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Socializing Customer Support to Drive Business Value
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Socializing Customer Support to Drive Business Value


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Learn how McKesson and Ogilvy have used social software to convert their Customer Support into social help centers with dramatic reductions in resolution time and increased alignment with sales …

Learn how McKesson and Ogilvy have used social software to convert their Customer Support into social help centers with dramatic reductions in resolution time and increased alignment with sales initiatives.

Published in: Business, Education

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  • Wide and shallow rolloutRamped up quicklyOn-site training to kick-startMore control that a corporate intranet due to legal/compliance considerations Security questions answeredGoogle AnalyticsI can find the info I need as easily and I can find a place to go hang out after work. Finally!
  • Transcript

    • 1. Socializing Customer Support to Drive Business Value Kate Leggett, Senior Analyst Forrester Research Timothy Kelly, Executive Director of Support McKesson Physician Practice Solutions Evan Shumeyko, Director@Ogilvy Ogilvyone Worldwide
    • 2. Ninety percent of customer servicedecision-makers tell Forrester that agood customer experience is critical totheir company‟s success. Sixty-threepercent think the importance of thecustomer experience has risen.
    • 3. A good customer experience is good for business
    • 4. But, few companies deliver anoutstanding customer experience
    • 5. Customer service decision makers walk a fine balance between the needs of customers and the needs of the business
    • 6. Contact center managers look to reducing handle times and increasing satisfaction
    • 7. Inaccurate and inaccessible corporateknowledge increases costs and decreases customer satisfaction Email
    • 8. Collaborative knowledge technologies take off, and help with delivering a good customer experience
    • 9. Social collaboration software moves theneedle on all customer service metrics
    • 10. McKesson Physician Practice Solutions Tim Kelly, Executive Director of Customer Support Physician Practice Solutions March 28, 2012
    • 11. Slide Breakout• What We‟re Doing with Socialtext / Goals• Visual – Sync Strategy Between Workspaces• How We‟re Leveraging the Social Platform• What We‟re Measuring / Metrics• Results / Impacts• Visual – Our Space 11 !
    • 12. What We‟re Doing• Authoring all Contact Center Solution articles, process, policy and Product Content to Socialtext• Using the primary workspace create a 1-4 click strategy for teams to access content quickly – Activities / Signals stream – Searching• Secondary Strategy aimed at standard Product „Table of Contents‟ approach• Creating Segmented and Synchronized Workspaces for Value Added Reseller Community and Customers to leverage content authored in PPS Workspace 12
    • 13. Content Sync Strategy 13
    • 14. How We‟re Leveraging the Social Platform• All Support team members use tool as single source of knowledge• Tagging Content for automatic publishing to VAR and Customer Workspace• Using Groups to collaborate with public and private access privileges – Example: Tier 2/3 team Private Group shares content Tier 1 should not access – Example: Training Academy has Public group for all to comment/dialogue on Training content and direction• Social validation of solutions content with „Read Only‟ Product and Policy content• Self Paced Training through Video Available Via Dashboard 14
    • 15. What We‟re Measuring / Metrics• Contact Center Measurements – Average Speed to Answer (ASA) – Average Handle Time (AHT) – Grade of Service (GOS)• Agent Level Metrics – Same Day Resolution of Cases (SDR) – Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) 15
    • 16. Results / Impacts from January to March• ASA* – Improved (Reduced) 66% – From 33” to 11”• AHT* – Improved (Reduced) 11% – From 22” to 20”• GOS* – Improved 25.75% – From 53.5% to 79.25% * Averaged Across Product Teams 16
    • 17. PPS Central and PPS VAR Central 17
    • 18. Results / Impacts from January to March• Same Day Resolution* – Improved 11.75% – From 33% - 44.75%• Customer Satisfaction* – Improved .67% – From 51% to 51.67% * Averaged Across Product Teams 18
    • 19. Ogilvy CRM Connections Socialtext Evan C. Shumeyko, Consulting Director evan.shumeyko@ogilvy.com19
    • 20. The challenge: Howdo we bringcollaborative brandconversations to lifeinside the callcenter?
    • 21. What Works | Best Practices Agent Engagement Dialogue Team Optimization Collaboration Ogilvy Consulting | CRM Connections
    • 22. Risk | Inform Without Measuring • How do know what‟s working? • Can we adjust our approach quickly, cost effectively? • How do we give the agents just what‟s needed. • Can we easily measure agent satisfaction? • We are pushing knowledge but are also we pulling? Ogilvy Consulting | CRM Connections
    • 23. Solution | SOCIALTEXTEnable knowledge-sharing, collaboration, conversation monitoring & relevance. Socialize Branding & Campaign Industry Assets Knowledge at Agents Fingertips Measure Knowledge- Training Share and Content Collaboration Usage Monitor Listening Post Activity
    • 24. Results: Business & Brand BenefitsROI: Top performer on the pilot sales team was the earliest adopter and user of Socialtext Hearts: Ramped up from 1 pilot team to 5 client call True Engagement center teams in approximately 1 year ~500 agents total as of 4/12 10% increase in conversion rate within key market segments Minds: UnderstandingImproved Customer Experience: Evolving dialogue strategy Drives deeper understanding Wallets: Fosters social business principles safely Consultative DialogueHelps clients “socialize the enterprise” from the ground up Call Center Agent Actualization
    • 25. Thank you• Q&A• For more information on Socialtext, please visit• Recording will be available on Socialtext• How to reach us us: – Kate Leggett - @kateleggett – Timothy Kelly - @mckesson – Evan Shumeyko - @ogilvydigital – Sandra Ponce de Leon - @socialtext
    • 26. About Socialtext• First Enterprise Social Software Company founded in 2002• Communications & collaboration platform that helps your employees “In the Flow of Work”• Social Layer is our vision• Flexible Deployment options: Secure on-site or hosted appliance• Widely recognized as Visionary & Leader among key analysts