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Socialab is a full-service digital marketing agency that delivers results. Our mission is to help promote brands and organizations across the web, by managing their image and communication through all digital media platforms.

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Who we are

  1. 1. Company Profile
  3. 3. socialab • Socialab is a digital marketing agency that opened its doors in 2009. • Today, it is the largest independent digital creative agency in Greece, by number of staff and revenue. • It is also the #1 corporation in educating executives in digital marketing, with more than 500 participants in the last two years. • Our mission is to promote brands and organizations. • As a full-service agency, we offer a wide range of customized services: web, social, search, display, email, mobile & performance. • Socialab works both directly with brand owners and with advertising agencies, both white-label and openly. • Our commitment is providing the results that mean something to the client, and that’s why we advise clients on Strategy and also teach digital marketing. • And yes, we’ve been awarded across a large number of categories.
  5. 5. Clients
  6. 6. Credentials: Awards
  7. 7. We are the people behind suit.gr, the 1st and most popular Greek website with digital marketing news & tips. Suit.gr has a growing audience of more than 1,000 daily readers, most of them in marketing and advertising. http://www.suit.gr/ Credentials: suit.gr
  8. 8. Credentials: Media
  9. 9. Credentials: Congresses & Workshops EDUCATIONAL • ALBA (MSc & ExeD) 2014 (ongoing) • LinkedIn Seminar 2015 • Panteios (Media dept) 2013 • ALBA (MSc Marketing) 2013 • AUEB/ELTRUN 2012, 2013 & 2014 • Deree (Marketing Society) 2012 • SAE (Music Business) 2012 • AKTO (Social Media) 2012 & 2013 PROFESSIONAL • Corporate Workshops (ongoing) • Orange Grove 2013 (ongoing) • Web World Expo 2014, 2015 • Infocom World 2014 • Social Media Conference 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015 • All Things Facebook 2011, 2012, 2013 & 2015 • Online Marketing Conference 2013 • EEDE/EIP 2012 & 2013 • Entrepreneurship Panorama 2012 & 2015
  10. 10. Starting in March 2014, Socialab created a strategic partnership with ALBA Graduate Business School in Athens and the Digital Marketing Institute in Ireland to provide training in digital marketing. The Syllabus Academic Council actively validates our course material on an ongoing basis and provide industry guidance on where the technologies are going. The council includes Facebook, Twitter, Google, PayPal & Microsoft. Educational Partners
  11. 11. Credentials: Partners
  12. 12. As part of our CSR programme, Socialab is continuously committing resources toward helping the community pro-bono. Our most known effort is: • Orange Grove: Socialab participates at the workspace and support group offered to Greek startups by the Embassy of Netherlands, both as a mentor and as training partner. We have guided 3 startups so far and have provided training for the executives of the Embassy and OG. Corporate Social Responsibility
  13. 13. • Founder & CEO at Socialab, head of Strategy • Digital Content Creator since 1994 in the first Greek web-zine • Digital Marketer since 1999, in a UK startup during the dot-com era • In Web Design, Display & Search Marketing since 2002 • Blogger since 2004, starting a network for digital PR • Mobile Marketing between 2006 - 2009 • Founded Socialab in 2009 an expanded it to a full-service digital agency. • Judge at Ermis Awards since 2013 for Digital and Branded Content • Only DMI certified digital marketing master trainer in Greece • Has worked with 100+ national & global brands since 1999 Founder: George Anagnostopoulos
  14. 14. • Partner and Business Unit Director at Socialab • Blogger since 2006 and in Digital Marketing since 2008 • Won his first 2 Ermis Awards for Pepsico/IVI campaigns • Won Effie Awards for campaigns in Romania • Won 9 Ermis Awards for campaigns as Account Director for Nestlé in 1 year • Joined Socialab as a Partner in 2012 • Won Social Media Awards for Socialab in 2013, 2014 and 2015 • Judge at Ermis Awards since 2014 • Has worked with 80+ national and global brands since 2008. Partner: Tasos Veliadis
  15. 15. Socialab Team
  16. 16. • Engagement Marketing • Case Studies
  17. 17. In one of the biggest international projects that a Greek digital agency has ever developed, we conceptualized and then created an activation that ran in 7 countries, promoting the teen fragrance and deodorant brand, BU. Results: 10,000 new fans 20,000 votes 30,000 invites 5,000 shares 4,000 creators
  18. 18. BU, ‘My Dream Closet’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cln97AVJ36o
  19. 19. Just before Easter, for frozen seafood brand Kallimanis, we created a clever Twitter promo called “tweetSarakosti”. During Lent, the brand replied in real-time tweets including the word #peinaw (meaning “I’m hungry”), offering delicious seafood gift boxes to many lucky Twitter users. A video was created to showcase the activation.
