Social Media Case Study: How 6th Street Yogurt Created Awareness About their New Store Launch


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Social Media Case Study on How 6th Street Yogurt Created Awareness About their New Store Launch with their #WhatMakesColabaDifferent campaign.

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Social Media Case Study: How 6th Street Yogurt Created Awareness About their New Store Launch

  1. 1. Social media case study: #WhatMakesColabaDifferent For 6th Street Yogurt
  2. 2. Client Brief • Create awareness about the new store launch • Generate footfall at the new store • To sample the product
  3. 3. Campaign approach • To create a campaign named #WhatMakesColabaDifferent which would run across Facebook and Twitter • To Create awareness among existing fans on Facebook using promotional updates • Create awareness among existing followers on Twitter using promotional tweets • To build a larger fan base on Facebook with the help of targeted Facebook ads • To build a larger follower base on twitter with the help of relevant #tags and keyword tracking to interact with them • To build a larger database by encouraging participation across Facebook and Twitter • Give away online coupons to participants to generated larger footfall at the new store and encourage Product Sampling
  4. 4. About campaign Campaign Name: #WhatMakesColabaDifferent Incentive: Free yogurt coupons Duration: May 3rd - May 9th, 2013
  5. 5. Facebook application • An interactive application was created where in fans were asked to answer a simple question i.e #WhatMakesColabaDifferent • All the participants were asked to give their contact details and click on the download coupon button to claim their free yogurt • Interactive posts were used throughout the week to attract the existing fans • Facebook ads were created and optimised to attract new fans
  6. 6. Facebook application flow
  7. 7. Interactive Facebook posts
  8. 8. Interactive Facebook posts
  9. 9. Interactive Facebook posts
  10. 10. Interactive Facebook posts
  11. 11. Online coupon Participants were given online coupons to claim their free yogurt
  12. 12. Twitter • Keyword tracking used to reach out to the target audience • Hashtags were used to attract new fans
  13. 13. Screenshots of Twitter responses
  14. 14. Screenshots of Twitter responses
  15. 15. Screenshots of Twitter responses
  16. 16. Screenshots of Twitter responses
  17. 17. Screenshots of Twitter responses
  18. 18. Results Campaign duration: May 3rd – May 9th 2013 - 1800+ Unique users interacted with 6SY’s Facebook and Twitter profiles - 81 New followers on Twitter - 1.5 k new fans on Facebook - 43.6 k Reach on Twitter - 946.2 k Impressions on Facebook - 2.2k total Interactions - 122 Total Coupons downloaded - 288 Mentions on Twitter