Media in the MENA - Matteo Minchio

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Geopolitica del Mediterraneo …

Geopolitica del Mediterraneo
Madia in the Mena

Presentazione di Matteo Minchio de Lo Spazio della Politica alla Societing Summer School 2011

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  • 1. Geopolitics of the Mediterranean Media in the MENA Societing Summer School Cava dei Tirreni (SA) 22-27 August 2011 Matteo Minchio, LSDPSalerno, August 2011 LSDP, Matteo Minchio 1
  • 2. Young masses and old elitesSalerno, August 2011 LSDP, Matteo Minchio 2
  • 3. Corrupt and oppressive rulersSalerno, August 2011 LSDP, Matteo Minchio 3
  • 4. Educated, urban and jobless: Arab Youth is a gunpowder Urban Population 100% 90% 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% Yemen Egypt Syria Morocco Algeria Tunisia Jordan Libya Saudi Lebanon ArabiaSalerno, August 2011 LSDP, Matteo Minchio 4
  • 5. Have Arab netizens reached their critical mass? Internet Users Population Facebook UsersCountry Mill Internet Internet FB FB People Users users % users users % 90 80 70 60Algeria 35,4 4,7 13,50% 1,41 3% 50 40Bahrain 0,8 0,42 53% 0,28 29% 30Egypt 84,4 20,25 24,30% 4,63 7% 20 10Jordan 6,0 1,56 26% 1,10 15% 0 E t co ria in n en a a ia n yp a UA si by da no bi re er oc Sy m Eg niLebanon 4,2 0,96 23,70% 0,98 23% ra Li r h g ba Ye Jo or Tu Ba Al iA Le M ud SaLibya 6,4 0,35 5,50% 0,26 3%Morocco 31,0 12,71 41,30% 2,45 7%Saudi Arabia 25,0 9,5 38% 3,21 9%Syria 21,0 4,2 20,40% 0,24 N.A.Tunisia 10,4 3,4 34,10% 1,82 16%UAE 8,2 6,15 75,00% 2,14 45%Yemen 23,0 2,3 10% 0,18 0,50% • Internet population is growing fast, but socializers are still few • Youngsters are a large majority in the online worldSalerno, August 2011 LSDP, Matteo Minchio 5
  • 6. Cybercafés and SMS as guerrilla tools Limited wired networks à Mobile-based system Low Fixed Broadband penetration à High capillarity of Internet cafés à Back to 1700?Salerno, August 2011 LSDP, Matteo Minchio 6
  • 7. Hacktivists agenda: break the (Fire) Wall and make a buzz u  Handy-cams are your eyes u  SMS are your words u  Chat @ cybercafés u  e-Skype wiretaps u  Blog your storytelling u  Meet-up for a protest u  Geo-localise your crowd u  Hash-clouds provoke storms u  Big G comes on the stage u  Please record your tweet after the beep Followers, Viewers and Likers are your allies!Salerno, August 2011 LSDP, Matteo Minchio 7
  • 8. AJA & Co: eyes and ears open to the world From Osama s tape to the Arab Spring Don t forget the Cedar! Building Arabic Mainstream From The view and the opposite point of view” to “Continuous Coverage” Doha, Cairo, Beirut Hezbollah goes on air Emir of Qatar s voice Dubai based Saudi TV Puritan at home, Liberal abroad Emirati banks do business Owed by Sheik Al Waleed, News Corp minority share Entertainment, watched mostly in the Arab WorldSalerno, August 2011 LSDP, Matteo Minchio 8
  • 9. Rulers tricks for repression: gags, handcuffs and tanks Tunisian blogger Vodafone forced to Slim Amamou send Regime SMS Kidnapped Internet Shutdown Egypt, 27/01/11 Asma Al-Ghoul Palestinian female journalist tortured GCC Police clears Pearl Roundabout Lybian woman denoncing violences kidnapped in direct Syrian tanks make 2.000 victims in HamaSalerno, August 2011 LSDP, Matteo Minchio 9
  • 10. Ghosts from 1956: Saudi police cages Bahraini tweet Are you viral enough to spread the contagion? FACTS FACTORSu  14/02 youth groups u  Natives (46%) vs Migrants protest Pearl Roundabout (54%)u  Discrete talks Al-Wifaq- u  Tribal divisions (Settled vs Crown Prince Nomades)u  08/03 Coalition for u  Religious divisions (70% Bahrain Republic Shites vs Sunni elite)u  13/03 Barricades in Pearl u  Geopolitical issues (Saudi Roundabout Arabia vs Iran)u  14/03 GCC troops u  National media war crackdown (Bahrain Tv vs Al-Wasatu  15/03 State of newspaper) Emergency u  TV spotlight (Al Alam andu  22/06 Imprisonment and Al Manar) vs Tv blackout trial of opposition leaders (Al Jazeera)Salerno, August 2011 LSDP, Matteo Minchio 10