  20. 20. Kallimanis, “#TweetSarakosti” http://www.socialab.gr/kallimanis-tweetsarakosti/
  21. 21. In order to promote the launch of the new shower gel line, we created an animated video for Bioten, based on the ‘My own moment of relaxation’ activation which was running on the brand’s Facebook page. The results were impressive. In seven days only, we managed to get 3,000 new fans, as well as 4,000 comments, 3,800 likes and 500 shares on the 7 Facebook posts which were based on the video.
  22. 22. Bioten,‘My own moment of relaxation’ http://www.socialab.gr/bioten-moment-relaxation/
  23. 23. After the launch of the new Galaxy S6 edge and S6 edge +, SAMSUNG needed an on going digital promotion of its new products. Thus, we created the campaign “Change your smartphone. Change your day”, which included the app https://apps.samsung.gr/changeyourday/, a quiz that highlights the unique selling points of the new Galaxy S6 edge and S6 edge +. (Design, Concept, Quiz and Creative Materials of the app are included)
  24. 24. In order to promote the new Lanes Kcaligram 5:2, we created an activation based on the specific characteristics of the new product and the revolutionary "diet of two days" that it recommends. The activation, “Katapiesi Terma”, invites users to share their own secret for an easy and efficient loss of weight and it is included in a specially designed microsite, which provides not only all the necessary information about the new product and diet, but also video - tips from an expert dietitian and recipes of low caloric intake. The microsite is available here: http://laneshealth.gr/katapiesiTerma/
  25. 25. In 2015 we wanted to broaden the online community of bioten by developing a microsite, which is basically a digital "billboard" for our campaigns, representing a more emotional side of the brand. The microsite is available here: www.loveyourskin.gr (Design, Content, Concept, Creative Materials & Maintenance for the microsite are included)
  26. 26. Due to the beginning of the new school year and the promotion of the new innovative Stabilo product line, we created the campaign "Easy Start". The campaign included the creation of a suitable microsite, http://easystart.stabilo.com/easylife.gr/, in which users could find information about the new products and other useful everyday tips from famous mommy-bloggers in Stabilo branded videos. Moreover, any mom-user could share her own unique advice that will help other mothers have a more "Easy" life.
  27. 27. When Lipton changed the design of its product, Lipton Ice Tea, we created a 3D video in order to promote its new bottle and the new refreshing look. The promo video is available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VEI2Av962mo
  28. 28. When IVI launched its new product Ivi with no sugar, we created the application “#ivixoris”, (“Ivi Without”) focusing on all those moments we cannot imagine without a specific “ingredient” which makes them special. Users could write their own quote or choose an existing one from our entertaining list, to share it with their friends for the chance to win new products. Results: 3,400 games 3,200 votes 1,600 shares
  29. 29. We helped re-launch STR8 in June 2013 by gamifying the online brand experience. The campaign reached 4x its original organic audience with 8x the engagement. This earned us the Gold Award at the Social Media Awards 2013. It also resulted in an increase of 8% in market share against the brand’s competition.
  30. 30. The app was included in the top Greek Apps on Facebook Studio and soon climbed in the Top 5! It also stabilized the page’s Engagement Rate following a year of reckless posting with no schedule, by the previous agency.
