Stoli at Lakme Fashion Week social media case study


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The goal of the campaign was to reach as many users as possible with robust and rampant content posting and parallel activities.

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Stoli at Lakme Fashion Week social media case study

  1. 1. Social Media Case Study #StoliatLFW
  2. 2. Goal and Approach • The goal of the campaign was to reach as many users as possible with robust and rampant content posting and parallel activities. • Right from the announcement bash to the last day of the event, constantly innovate and do things differently to ensure people speak well about the brand and their experience. • The targeted platforms were Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with major focus on Twitter due to the on ground activation (Twitter Wall). • Constant emphasis was on to promote the hashtag #StoliatLFW through all our communication. • Approach consisted of aiming to be re-tweeted and spoken about by as many followers as possible over the course of 2 weeks.
  3. 3. #StoliatLFW on Twitter • The content strategy consisted of the following: o Create buzz right from the Official announcement both online and on ground o Celebrity spotting at the lounge o Contests, content and online articles by a well established influencer (missmalini) o Cross promotion with other support brands and mentions or retweets by celebrities. o Aim at targeting the fan clubs of these celebs to add more reach and virality to the campaign.
  4. 4. Official Announcement Bash • The official tie up of Stoli and Lakme Fashion Week was announced by means of a on ground event at a popular venue. • Shatbhi Basu, India’s first lady bartender had designed special “Original” style cocktails for Lakme Fashion Week. • Media fraternity and Twitterati’s were invited to come and try these cocktails and be a part of the celebration. • #StoliatLFW – the hashtag was officially used first for this activity to lead up to the 1 week extravaganza beginning a week after.
  5. 5. Cocktails inspired from Nishka Lulla’s Collection • Nishka Lulla, one of the designers showcasing her collection was roped in for an exclusive tie up. • It comprised of creation of “Original” cocktails by Shatbhi Basu based on the colors and themes of her collection. • Nishka not only went behind the bar to make her bartending debut, but also went on to lend social media support on Twitter.
  6. 6. Cocktails inspired from Nishka Lulla’s Collection Activity
  7. 7. Celebrity Spotting Activity
  8. 8. Midweek Party Promotions
  9. 9. cross promotion for consumer engagement • Since the Stoli Lounge was entry by invitation only, we thought why not market this experience on the web. • So a Twitter contest in associate with StyleMag was run for a day and the winner would be given a couple entry into the lounge. • They could experience hospitality the VIP way at Lakme Fashion Week. • Consumer engagement always helps creates goodwill and this initiative was no different.
  10. 10. cross promotion for consumer engagement
  11. 11. #StoliatLFW in Numbers • Official Tweets and mentions over the period of two weeks – 941 • Rise in followers – 60 • Total users reached – 1,99, 459 • Exposure gained – 16,83,100 impressions • #StoliatLFW when on to be a top keyword and a top hashtag ** Stats gathered via socialmention, topsy and twitterreach
  12. 12. #StoliatLFW on Facebook • Page visits and activity increased during the period of the event. • Referrals from Google and other external sources was also observed. • The page gained a total of 435 new page likes. • Average organic reach per post was about 500 users per day.
  13. 13. #StoliatLFW on Instagram • Instagram was used as a support platform for the entire activity. • Posts were made each day and they were aimed at informing the followers about the acitivity. • We gained around 20 followers during this period.
  14. 14. Post Samples
  15. 15. • The entire social media activity was handled by the in house team at Aspri Spirits. Thank You