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Google Business Group (GBG) Mumbai had arranged for a unique session to talk about the techniques of measuring ROI on digital and social media marketing. There were three industry experts are presenting interesting cases studies over an interactive session at the event.

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  • audience-building, brand awareness, and customer relations.
  • Red Bull supports about 600 athletes worldwide (120 in the U.S.) in 160 different kind of sports and invests about one third of its turnover in marketing
  • Red Bull supports about 600 athletes worldwide (120 in the U.S.) in 160 different kind of sports and invests about one third of its turnover in marketing
  • ROI On Digital And Social Media Marketing

    1. 1. ROI on Digital and Social Media Marketing Dec 2013 @sree_raman @ananthv9 @rushabh69
    2. 2. What’s GBG?
    3. 3. Can ‘Likes’ Cure Cancer?
    4. 4. Significance of Digital and Social Media in Marketing • Today, Focus on customers and customer experience matters more than any other strategic imperative Be here or go home
    5. 5. Digital Outlook for 2014 • Internet in 2013 passed newspapers to become the world's 2nd largest ad medium, just behind TV Source: ZenithOptimedia’s Advertising Expenditure Forecasts Dec 2013
    6. 6. Digital Outlook for 2014 • • India at no.14 with $ 5,863 million in ad spends Digital will contribute 20% of the spends Source: ZenithOptimedia’s Advertising Expenditure Forecasts Dec 2013 | GroupM Report Dec 2013
    7. 7. Digital Outlook for 2014 & beyond • Advertising is set to see the strongest sustained period of growth in ten years. • Global ad spend growth forecast to rise from 3.6% in 2013 to 5.3% in 2014. • Growth is then set to increase to 5.8% in 2015 and 2016. • The principle engine of this growth will be mobile technology, which is expanding the space for media consumption. • Mobile to contribute 36% of all the extra ad spend between 2013 and 2016 Source: ZenithOptimedia’s Advertising Expenditure Forecasts Dec 2013
    8. 8. Social Media Outlook – 2014 • Indian audience across various social media platforms – October 2013 57 mn 12 mn 42 mn 5.3 mn 14 mn 3.5 mn Source: comScore
    9. 9. Social Media Outlook – 2014 • • • • Content’s quality (Hummingbird update)) Microblogging (the no algorithm funda) Private photo sharing (Snapchat, Instagram private) Personalized content from influencers (LinkedIn Pulse) Video (Vine, YouTube) • • Facebook’s pay-to-play Junk content (context and semantic matters) •
    10. 10. What is ROI on Digital and Social Media all About? The fundamental questions is: “Did I get anything meaningful for my tiring efforts of managing social media pages and digitial media campaigns?”
    11. 11. The Myths of Measurement
    12. 12. What can be Measured? Measure based on your objectives
    13. 13. The Result Focused Metrics Source: social@Ogilvy
    14. 14. How to Measure? Source: social@Ogilvy
    15. 15. The Revenue Model Earned Media Value Social Media Action Page likes Post likes Shares Comments Retweets YouTube video views Blog by others Mention in news Value per instance INR 12 INR 10 INR 25 INR 30 INR 30 INR 3 INR 15,000 INR 60,000 Saved Revenue • Response to a query • Resolution to an issue • Up sell
    16. 16. Extreme Success Stories Raised 51 Lacs from Crowd-funding Through Social Media
    17. 17. Extreme Success Stories 8 Million Simultaneous Live Views in YouTube
    18. 18. Extreme Success Stories 15000 Retweets and Counting
    19. 19. Case Study Ship of Theseus by @media2win
    20. 20. Challenge How do you convert a critically acclaimed art film into a box office success, with minimal marketing spends?