  31. 31. Millennium Bank asked us to promote their Web Banking service. We conceptualized and produced a series of animated videos highlighting the benefits of the service, the first of which earned us a spot in Ads Of The World.
  32. 32. Millennium Bank Greece, Web Banking Service https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4DVya7qkWCI
  33. 33. Soon after the rebranding Calgonit dish-washer tablets to Finish, Reckitt Benckiser wanted something that would go viral. Thanks to our neat Video SEO strategy, this video received more than 3,000,000 verified views on YouTube.
  34. 34. Finish, Greek Funny Videos http://www.socialab.gr/most-successful-viral-video/
  35. 35. Lanes Health, ‘Let Mama Lanes’: http://www.socialab.gr/ase-ti-mama-na-lanes/ We invited Lanes Health Facebook fans to talk about their over-protective mothers in public and share their most epic “Mama quotes”, in order to make a connection with the brand. More than 2,000 lines were created in a week.
  36. 36. Guised as an on-going contest, we conducted market research for L’ Artigiano, indicating that €60,000 worth of monthly sales were generated from their facebook fans.
  37. 37. Custom activation: Secret Garage. One real-life restricted-access garage, a lot of brand new Mercedes cars and 3 security cameras. Users had to observe through the cameras and try to count or guess the number of hidden Mercs inside. If they gave the correct answer, they were entered in a draw to win prizes. The activation brought 4,000 new fans. Results: Sales surpassed by 120% the target set for the period
  38. 38. Lamda Mercedes, ‘Secret Garage’ http://www.socialab.gr/lamda-mercedes-secret-garage/
  39. 39. We created content for Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream, which was used internationally by Unilever in France, Spain & Turkey.
  40. 40. Novartis was interested in following-up on all mentions of how their products are accepted in the market both in terms of communication as well as health-wise. We provided services to ensure that all mentions of their products and the corporate brand from Greek users reached the marketing department to be assessed. Also, we were part of the company’s pharmacovigillance program, reporting results to the Drug Administration’s (EOF) standards.
  41. 41. EVGA ice creams is one of the most traditional Greek food brands, with a 60+ year history. The challenge was to constantly create Facebook content reflecting the history of the brand, while maintaining a modern enough character for social media. The client, Unilever, wanted to reward its audience and we created an activation for 10,000 users where 100 fans won free ice cream.
  42. 42. Mtv wanted to provide a co-branded experience to their client, Amita Motion. We created an application to engage the total of 160,000 fans of both pages with 6 repeat competitions, where users got to vote for their favorite bands & artists. The challenge was to make the application simple enough, with prizes that would not cost anything to the organizers. The cost per user that participated in the application was less than €0.10, a small price to pay for repeated engagement. Through this application, the Amita Motion page surpassed 50,000 fans in November 2011.
  43. 43. • Performance Marketing • Case Studies
  44. 44. Google AdWords (SEM), On-site and Off-site SEO for Cosmetic Derma Medicine, clinic of cosmetic dermatology and plastic surgery. The project was awarded at the E-volution Awards 2015 for the SEO/SEM best practice.
  45. 45. Οur main target was to create a powerful experience for the users based on the path: buy product – participate to the activation – share the message. That’s why we created a UTC promo for IVI, called Kalotaksivi. Every user could find a unique code under the cap of IVI products, enter the code into the specially developed microsite (http://www.kalotaksivi.gr/) and win this year’s summer vacation at a destination of the user’s choice.
  46. 46. IVI, ‘Kalotaksivi’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AYvsHp-QIfI
  47. 47. ELINOIL SA, in the framework of its entrance in I.O.A.S. "Panos Mylonas" Members and driven by its sensitivity of safe driving, created the campaign, "Blue Driving", with the support of the Institute, I.O.A.S. "Panos Mylonas". We created for ELINOIL SA the microsite, http://www.bluedriving.gr/, which included the Design, Blue Driver Quiz and Creative Materials & Maintenance of the site.
