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The presentation at ALBA Business Graduate School on 18 Feb 2014: Open Day for the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing. …

The presentation at ALBA Business Graduate School on 18 Feb 2014: Open Day for the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing.

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  • 1. Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing
  • 2. ALBA Graduate Business School Executive Development
  • 3. ALBA Identity - Vision & Mission §  Not-for-Profit, private academic institution of graduate studies in Business Administration §  Not-for-Profit association of 82 Corporate Members §  Operates under the auspices of the: -  Federation of Greek Industries (ΣΕΒ), -  Hellenic Management Association (ΕΕΔΕ) -  Athens Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ΕΒΕΑ) Our vision To become one of the leading research-driven Graduate Business Schools of Europe on the basis of excellence of teaching and intellectual impact on the business world, attracting outstanding faculty and students from all over the world. Our mission To educate visionary leaders of tomorrow who will act as agents of change and help shape the future business world by pushing forward the frontiers of knowledge related to the management of business organizations and making that knowledge relevant to practitioners. Generating and disseminating knowledge represent our twin objectives.
  • 4. ALBA Activities Attraction & Education of Talent ACADEMIC PROGRAMS Offering Lifelong Learning & Networking Pioneer in EU & Innovation Projects PUBLIC EVENTS RESEARCH APPLIED RESEARCH & INTL PROJECTS CAREER & ALUMNI OFFICE EXECUTIVE DEVELOPMENT Adding Value to People & Organizations through Customized Executive Training Programs Generation of Knowledge to People & Organizations Connecting Academic Knowledge, Professional Interests & Personal Skills With Meaningful Careers
  • 5. Executive Development Portfolio Open   Seminars Diplomas Mini MBAs In  House   Seminars Executive Management & Leadership Programs In  House   MBA/MSc  
  • 6. ALBA Executive Development Clients We  address  the  training  and  development  needs  of  clients  opera4ng  across  market  sectors   IT TELECOM MANUFACTURING PHARMACEUTICAL SECTOR BANKING TOURISM & ENTERTAINMENT RETAIL PUBLIC SECTOR FMCG SHIPPING AUTOMOTIVE
  • 7. ALBA meets Socialab and DMI: Value Added in Digital Marketing • ALBA and Socialab join forces to: • Innovate in management training by leveraging complementary resources. • Organize and deliver an innovative Program on a “disruptive” and revolutionary new field. • Offer a “state of the art” program on a rapidly evolving field leveraging ALBA’s academic excellence, Socialab’s wide practice experience and Digital Marketing Institute’s knowledge in Digital Marketing.
  • 8. Socialab and the PDDM course
  • 9. Socialab • Digital Marketing agency since 2009. • In digital marketing since 1999. • Focused on national and global brands. • We are the numbers guys.
  • 10. Socialab’s Record Suit •  Visit, the #1 resource for digital marketing •  Check opinion pieces LinkedIn •  Apply to join our Social Media GR group •  More than 3,000 members, primarily marketers
  • 11. Socialab Experience
  • 12. Lecturers George Anagnostopoulos •  Creating content since 1994 •  Into digital marketing since 1999 •  Founder & CEO at Socialab Tasos Veliadis •  In digital marketing since 2008 •  Ermis Awards & Effie Awards •  Partner & Business Unit Director at Socialab and more...
  • 13. The Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing: Overview Modules and Structure: 1.  2.  3.  4.  5.  6.  7.  8.  9.  10.  Introduction to Digital Marketing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Search Engine Marketing / Pay Per Click (SEM / PPC) Email Marketing Digital Display Advertising Social Media Marketing 1 Social Media Marketing 2 Mobile Marketing Analytics Strategy and Planning
  • 14. Cost €900 per person Company members ALBA / Deree alumni Members of the Press - 20% - 30% - 40%
  • 15. Certification Certificate from the ALBA Graduate Business School Second certificate after exam from the Digital Marketing Institute extra cost: €300
  • 16. Course Material Sample
  • 17. Traditional Marketing Traditional marketing channels are characterised as: • Broadcast: one way communication, push • Message driven: brand focused, features, benefits. • Didactic: tells, explains, elaborates, instructs • Constrained: fit with programming & print schedules and geographic boundaries. • Calendar & Budget bound: limits and start and end points • Power: retained by the media owner, and the advertiser
  • 18. Digital Marketing an approach based on openness, transparency and engagement with the consumer • Interactive: many-to-many communication • Consumer driven: in terms of their interests and preferences. • Listening: follows the consumers needs • Un-constrained: liberated from schedules & boundaries. • Open ended: iterative (launch, review, adjust, re-launch) • Power: control & influence is with the consumer • Content Driven: in tune with consumer interests
  • 19. Balance of Power Digital technologies are transformative and disruptive and characterised by a shift in power to the consumer. Company vs. Consumer
  • 20. Evolution of online interaction. The evolution of the web places the user centre stage and increasingly in control. Broadcast Transact Interact Website Amazon Ebay Copyright ©  Digital Marketing Institute 2012 Converse Social Media
  • 22. Framework Introduction to Digital Marketing PROFESSIONAL DIPLOMA IN DIGITAL MARKETING