    21. 21. Breaking it down! PROBLEM Identifying right audience for the movie SOLUTION Let the audience identify itself PROBLEM Break clutter and drive awareness SOLUTION Focus on Social media and identify influencers
    22. 22. ‘Vote for your city’
    23. 23. How did the application help us? Social media enabled an optimal selection of theatres and show timings, thereby resulting in an above average theatre occupancy level
    24. 24. The number game 2.2 M Organic fans reached 15,246 Unique tab visitors 5,832 Votes casted
    25. 25. Trickle down effect 24 Cities shortlisted
    26. 26. ‘The Good Road’ 20M Box office revenues. Highest ever for a film of its genre 4X Revenue as compared to ‘The Good Road’ (India’s Oscar entry)
    27. 27. Thanks @ShauryaBT
    28. 28. ROI on Social Media By Ananth V Techdivine Creative Services
    29. 29. About Techdivine Creative Services: Brief introduction - Founded in 2010 - Catered to 32 brands across 16 industries in 4 countries (India, USA, UK, UAE) - Has two Registered Brands: Techdivine ® & Your SMQ ® ~ Social Media Quotient - Core services: ROI based social media brand marketing Twitter @AnanthV9
    30. 30. ROI on Social media marketing (SMM) “Every digital marketing campaign needs to be integrated with a real ROI tracking process for your BRAND & that too in real-time. Innovate, implement, Measure, Improvise and generate ROI ” Twitter @AnanthV9
    31. 31. ROI results sample report ROI results across few industries & brands across countries that we have worked with Shows Percentage increase in Leads/Sales & Conversions Twitter @AnanthV9
    32. 32. First ask yourself: Is SMM for BRAND You? Are you just a part of the Social media frenzy or is this market potential really going to help you? Before you jump into a social media marketing campaign because everyone else seems to be doing it, ask yourself few questions about content, resources, goals you want to measure & more…. Have clearly defined GOALS! -Increase leads / enquiries by 15% in the first quarter - Increase leads to sales conversions by 10% in the first quarter -Increase footfalls by 65% in the first quarter -Encourage & initiate at least 1,000 check-ins in the first one hour of the event Twitter @AnanthV9
    33. 33. Measuring ROI across….. BRAND Goals - Goals based on deliverables for BRANDS - Leads/Enquiries Conversions ratio Mentions / Conversions ratio Likes/Follows/Circles – Conversion ratios Brand reach and other goals - Empower using social networking sites like Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter etc to connect in real-time for real conversations with your end users. Measure the efforts in terms of resources to the actual NUMBERS in terms of Goals achieved – COST – Revenue ratio LIFE Success = Achievements – Sacrifices to get there Was it worth it? YES! Twitter @AnanthV9
    34. 34. PROCESS: How to get started for Social media ROI? Twitter @AnanthV9
    35. 35. Strategize according to your BRAND Goals Twitter @AnanthV9
    36. 36. Research consumers presence online Understand which sites appeal to them the most and why? G Plus 100% Blog KRC 80% You Tube 60% LinkedIn 40% Twitter 20% Facebook 0% DEMOGRAPHICS Twitter @AnanthV9 All Contents are Copyrights of TECHDIVINE Creative Services 38
    37. 37. CASE STUDY 1: Footfalls at a restaurant – Actual SALE & Brand advertising -Google Map -Google Map - -Image Image - -Webmaster Webmaster - -Google Google Analytics Analytics - -Twitter Twitter -Your SMQ -Your SMQ - -Twitter Twitter 23% increase in footfalls in the first quarter 65 % increase in Brand mentions online Twitter @AnanthV9
    38. 38. CASE STUDY 2: Actual Sales ROI (Trading/Broking) 31 % conversions on actual SALES – Leads for ROI Twitter @AnanthV9
    39. 39. TRENDS: Should you be a part of it?
    40. 40. General Skeleton of tracking Social media ROI Twitter @AnanthV9
    41. 41. Brands have a much more important role than ever before….. i.e to connect with the consumer within. Social media is not about websites. It was, is and will always be about people. Humanize your BRAND. People buy from people they trust, so engage into conversations, empower social networking sites, measure, take feedback, listen and innovate. Today, it’s as important to listen to your brand tone too online as much as it is listening to end consumers. Don’t be across every social networking site available, rather be across sites that matter to your audience and consumers. If you exist as a BRAND, someone out there is talking about Twitter @AnanthV9 you. So make sure, you are part of the conversation prism.
    42. 42. ROI on DIGITAL & SOCIAL MEDIA Presented by Rushabh Vasa CEO & Founder
    43. 43. ROI on Digital & Social Media Return-on-Investment (ROI) is key to any successful marketing initiative. After all, in business, it’s always important to see if your investments are profitable.
    44. 44. Case Study: Falguni Pathak Challenge : Create identity on Social Media Platforms User Engagement Promote Her Event Generate Revenue
    45. 45. Case Study: Falguni Pathak
    46. 46. Falguni Pathak Youtube Channel
    47. 47. Live Streaming on Youtube
    48. 48. Youtube Monitization
    49. 49. ROI for Campaign ROI for Falguni Pathak Campaign Facebook Fanpage : 800,000+ Fans Youtube Subscribers : 1800 Youtube Views : 228,000+ Adwords Revenue : USD 370
    50. 50. Anoushka Shankar Live Concert Challenge : Promote Anoushka Shankar’s India Tour User Engagement Generate more Ticket Sell
    51. 51. Anoushka Shankar Live Concert
    52. 52. Facebook Events
    53. 53. Twitter Activity
    54. 54. #AnoushkaLive
    55. 55. Twitter Activity
    56. 56. Twitter Activity
    57. 57. Conversion Tracking
    58. 58. ROI for Campaign For Anoushka Shankar India Tour Campaign (Bliss Entertainment) Facebook Fanpage : 1800+ Fans Twitter Followers : 50 #AnoushkaLive Reach : 22,38,224+ Ticket Sell on Campaign Days : 210 (60% Tickets sold were worth Rs. 2499)
    59. 59. Case Study : The Grand Legacy, Mahabaleshwar
    60. 60. Google Adwords
    61. 61. Keyword Analysis
    62. 62. Ad Preview
    63. 63. Enquiries Generated
    64. 64. ROI for Campaign For The Grand Legacy Adwords Campaign Total Enquiries Received : 270+ (Email) Enquiries via Call : 6-8 Enquiries Rooms Booked : 45+
    65. 65. Join Us Connect with us GBG Mumbai | Twitter | Facebook | Google+