  48. 48. In August 2015, we created the microsite http://www.mylipton.gr/, in order to communicate the refreshing look of Lipton Ice Tea and its annual activations. The creation of mylipton.gr included the Concept, Design, Content, Creative Materials & Maintenance of the site.
  49. 49. In July 2015, in the framework of its dynamic renewal, Central Parking System Athens S.A. was renamed as Cityzen Parking & Services. Thus, we created its new site as Cityzen, which included the Concept, Design, Content, Creative Materials & Maintenance for http://www.cityzen.com.gr/.
  50. 50. When Milner from FrieslandCampina Hellas launched its new campaign, #ToKati, we were asked to design the hosting website of the campaign. The project included: Concept, Design, Content, Creative Materials & Maintenance for http://www.milner.gr/.
  51. 51. Lanes Health has published a printed health and wellness guide to help consumers “navigate” through their list of supplements, while offering tips on health and nutrition. We created a microsite to make the guide available online with an intuitive interface, focusing on usability and functionality. The guide is available here: http://laneshealth.gr/guide/.
  52. 52. We created the official site of Hellenic Fine Oils (http://www.hfo.gr/), which included the Design, Content, Concept, Creative Materials & Maintenance.
  53. 53. Concept, Design, Content, Creative Materials, Maintenance, On-site SEO & Hosting for the Mercedes–Benz website for Lamda.
  54. 54. Structure co-creation, Content guidelines, Greek content, On-site and Off-site SEO for Olympic Air, based on the Sitecore CMS.
  55. 55. Design, Structure, Content, Maintenance, on-site SEO (bilingual: English and Greek) and Website management for Holmes Place.
  56. 56. Structure creation, Content rewriting from scratch for SEO (bilingual: Greek & English), Google Analytics, UI/UX audit, Search audit and Display for Millennium bank on custom CMS.
  57. 57. Concept, Design, Creative materials, Content, Maintenance, Security audit, Hosting and SEO for Lanes Health.
  58. 58. Concept, Design, Content, Platform Setup, Custom development & Digital PR for Teza, in a custom one-page HTML5.
  59. 59. Management of a Facebook Event with over 3,000 attendees in order to bring the audience of Public Stores to their shops at midnight for the launch of a new game. (3- person team)
  60. 60. • Phygital Marketing • Case Studies
  61. 61. In May of 2015, we designed and implemented the interactive experience “Chester Van” to promote the new Cheetos XXL in a very cool way. Along with Chester Van, the Chesters took a wild roadtrip in Athens under the rhythm of Chester Song. Adults and kids had the chance to meet, play and take pictures with their fellow Chesters for 5 weekends. The last weekend Chester Van traveled to Thessaloniki too. The phygital campaign included Digital PR, Display Marketing, Facebook App and Print.
  62. 62. Cheetos XXL, ‘Chester Van’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ujYHHZiooc
  63. 63. For our soft drinks client IVI, we were asked to create a bigger-than-life idea to support the biggest 2015 UTC activation taking place in Greece. The UTC mechanism is simple: Consumers find a code under the cap of purchased products that participate in the promo, and then check to find out if they win prizes. Our job was to conceptualize the activation and create the digital platform to enable users enter their codes and see what they won.
  64. 64. IVI, ‘Kalotaksivi’, Phygital Promo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AYvsHp-QIfI To maximize impact, a phygital promo was created as well, featuring the activation’s key visual, the hot air balloon. A real hot-air balloon branded Kalotaksivi was placed at Flisvos Marina and Smart Park, suspended from the ground. The balloon shared not only many Ivi products, but also journeys and smiles.
