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Protecting kids on social networks and taking control of your social identity have become a mainstream ideas. Companies that can’t provide these services simply will not be able to compete with those that do.

But let’s say you don’t have the budget to buy yourself a company that already has a product built? Well, that’s where we can help.

SociallyActive is the largest independent social network privacy and reputation monitoring company in the world and we are working with some of the most respected companies in the identity monitoring and consumer security markets to create compelling products for their customers.
Our flexible and robust deployment options allow our partners to provide a complete set of social identity and security tools in a way that meshes with their existing products and business model.

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SociallyActive for Identity Theft Prevention Companies

  1. 1. Chris Crosby Co-Founder/Managing Director Social Network Security and Reputation Monitoring for Identity Theft Prevention Vendors
  2. 2. AboutUs
  3. 3. About SociallyActive • Team of entrepreneurs & parents • – Beta 2011, publicly launched 2012 • Private Label & OEM Solutions for: – Parental Controls, Identity Theft Prevention, Reputation Management, Mobile Tracking & Management • Global Go-to-Market Partnerships
  4. 4. ParentingisinTransition
  5. 5. Key Transitions in Teen Social Media Use & Security Exploration Mass AdoptionNovelty Adaption Old Friends, New Connections Loss of Privacy: Cyber bullying, Sexual Predation, Identity Theft Nature of relationships change. New threats. New networks, ubiquito us adoption and global reach. Shift from Web to Mobile 1B+ Facebook; Twitter & Instagram Accelerating. MySpace & Friendster. 500,000 Facebook users PC in the Living Room Parental Controls & Content Filtering Cloud Based Monitoring Always on, everywhere.
  6. 6. Spheres of Online Threats Stranger Danger Other People’s Kids My Kid’s Activities • Sexual Predators • Identity Theft • College and Job Recruiters • Cyber bullying or harassing my child • Posting photos of my child • Cyber bullying someone • Sharing personal information • Posting inappropriate photos
  7. 7. SociallyActiveParenting
  8. 8. Twitter Tweets, Photos, Mentions, Foll owing, Followers. Instagram Photos, Comments, Mentions, Following, Followers, photo stream. Facebook Posts, tags, comments, photos , top friends, what’s trending. Deep Social Network Monitoring and Alerting SociallyActive connects directly to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to capture all social activity.
  9. 9. Preventing Identity Leakage & Theft • Risk Analysis – Customizable alerting – Proprietary risk model combines leakage from across social networks • Prevention – Expert resources and tutorials for parents and teens
  10. 10. UnparalledMonitoring&ThreatDetection
  11. 11. Adaptive Content Analysis SM • Intelligent Filtering + Data Analysis = Awesomesauce – Ability to filter in any language, plus language support for 9+ full languages – Algorithmic pattern analysis to spot privacy threats • Adaptive Language Library = Even More Awesomeness – Continuously updated with new lingo, slang and #hashtags • Identify and Alert for: – Profanity and Vulgarity – Cyber bullying and Aggressive Behavior – Predatory and Grooming Activity – Reputation Damaging Activity (Alcohol, Drugs, Bigotry) – Personally Identifiable Information
  12. 12. For Adults Too • Risk Analysis and Reporting for: – Online Reputation – Privacy Infringements – Personally Identifiable Information and Identity Leakage
  13. 13. PartneringforOnlineSecurity
  14. 14. Partnership Strategy Private Label Your branding, our product and user experience. OEM Our functionality embedded in your product.
  15. 15. Private Label Option • We create you a tailored user experience and provide full technology support, hosting, upgrades and maintenance • Easy to get started with minimal resources required on your part.
  16. 16. OEM and APIs • Easily embed our functionality into your existing products or create your own stand alone offering. • Standards based APIs provide you full control over the user experience and branding. • Send your own email alerts to customers, or use our engine at no extra charge.
  17. 17. Flexible APIs (Restful, Secure, Scalable) Social Authentication and Data Integration (Continually Adding New Networks) Analysis and Alerting (PII, Cyber Bullying, Sexual Content, Profanity, Reputation) Customer Relationship Management (Analytics Driven Customer Interactions) Unique Value Proposition Brand-able and Custom Content (Educational Articles, eBooks, Search Optimized Blog Posts)
  18. 18. Why Partner with SociallyActive? • Secure and scalable infrastructure • Flexibility to partner for mutual long term success • Laser focused on social network monitoring and analysis
  19. 19. Partnerships in Development • White Label and OEM – Negotiating agreements with large identity theft prevention providers – Two large, global internet security companies • – Partnering with large consumer loyalty programs and affiliate partners
  20. 20. Chris Crosby Co-Founder/Managing Director CONTACT US