Social Media Case Study : Stanley Kane Contest Summary #rebelinme


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The Digital Brand strategy is to communicate through a mix of education and entertainment driven content series & to be interactive and at the same time to extensively use - all the digital mediums to reach out maximum audience

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Social Media Case Study : Stanley Kane Contest Summary #rebelinme

  1. 1. Stanley Kane Contest Summary 30th January, 2014
  2. 2. Social Media and Business Objectives • To engage with the followers on Twitter and increase brand visibility • To generate interaction and excitement about Stanley Kane’s range of latest British fashion products • To promote the ongoing offer of flat 45% off and divert the traffic to the website
  3. 3. Key Insight • A lot of people on Twitter participate in simple contests • Simple yet useful gratifications excite people to participate in such contests • Contests give a lot of traffic to the page as well as attract attention of other followers • It gives more exposure to the brand via followers of the participants
  4. 4. Challenges • Reach out to fashion lovers & followers in an attracting way • To get maximum participation from the followers and also increase the base of new followers • To get maximum exposure to the brand Stanley Kane
  5. 5. Creative Idea • The idea was to set a buzz about the recently launched British fashion brand in India • The users were given simple multiple choice questions to choose from • The questions were related to Stanley Kane as a fashion brand • The answers were posted along with Stanley Kane product links to the website also promoting the ongoing offer of flat 45% off
  6. 6. Execution – Contest Launch • A series of 10 simple questions were asked related to the brand and fashion in general • The users had to reply with their preferred choice of option • Fans were asked to answer the questions with the hashtgas #StanleyKaneIndia and #Rebelinme • Questions related to Stanley Kane products were posted after every 20 minutes • Encouraging and interactive tweets were posted in the interval gap between two questions
  7. 7. Results & Benefits to the Brand • Awareness amongst the new followers about the brand and its products • Positive interaction from recent and existing followers • Enthusiasm amongst the users about the new store launch which also translated in building the user base by retweets • Number of followers increased from 85 to 257 in a span of 4 hours
  8. 8. Results & Benefits to the Brand • More than 100 people participated in the contest on Twitter making it interactive • #StanleyKaneIndia was mentioned 2345 times and trended on India trends at the fifth place for almost 2 hours • #Rebelinme was mentioned 3672 times and trended on India trends at the fourth place for 2 hours • @Stanley_Kane was mentioned 3812 times during the day
  9. 9. Results & Benefits to the Brand • The contest was successful with total Interaction on Twitter being 5087 • The total reach translated into a whooping number of 1273400 getting the brand more visibility on Twitter • Brand products were displayed through the contest, leading the users to the website and also promoting the offer
  10. 10. Contest Alert Tweet
  11. 11. Gratification Announcement Tweet
  12. 12. Question Tweet
  13. 13. Interactive Tweets
  14. 14. Winning answer tweet along with product description and link
  15. 15. Questions that took users to the website to answer
  16. 16. Mega prize sneak peek tweet
  17. 17. Stanley Kane branding and offer promotion tweet
  18. 18. Contest Winners Tweet
  19. 19. Mega Prize Winner Tweet
  20. 20. A few interactions and replies
  21. 21. A few interactions and replies
  22. 22. A few interactions and replies
  23. 23. The hashtags trending on India trends
  24. 24. Take Aways
  25. 25. Take Aways • The brand reached many new people through the contest noise • A lot of people became familiar with Stanley Kane’s products • Good reviews and praises were expressed by users about the brand • The brand stood out highlighting the range of product line, colours and the latest fashion eventually resulting to conversions
  26. 26. THANK YOU