  65. 65. In the summer of 2014, along with Lipton Ice Tea, we created the "Cool Down Stop" to bring a touch of coolness to the scorching down-town Athens. In a bus stop near a central subway station, unsuspecting passers-by saw the written words "Cool Down Stop" while a button invited them to press it in order to cool off. A surprise awaited those who were brave enough to push the button. We captured the public’s reactions in a video which created buzz and boosted brand awareness. Results: >170,000 views >120 greek & international sites earned media>100,000€
  66. 66. Lipton Ice Tea, ‘Cool Down Stop’ http://www.socialab.gr/lipton-ice-tea-cools-down-athens/
  67. 67. Digital & Ambient Activation combined in one of Greece’s select few Vending Machine Promotions, for Lanes Health. Shopping center visitors were invited to accept the Mama-Lanes challenge & engage with the brand in a fun way in order to try a Lanes Health vitamin C.
  68. 68. The video captured real audience reactions, it was featured in over 100 websites in Greece and abroad, with 5 million unique visitors, and the estimated reach in Greece was almost 1 million users. Lanes, ‘Vending Machine’: http://socialab.gr/portfolio-items/lanes-vending-machine/
  69. 69. Provided Social Media support for STR8 Muzic Fest, a concert with 7 music groups and an audience of over 5,000 people. Organized groups to post content, live Facebook posts from the concert, streaming tweets, photo tags and photobooth (7-person team).
  70. 70. • PR & Traditional Media • Case Studies
  71. 71. Concept and implementation of digital PR for the brand Camel. Included the design and printing of gift boxes that were sent to media and bloggers.
  72. 72. Results: More than 23 sites & magazines published the activation. Among them, Marketing Week, Imerisia, Zougla, LIFO, vita.gr and many more.
  73. 73. Concept and implementation of the PR event, “50 years Kallimanis”, for the brand Kallimanis, to meet with food bloggers and provide information and training. Included the design and printing of bloggers’ invites.
  74. 74. Results: The bloggers who attended the event “50 years Kallimanis”, shared their experience through their personal and professional social media profiles as well as blogs and websites.
  75. 75. “Now even mama will Lanes” with the blogger activation for the brand Lanes. In a specially designed microsite created by Socialab, three known bloggers share their experiences as mothers as well as their own “mama-tips”. More than 10 blogger videos were created on children’s nutrition, entertainment, learning and exercise, which are all available on the microsite. The activation will last for 4 months and each month a new category of tips will open and new bloggers’ videos will be released.
  76. 76. All mothers are encouraged to visit the microsite, watch the bloggers’ videos and share their own mama-tips concerning family and children’s topics. The activation is still running, and so far two categories, namely nutrition and entertainment have aired. Results: so far 1,260 unique users 3,700 shares 2,500 games
  77. 77. In order to increase engagement and motivate fans to participate, we created a Bloggers activation for the Kinder Bueno chocolate bar. We sent personalized gift boxes to each blogger/influencer and asked them to send us back their own selfies with the product, as well as share a (moderately) naughty action they would take in order to enjoy their beloved Kinder Bueno. We also encouraged them to share those stories in their personal social media pages.
  78. 78. After the initial stage of the activation, many popular websites began to share and promote it, increasing its impact and reach, as well as creating unique user generated content, since more and more users started to talk about and share the activation. Results: 27 bloggers >50 posts >1,500 shares >6,700 comments
  79. 79. Implementation of a promotional campaign for Subaru’s 4-month event, Subarudromio, to meet with bloggers and provide test drives and an off-road experience. Included the design of the online app where photos and videos of visitors were collected through the hashtag #subarudromio.
  80. 80. Results: Lots of people have already visited #Subarudromio and even more have been written about it. Over 50 websites of general and specific interest. More than 25 sites wrote about Subarudromio in only 2 weeks and more than 20 bloggers posted their experience.
  81. 81. Providing Mercedes cars to online influencers during the weekends (shown here is the Founder & Curator of TEDx Athens, Dimitris Kalavros). Mercedes Ambassadors
  82. 82. Communication and presentation at the ALBA Open Day for the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing. Present at the event: 40 people/ Course Registrations: 34 people ALBA Open Days
  83. 83. Concept for a series of TVCs for the slimming supplement Kcaligram 7 days, for Lanes Health.
  84. 84. Concept and design of print ads for the IT and home entertainment business unit of Toshiba.
  85. 85. Thank you!