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Teens & Social Networks: New Realties and Threats
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Teens & Social Networks: New Realties and Threats



Instagram, Twitter and Facebook have created a new reality for teens where privacy is non-existent and they are being inundated with porn and illicit photos. ...

Instagram, Twitter and Facebook have created a new reality for teens where privacy is non-existent and they are being inundated with porn and illicit photos.

This presentation will help parents understand these threats in more detail.



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Teens & Social Networks: New Realties and Threats Teens & Social Networks: New Realties and Threats Presentation Transcript

  • Surprising Realities About Your Teenand Social MediaChris CrosbyCofounder & Managing Directorwww.SociallyActive.com
  • Agenda Let’s make an example out of ME Your teen Other people’s kids… 3 Harsh New Realities A Look Ahead What to do Now How SociallyActive can help
  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr & SnapChat? Oh my! If the social networks assigned a rating for their content, which would it be?
  • A Little About Me
  • Google indexed my digital footprintand tied it back to me…
  • But Wait, there’s more11 pages more…
  • But enough about me. Let’s talk about your teen...
  • That’s not your teen? OK, good.
  • Let’s talk about other people’s kids
  • New RealitiesYour Teen and Social Networks
  • Privacy is an IllusionReality #1
  • Some Interesting Headlines
  • Why Privacy Settings Don’t Matter Privacy Settings, Terms of Use, Data Use and Privacy Policies Constantly Change  Most changes are retroactive Anyone can take a picture or a screenshot of a picture and distribute it. Smartphones everywhere  Remember the bathroom #selfpic ? Yeah, there were other kids in the background…
  • All it takes is one “friend” or one “ex”-friend to post those not-so-flattering pictures of your teen online.
  • Your Teen’s Personal Data for SaleReality #2
  • How do FREE sites make money?“When something online is free, you’renot the customer, you’re the product.”
  • How We Got Here Social networking went mobile  Putting the PC in the living room to monitor online behavior is no longer enough. Parents joined Facebook  Kids moved to Twitter and Instagram Facebook bought Instagram  Now Facebook can combine data collected about your teen from both social networks. Kids are moving to SnapChat Facebook went public  Facebook needs to make a lot of $$ to make investors happy
  • Your kids are Being Inundated with porn,or worseReality #3
  • How Bad Pictures Get in the Hands ofGood Kids #CMS #picoftheday #Cool #Teen #Drugs
  • Social Streams A # (hashtag) is appended to a status update or photo to:  Identify the subject matter  Insert it into a stream Anyone can use a # for on any status/post for any reason People “Follow” or search for #hashtags when they are looking for specific topics or interests  When you use a hashtag it gets associated with everything else in that stream
  • What’s Trending on Twitter?
  • #school
  • #teen
  • #drugs
  • Where do We go From Here?A look into the not-so-distant future
  • Things to Consider for 2015 & Beyond Kids that are coming online to Social Media sites today will be applying for college. Kids that have been online for a couple of years now, will be applying for their first job. Their entire digital footprint will be indexed and searchable by Google, regardless of their current privacy settings on social sites. Facial recognition software will be common place, so nearly every photo of your teen will show up in a web search. The proactive will thrive, whereas everyone else will…?
  • Some Things to ConsiderSocial Media as Empowerment
  • Use Social Media with Intention
  • Things to do Now Consider “No Photo” Policies at schools and pools. Register your child’s domain name.  This is how they will control their online identity and brand. Frame their online identity as their online resume.  Help your teen use social media to their advantage Discuss the threats just as you would about sex, drugs, alcohol, porn, video games and peer pressure.
  • See it for yourself Sign-up for Instagram and Twitter  Use the products  Follow Your Teens  Browse Instagram photos: http://statigr.am/ Sign-up for www.SociallyActive.com and let us help you 
  • How SociallyActive HelpsResources and Monitoring Software
  • How SociallyActive Helps Protect YourChild Online Connects directly to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and monitors their network’s activity. Provides a consolidated View of all Social Networking Activity Send you an email alert when there is a potential privacy threat or new photo posted.
  • Recent Photos of Your Teen We Show You the Most Recent Photos that Your Teen has Uploaded or has been TAGGED IN
  • Who’s Tagging Them See who has been tagged with them in photos
  • All of Their Activity In One Place
  • Know Who is Influencing Them
  • Know What’s Popular Right Now
  • Engage With Us  Raising Awareness Through Social Media  Twitter @Socially_Active  http://www.facebook.com/SociallyActive  Contact Me Directly at ChrisC@SociallyActive.comFor SlideShare Parents Only: $39 for one-year subscr(normally $9/m or $89/y) https://app.sociallyactive.com/new_user/annual_39