How Little Kangaroos Executed #ColorsOkPlease And Reached Over 3 Lakh Users


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The campaign, which took off on Facebook wished to take the participants down the memory lane of their very first Holi experience with their children.

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How Little Kangaroos Executed #ColorsOkPlease And Reached Over 3 Lakh Users

  1. 1. LCmediaHouse Case study – Little Kangaroos, Holi Contest LCmediaHouse
  2. 2. For Holi, the magical festival of color and love, we wanted to do something special for our customers on Little Kangaroos Facebook page. We wanted to become a part of their festivities just as much as we wanted them to be a part of ours. We not only wanted to entertain them and have an engaging yet happening contest, but we also wanted to give the lucky winner of a chance to win an original designer wear from Little Kangaroos. We wanted to remind them of the joyous moments of their kid’s first Holi, as it’s always special. And so, we began our colorful contest, a HOLI one at that.. Objective LCmediaHouse
  3. 3. … named #ColorsOkPlease …! LCmediaHouse
  4. 4. Prospective participants were kept on their toes with colorful and interesting teasers. So when was the #ColorsOkPlease Contest set to begin? LCmediaHouse
  5. 5. #ColorsOkPlease contest basically wished to interact with participants, by having them post pictures of their kids very first HOLI along with the wonderful story that came with it. LCmediaHouse
  6. 6. The rules and regulations for #ColorsOkPlease were quiet simple as the sole aim of this contest was to have maximum fun walking down the memory lanes of the very 1st Holi celebrations with ones child! LCmediaHouse
  7. 7. LCmediaHouse
  8. 8. #ColorsOkPlease contest began on the 14th of March 2014, and ran its course till the 18th of March, where the name of the winner was declared the very next day, on the 19th of March. Overview LCmediaHouse
  9. 9. Some of our very active and happy-go-lucky contestants: LCmediaHouse
  10. 10. Comments were pouring for every post… LCmediaHouse
  11. 11. #ColorsOkPlease contest was a brilliant success and we had an amazing time going through the beautiful heart warming entries, just as much as the participants enjoyed sending them to us. .. And then we got our one lucky winner.. LCmediaHouse
  12. 12. …. Ms. Bineeta Joshi LCmediaHouse
  13. 13. Total People Reached: 3,94,400 Page Likes gained: 800 Total people talking about it: 1566 Total Entries: 52 Entries LCmediaHouse
  14. 14. Thank you! LCmediaHouse