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Efemérides para Febrero - Tesms1302 (1)
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Efemérides para Febrero - Tesms1302 (1)


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Efemérides para Febrero - Tesms1302 (1)

  1. 1. E INDICATED ALONG DIRECTIONS AR MPASS THE HO N . CO r & Pollux, were consi R IZ O N RI Z O h olo g y, C as t o dere d p C IR C E HO ek myt atro n LE ( M The Evening Sky Map D TH in s o f G re SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE F OR CO AN NORTH sain S. H t w ts o EXA NIT MP AP t he f se LE ZE es , a fa r E tim M er s “NO KY TH t . R TH E N n cie n .S pella FEBRUARY 2013 WE ”) . BE T In a W Ca TU W RN TE D W LY N T h THE FREE* EACH MONTH FOR YOU TO EXPLORE, LEARN & ENJOY THE NIGHT SKY CA X en LO a m KY S Get Sky Calendar on Twitter AR E AUR IGA e A MA SKY MAP SHOWS HOWSky Calendar – February 2013 http://twitter.com/skymaps C TS r. JE s te lp ha AR P THE NIGHT SKY LOOKS OB rd O U ra b S c lu M38 EU EARLY FEB 10 PM i ND ic a AL s2 Moon very near Spica (109° from Sun, morning sky) at 2h UT. ar RS A W I N st I ST PE TS nd m Castor M37 M36 LATE FEB 9 PM E N es t h CELE Occultation visible in Madagascar and southern Africa. CE d ya NT an Pollux GEMINI (Add 1 Hour For Daylight Saving) N. eH ER s “ s3 Moon near Saturn (morning sky) at 7h UT. Mag. +0.5. SKY MAP DRAWN FOR a n R I ZO (J e A LATITUDE OF 35° of US lita HO M353 Last Quarter Moon at 13:57 UT. es SOUTH AND IS T A ry on ce ad E ter ei CA o TH Jupi SY M4 M1 Pl SUITABLE FOR ist5 Moon near Antares (67° from Sun, morning sky) at 6h UT. N Si 4 IS de s OU LATITUDES UP CE ed ck Hy a C LE le R TO 15° NORTH AR7 Moon at perigee (closest to Earth) at 12h UT th γ n bara CIR e” E OR SOUTH ce N Alde LE S DO M6 IO (365,318 km; 32.7). Re d MI t wi U e OR 9 EC OF THIS T ER 7 us 2264 esc CA NOR O R ING gu lge LI U 6 Cr han NI lu PT ri b i TA E OU8 Mercury 0.27° NNW of Mars (15° from Sun, evening S e s et IC NOW B Den re t 2244 n gw M D TH sky) at 18h UT. Mags. –1.0 & +1.2. Pro ON ) SO mo eb cyo ell i n OC ola ) AN ER9 Moon near Venus (12° from Sun, morning sky) er i s THE ts OS 2232 ITH at 10h UT. Mag. –3.9. p o si t clust M4 2 σ C OM P 8 M50 M4 D ( ZE N β10 New Moon at 7:22 UT. Start of lunation 1115. ion in s star ASS DI M47 Rige Alp l Sirius RT OF THE SKY DIRECTLY OVERHEA PISCES11 Moon near Mars (15° from Sun, evening sky) at M4 har h e Plei ad e VIRG t 6 HY h e s k y. RECTION TH d 10h UT. Mag. +1.2. MAJOR DR Mira CANIS M41 O A11 Moon near Mercury (17° from Sun, evening sky) γ T k S PU at 16h UT. Mag. –0.9. CETUS 3242 LE AT APPEARS ALONG THE B WEST EAST C R AT E R16 Mercury at greatest elongation, 18° east of Sun γ 245 247 (evening sky) at 21h UT. Mag. –0.5. 1 US 7 PUPPIS AN17 First Quarter Moon at 20:30 UT. T he So uth e α M104 ID L217 Moon near the Pleiades (evening sky) at 22h UT. 313 ER HE PA 25 2 CORV y.