  • 23. Framework Introduction to Digital Marketing: Related Topics PROFESSIONAL DIPLOMA IN DIGITAL MARKETING
  • 24. Digital Marketing Method is the principles based framework for the application of digital marketing to achieve business goals 1. 3i Principles 2. Framework •  Initiate •  Visual Scheme •  Iterate •  Digital Channels •  Integrate •  Strategic Choices •  Quality Scale 4. Implementation 3. Tools •  Customer Goals •  Email •  Business Goals •  Search •  Application •  Social •  Mobile Source: Digital Marketing Institute ©
  • 25. Consumers leave a trail It is access to these activities that gives digital marketing its power Search for “Adventure Holiday” Click on Ad campaign Search Register for updates Click Purchase on site Register Buy 25  
  • 26. Consumers reveal who they are It is access to these activities that gives digital marketing its power Search for “Adventure Holiday” } Location, Interest, Age Click on Ad campaign Search Specific Requirement Register for updates Click Urgency Purchase on site Register Buy Budget
  • 27. “Start with the customer and work backwards" Market reality is a better indicator of customer needs than market research MARKET RESEARCH Customer Polls, questionnaires, history, focus groups, research.   Product or Service Search: keyword research tools Social: listening tools Digital: analytical tools MARKET REALITY Source: Digital Marketing Institute
  • 28. Iterate Principle Effective Digital Marketing is an Iterative Process 1. Strategy 2. Channels •  Start with the customer and •  Select Channels work backwards 4. Ammend 3. Monitor •  Creative •  Analytics •  Message •  Tracking •  Channel Source: Digital Marketing Institute
  • 29. Integrate Principle Depending on consumption channel users apply personal preferences and etiquette and expect marketers to do likewise. Print TV Radio Email Mobile Phone User Broadcast Transact Interact Websites and Discussion forums where the accepted norm is public an open. Social Media Networks where the interaction is governed by social norms Personal communications devices/systems with a personal etiquette Source: Digital Marketing Institute
  • 30. Quality Scale of Engagement In digital marketing the dynamic is from quantity to quality. There is a quality scale in the interactions of an audience with an organisation. Tell Audience  Advocacy   Act Audience  Conversion   Engage Audience  Engagement   Learn Audience  Awareness   Source: Digital Marketing Institute
  • 31. Campaign Planning Implications What are the implications for marketing departments and their campaign planning? • Structure: starts small and gets better (iterative) • Budget: start small and invest based on success • Calendar: organic with no end point • Personnel: new work so new skills required. • Beyond Marketing: we are all in marketing now.
  • 32. SEO: Process SEO is an ongoing dynamic process with goals, actions, review and iteration 1. Goals 2. On Page Optimisation •  Understand the Benefits of SEO •  Keywords •  Choose & Set Goals •  Content •  Meta-tags •  Site Supports •  Site structure 4. Analysis & Iteration 3. Off Page Optimisation •  Analysis Tools •  Link Building •  Performance Baseline •  Link Format •  Review and Iteration •  Content Marketing •  Social Linking Source: Digital Marketing Institute ©
  • 33. Concepts: Positioning Know how positioning affects clicks The proportionality of clicks between organic and paid. 30% of users click here and on the right (Paid listings) 70% of users click here (Organic listings)
  • 34. Email Marketing Process Effective email marketing is a process 1. Subscriber Management 2. Design & Content •  Data Collection •  Mail Clients •  Data Segmentation •  Interaction Process •  Data Management •  Sender / Subject / Copy •  Images & Attachments •  Risks 4. Reporting & Analysis 3. Delivery Systems •  Interaction Scale •  Email Service Providers •  Campaign Reports •  Scheduling •  Subscriber Reports •  Split Testing Source: Digital Marketing Institute
  • 35. Reporting: Campaign Snapshot Recognise standard reporting features with email marketing packages
  • 36. Digital Display Campaign Process Effective Digital Display Advertising is an Iterative Process 1. Define 2. Format •  Customer •  Budget •  Publisher •  Media •  Objectives •  Formats •  Ad Copy 4. Analyse 3. Configure •  Measure •  Targetting •  Analyse •  Tracking •  Optimise •  Go live Copyright ©  Digital Marketing Institute 2012
  • 37. Google Analytics Dashboard Dashboard is your configurable opening screen for Analytics management •  Understand what the Google dashboard is. •  Know that you can configure and customise the Google Analytics dashboard.
  • 38. Situation Analysis: Capabilites Rating your current capabilities from 1 to 5: Basic knowledge Website SEO SEM Email Display Social Media Mobile Analytics Limited Experience Practical Skills Advanced Application Expert Practitioner
  • 39. Situation Analysis: Activities Describe your current activities under each of these headings and rate your current activities on a scale of 1 to 5 Describe your current activities Website SEO SEM Email Display Social Media Mobile Analytics Pre-Course Rating Post Course Rating
  • 40. Socialab’s Contribution Socialab will contribute to the course with: •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  Its 4+ years of experience as digital marketing agency The combined experience of 35 years in digital marketing of its 4 lecturers Explaining how things work in the real world Conveying the reality of how things are done in Greece Live demos Videos for you to watch Self-assessments Q&A sessions Resources to point to for in-depth research
  • 41. More Information about the Program at