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LinkedIn for Business

  1. 1. LinkedInNetwork to Maximize Your Business
  2. 2. Business Owners• Network Find leads & opportunities• Keep up with industry specific news Develop a presence attractive to clients
  3. 3. Prepare Your Profile• Up to date Accurate• Relevant
  4. 4. Optimize your profile• Complete ALL of the sections Create a customized URL• Add a professional photo• Make your profile public & full view Add links (blog, website, etc.)• Include all of your primary e-mail addresses
  6. 6. Grammar• Use proper English spelling no abbrv• Punctuation counts!• Wording is important• Use profiles of colleagues as a guide
  7. 7. Search• Search for connections Name, keyword, title, location, company, industry• Import connections from your existing contacts & e-mail accounts Identify centers of influence in your network to find shared contacts
  8. 8. Remember: People arealso Searching for YOU• Every word in your profile is a potential Keyword Google yourself • create a Google Alert to regularly monitor your web presence • Include as many past Employers as possible Alumni status is important • Add your schools Include awards & accomplishments
  9. 9. Google
  10. 10. Connect• People who have first-hand knowledge of your job performance or work ethic Former managers • Co-workers • Partners • Classmates
  11. 11. Network• Keep in contact with your connections Communicate your objectives • Update your status regularly• Get recommendations• Ask for introductions
  12. 12. Participate!• Join relevant Groups Alumni, professional associations, etc. • choose Groups in which your peers participate• Join discussions Ask Questions & give Answers• Give Recommendations where appropriate
  13. 13. 10 Ways to Annoy your LinkedIn Community• Send in-mails without personalizing them Post blatant sales pitches disguised as Answers within in-mail you send to other users• Post non-answers in the Answers area just to get your name and hyperlink to your profile posted Ask questions that have been asked many times before
  14. 14. • Invite people to join your network without explaining how you know them Misrepresent yourself within your profile• Don’t proofread your profile and other public comments Disregard legitimate requests for introductions or connection requests
  15. 15. • Treat LinkedIn as though it were Facebook, Google +, or Twitter by posting trivial status updates, etc.• Don’t make the most of the site by posting a bare-bones profile, not using the Company and Answers section, or not building your network
  16. 16. Companies• Create a Company page to highlight your brand, staff, products, and services• Follow companies with which you are interested in doing business
  17. 17. Use the tools provided Click Improve Profile • Follow the recommended steps
  18. 18. Applications• Reading List Events• Blogs • Wordpress SlideShare• TripIt
  19. 19. Text “fan SocialSavvyGeek” to 32665
  20. 20. Questions?