan with some ideas and keywords #SocjoTips
  • 24. 20 Take your Twitter stream seriously. „Follow-back” isn’t the best idea if you want look professional #SocjoTips
  • 25. 21 Create lists (private or public) to organise your Twitter stream #SocjoTips
  • 26. 22 Choose only important people to follow. Keep balance between your folowers-following ratio #SocjoTips
  • 27. 23 Keep tweeting funny and quotable. Be yourself and have fun with using Twitter #SocjoTips
  • 28. 24 When you create good content that your audience loves, it’s easier to build a strong community #SocjoTips
  • 29. 25 Tweet more about others than yourself. Be the kind of account that you want to follow #SocjoTips
  • 30. 26 Find people questions in your field. Answer them. Check @reaction tab. Be an expert #SocjoTips
  • 31. 27 Have a conversation with your audience. Pick an interesting topic that you would like to discuss with your followers #SocjoTips
  • 32. 28 Use the #discover tab. It serves the best content from around Twitter and is personalized for you #SocjoTips
  • 33. 29 Follow opinion leaders and influencers from your niche. RT them #SocjoTips
  • 34. 30 Don’t get into arguments and do not shout at your followers on Twitter #SocjoTips
  • 35. 31 Don’t just sell and promote your products. Try to bulid relationships with your followers #SocjoTips
  • 36. 32 Keep some space available for people who want to ReTweet or quote your tweets. Try to use 100-120 characters #SocjoTips
  • 37. 33 If someone recommended you with #FF, thank (only!) the person in a reply #SocjoTips
  • 38. 34 #Hashtags #are #ok, #but #do #not #overuse #them #SocjoTips
  • 39. 35 Check hashtags and keywords popularity before you use them #SocjoTips
  • 40. 36 Don’t use automative Direct Messages or replies. If you want to reward somebody – do it personally #SocjoTips
  • 41. 37 Check every information and read tweets twice before posting them #SocjoTips
  • 42. 38 Use „who to follow” tab, to find relevant people from your niche #SocjoTips
  • 43. 39 Use images on Twitter to get more ReTweets. Remember about recommended size: 440x220 #SocjoTips
  • 44. 40 Respect other copyrights on Twitter. Mention the author and don’t forget to use #RT #SocjoTips
  • 45. 41 Use apps to have more control over the Twitter ecosystem and track clicks #SocjoTips
  • 46. 42 Don’t forget about keywords in your communication, but do it naturally #SocjoTips
  • 47. 43 Subscribe the official Twitter account: @Twitter;) and blog to stay informed #SocjoTips
  • 48. 44 To hide your chatting with others, use Direct Messages #SocjoTips
  • 49. 45 Make sure the apps you use don’t tweet without your permission #SocjoTips
  • 50. 46 Create valuable content (reports, infographics) and use „pay with tweet” action #SocjoTips
  • 51. 47 Don’t tweet or click the links that look like spam #SocjoTips
  • 52. 48 Offer your Twitter followers special content. Do not only copy from your website/blog or Facebook fanpage #SocjoTips
  • 53. 49 Put Twitter social buttons on your website. Share your best tweets on other platforms #SocjoTips
  • 54. 50 Twitter is more social than promotional. Try to build a strong relationship with your followers #SocjoTips
  • 55. #ThankYou! If you have any questions, write an e-mail or tweet! @Socjomania
  • 56. Images source: .
  • 57. Images source: .