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Social site maxed homework

  1. 1. Social Media Maxed 10 Day Plan 10 Day Social Media Plan Social Media Blueprint1. Investigate and Learn
  2. 2. 2. Set Up Social Network and Technology Accounts3. Set Up Your Free WordPress or Blogger blog4.Complete Your Blogging Planner and Write Your First Post5. Find Prospects on Facebook6. Set Up a Community Fan Page on Facebook7. Find Prospects on LinkedIn8. Find Instant Business on Twitter9. Manage your Profiles with HootSuite10.Review and Connect all your Profiles There are two hurdles that most new social marketers struggle toovercome. The first is technology and the second is that there is just too much information. Frankly speaking most people are simply overwhelmed. A fast start action plan and focus exclusively on the things you need to do to immediately get business.Instead of explaining all the theory and giving you loads of choices I’vechanged my approach to flat out tell you what works the best for each social
  3. 3. network and give specific instructions as to what to do. You can pretty up yoursites later and add other techniques but for now I want you to do the things thatwork right now.I want you to do exactly as I say.The 10 Day Plan is designed to get the absolute beginner up and running and toget the intermediary marketer focused on the activities that provide animmediate return on investment.Now don’t think this is a SMM 101 course – it’s not.It’s a highly focused plan that will make sure you get up, running and producingnew business in just 10 days. It does away with all the frills, bells and whistlesand zeroes in on real tactics and strategies that will immediately get you clientsand quickly drag you to the closing table. The 10 day Plan is designed to get your social media marketing plan operational and productive in just 10 days. Overview of the 10 Day Social Media Success PlanOn Day 1 you will identify your real estate social mediastrategy.On Day 2 you will set up all your essential social network and
  4. 4. technology accounts.On Day 3 you will build your blog and add the most importantwidgets.On Day 4 you will map out and plan your blogging strategyand publish your first blog posts.The purpose of your blog is to provide a venue to receivethousands of new social network friends. Traffic to your blogwill come from the social networks and you can expect anavalanche of prospective clients.The most important function of your blog is to convert yourvisitors into contacts.On Day 5 you will start making friends on Facebook andbuilding your network.On Day 6 you will create a fan page on Facebook for yourlocal community. This is currently the single most successfultactic for rapidly growing your friend network on any of thesocial networks.On Day 7 you will start making connections on Linked In andwill learn how to send a message to 50 connections at a time. On Day 8 you will learn how to ―listen‖ for business on Twitter by tracking keywords that identify ready and willing buyers and sellers.
  5. 5. On Day 9 you will set up your control panel on Hoot Suite tomonitor and manage all your social networks in oneconvenient dashboard.On Day 10 you’ll review your entire social media marketingplan and make sure that your networks are all connected andyour content is syndicated. Day 1 – Investigate and LearnDay 1 is a study and education day. It’s going to take the whole day soI suggest that you start on a weekend day.The whole point of the study day is to build a foundation to your socialmedia knowledge base.I’m going to share my social media strategy with you. It’s different to
  6. 6. what you will read from most social media gurus as it focuses less onbeing social and more on marketing.It’s a strategy that works for me as I now have over 500,000 socialnetwork friends and followers.In particular it’s a strategy that will help you quickly find hundreds ifnot thousands of friends on social networks (I like to think of my allsocial network friend as potential clients).In this course I’m going to share the exact tactics I use to build mynetwork of friends.Before you start investigating social media you need to ask yourselfthe following questions:You need to clearly answer all questions.There’s no right or wrong answer, just write down your thoughts.At the end of the 10 Days I’m going to ask you the same questionsand you can compare your answers. Write your answers in the space below: a. What is the relevance of social media to my real estate business? b. What do I want to get from social media?
  7. 7. c.How will I measure my return on investment from social media?d.How much time per day do I have available for social media? e. Which social media sites will help me? f. Who are my main competitors? g. How am I going to get the contact details and email address of my new Friends?The reason they are relevant is because that’s where you will findyour next clients. The membership numbers are staggering, anestimated 500 million members, and people are spending more andmore of their time on social networks.You need to join several networks and at a minimum create aprofile. Even if you don’t ―work all the networks you should setup a profile as they all pass great search engine juice and rank
  8. 8. highly in search results. Social Networks are ViralIn short Metcalfe says ―Go send out more friend requests onFacebook already!‖The great news is that Facebook and the other social networksare incredibly viral and you can simply piggyback on theirnetwork to virally expand your own personal network. In theFacebook Economy you can reach and connect with so manymore people than in the ―old days‖ of door-to-door or tel-canvassing.When I took a step back and analyzed my efforts at social mediamarketing I came up with the following key discoveries:Discovery Number 1It’s easy to make friends onlineDiscovery Number 2It’s difficult to sell real estate online
  9. 9. Discovery Number 3It’s impossible to manage thousands of relationships on socialnetworksMain Social Media GoalGet an email address.That’s it.Basically I view social networks as a phenomenal lead generation toolwhere I can meet an unprecedented number of potential clients. But Ialso recognize that selling real estate is still a very personal one-on-one business so I accept that while I can find clients online I still needto close them the old fashioned way – offline.In addition I’ve discovered that the only way to manage thousands ofnew friends and followers is to get their email address andcommunicate with them through mass email marketing.The Process of Converting Strangers to ClientsI’m going to give you the simple five step plan to becoming a socialnetworking superstar. If you follow all five steps you will succeed andconvert your social networking into more real estate closings.1.Step 1 – Identify Prospects
  10. 10. 2.Step 2 - Convert Strangers into Friends3.Step 3 – Convert Friends into Group Members or Fans4.Step 4 - Convert Group Members into Contacts5.Step 5 – Convert Contacts into Customers Think of a huge funnel.At the top of the funnel sits your social networks like Twitter,Facebook, You Tube, Linked In and Active Rain. Their role is to helpyou find identify prospects and make new online friends.Twitter sits on top the funnel and acts as a huge billboard where youcan broadcast your message to thousands of people.With Facebook and Linked In you can make friends and use theircommunication tools to accelerate the process of converting yourfriends into customers who will buy or sell real estate.WordPress is your blog. It’s your backyard barbeque where you canentertain people and establish yourself as a real estate expert.The ―Money Bag‖ is your email database. You know that if you canget your friends’ contact details it’s like putting money on the bank.
  11. 11. That’s the social media marketing funnel. It’s designed to convert youronline friends into contacts.Remember, your immediate challenge is that you don’t have contactdetails for your new online friends.To get contact details you need to drive your friends down themarketing funnel and direct them to through your blog into yourcontact database Write a personal tag-line.That line of text under your name is the first thing people see in yourProfile. It follows your name in search hit lists. Its your brand. (Note:your e-mail address is not a brand!) Your companys brand might beso strong that it and your title are sufficient. However, you might needto refine your professional personality into a more eye-catchingphrase that describes who you are at a glance. Put your elevator pitch to work.Go back to your conference introduction. That 30-second description,the essence of who you are and what you do, is a personal elevatorpitch. Use it in the Summary section to engage readers. Youve got5-10 seconds to capture their attention. The more meaningful yoursummary is, the more time youll get from readers. Point out your skills.
  12. 12. Think of the Specialties field as your personal search engineoptimizer. It is an avenue to refine the ways people find and rememberyou. This searchable section is where that list of industry buzzwordsfrom your resume belongs. This is also the place to display particularabilities and interests, the personal values you bring to yourprofessional performance, or even a note of humor or passion. Explain your experience.Help the reader grasp the key points. Briefly say what the companydoes and what you did or do for them. Picture yourself at thatconference again. After youve introduced yourself, how do youdescribe what you do, what your company does? Use those clear,succinct phrases here and break them into visually digestible chunks. Distinguish yourself from the crowd.Use the Additional Information section to round out your Profile with afew key interests. Add websites that showcase your abilities orpassions. Then edit the default My Website label to encourage click-throughs (you get Google page rankings for those, raising yourvisibility). Maybe you belong to a trade association or an interestgroup; help other members find you by naming those groups. If yourean award winner recognized by peers, customers or employers, addprestige without bragging by listing them here. Build your connections.Connections are one of the most important aspects of your brand. Thecompany you keep reflects the quality of your brand. What happens
  13. 13. when you view a Profile and see that you know someone in common?That Profiles credibility increases. The value of that commonalityworks both ways. So identify connections that will add to yourcredibility and pursue those.A final note: As you add connections and recommendations, yourProfile develops into a peer-reviewed picture of you and of yourpersonal brand. Make sure its in focus, well composed and easy tofind. Edit your public Profiles URL to reflect your name or tagline.Then you can put it to work by adding it to your blog, linking to it fromyour website, and including it in your e-mail signature.Software and ServicesOpen an account at (free)Open an account at (free version)Open an account with www.feedburner.comPublish a 3 to 5 page report on your local market (here are afew ideas)a. Recent Sales and Statisticsb. Neighborhood reportc. Schools and Parks reportd. Curb Appeal Report My Blogging PlannerName of Blog
  14. 14. DomainTitleDescriptionMeta TagsNotes on the Blogging PlanSellers
  15. 15. Agents (referrals)b. Specialize (Don’t be a Generalist)I want to specialize in the following niche(s)i. Choose Your Content NicheGolfVacationFirst time BuyersActive AdultsRetirement CommunitiesLuxury HomesCondosLandInvestment PropertiesCommercialOtherj. Choose your Area NicheInclude a list of your target City, Neighborhoods and communities.Remember that hyper local blogging is very effective so don’t beafraid to go down to the local level.CityNeighborhoodsCommunities
  16. 16. This should keep you busy until we meet again...Classes Social Sites Maxed February ScheduleFriday, February 10, 2012 ~ 11:00AM to 1:00PMCentury 21 Americana ~ bring lunch & laptopFriday, February 24, 2012 ~ 11:00AM to 1:00PMCentury 21 Americana ~ bring lunch & laptop