How is AAP Fairing in the Social Media Race


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Social media is proving to be a decisive factor in the run-up to the 2014 General Elections and one who deserves a special mention in this race is AAP, the newest political party on the block and the most impressive of all.

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How is AAP Fairing in the Social Media Race

  1. 1. How is AAP Fairing on Social Media Race?
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION • Indian Democracy is all set to undergo the process of political revolution by the end of May 2014. As the biggest political clash of the year draws in closer political parties have escalated their efforts. •With BJP toiling hard to reach out to its followers and Congress picking up in the race to be socially active, AAP has been the pioneer in executing some unique campaigns on the social media. •Well, one can’t deny that AAP’s presence on Social Media has been commendable and they have been trying every possible strategy to lure Indian voters to click on the broom this voting season. •How effective has their strategies have been their plan of action? Lets take a peek at AAP’s strategy. Introduction
  3. 3. • Aam Admi Party (AAP) has crossed 1.8 million fans mark on Facebook • AAP has recorded 42 lac views on Youtube with 40,852 subscribers but YouTube engagement rates are much higher than its counter parts. • With twitter campaigns like #AAPsweepsDelhi, #Vote4AAP and #Akdelhijansabha the party is leading in no. of followers in comparison to BJP and INC. • AAP has more Facebook Engagement scores, AAP and Congress are lagging behind. Also, AAP is leading on Twitter Engagement and Congress is seen to be catching up quickly. • AAP has recorded the lowest number of web mention 2,575. Key Findings in this Report
  4. 4. Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) • Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) was formally launched on 26th November, 2012 as a result of differences between social activists Arvind Kejriwal and Anna Hazare during India against corruption movement. •The party came into highlight during Delhi Legislative Assembly elections 2013 where it rose as the second largest party winning 28 seats out of 70. • Since the win, Arvind Kejriwal and his party members have been constantly trying to win votes of common people through various strategies. Some of it influential strategies were demanding for Jan Lokpal Legislation, demanding of stronger anti-rape law and alleging a nexus between government and leading corporates. •AAP has been successfully utilizing IT and social media platform to engage and communicate with their audience through the integration of platforms like Facebook, Google Hangouts, Mobile Apps, Page, Twitter handle, Youtube Page, Whatsapp, integrated offline-online campaigns
  5. 5. • Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has the lowest presence on Facebook in comparison to other major parties like BJP and Congress. The Official Page has 1.8 million fans with 0.44 million people engaging actively with the party. •But, if we were to see in terms of percentage engagement of followers, AAP ranks top with 25.6 % engagement followed by BJP and INC • The party’s growth on facebook is phenomenal, their communication includes information about upcoming events and rallies, list of candidates, speech videos from Mr. Arvind Kejriwal and other party members , graphics and videos and persuasive appeals to contribute and donate for a new vision of India. This can be attributed to the quality of content posted , consistency in communication and the seamless integration across platforms. AAP on Facebook Facebook Fans 1,862,125 Engagement 444,009 % of Fans Engaged 25.57
  6. 6. AAP on Facebook
  7. 7. AAP Engagement Over Time on Facebook As can be seen from the info graphics, AAP has been trying to catch up on the strategies for effective engagement over Facebook platform. Also, the number of followers are comparatively less for AAP in comparison to BJP and Congress hence, the slope is positioned below the lines of other two parties.
  8. 8. AAP Total Engagement On Facebook AAP registers a total engagement of 74 thousand approximately and the engagement percent of fans is 25.57 %. These numbers validate the impressive social media strategy in engaging the audience but the number is comparatively less than BJP & INC.
  9. 9. • Aam Aadmi Party has a very dominant presence on twitter with 599561 followers and a well managed network of twitter handles, the party manages to maximize the reach and timeline deliveries. The tone and theme of communication remains the same as that of Facebook but with more contributors and associates. •The party runs a live commentary of events as they happen along with posts spreading awareness, complementing offline events, seeking donations, sharing greetings, membership calls, quotes from prominent leaders , retweets from leaders and members • BJP utilizes twitter brilliantly by using hashtags which are in sync with running campaigns like #JoinAAP, #ScamsofUPA & #VoteforAAP. AAP On Twitter Twitter Followers 599561 Twitter Engagement 163014
  10. 10. AAP On Twitter
  11. 11. Tweets Over Time On Twitter Tweets over time on Twitter have been high all the time except for a little downfall on 27th and 1st April. Tweets were concentrated around #JoinAAP, #ScamsofUPA, #AskDilipAAP and #DelhiJansabha.
  12. 12. Mentions Over Time On Twitter Mentions over time for party shoot up whenever online-offline campaigns are executed. During this time interval, Google Hangout sessions, accusing of other parties receiving foreign funding, Goa mining scam have resulted in higher no. of mentions.
  13. 13. Total Engagment On Twitter AAP has managed to engage their twitter audience quite well and the Total Engagement Figures for AAP on Twitter are highest in comparison to other parties as the it has a network of twitter handles managed by AAP members effectively.
  14. 14. • The Youtube channel for Aam Aadmi Party started in 2012 houses a collection of 5000+ videos. The Channel has 40871 subscribers , with 4258073 views registered till date this verifies the fact that BJP has authoritative presence on social media. • The party has managed to deliver content which mesmerizes the viewers. Videos are focused on bringing various issues related to corruption and scams into limelight, speeches from Mr. Arvind Kejriwal, Q&A sessions with prominent leaders including coverage of several events and calls for donation. •The party realizes importance of the medium and pulse of target audience really well that is the reason why AAP managing fairly in delivering rich and engaging content on YouTube. AAP On Youtube YouTube Subscribers 40871 YouTube Engagement 18587 Video views 4258073
  15. 15. Adopting the new trends, AAP has been using live streaming and has launched a Jansabha campaign through YouTube. AAP has also been using YouTube features such as annotations, featured playlist, Tags, Descriptions, Titles and Captions in an effective manner. Great Content and an optimized channel are helping them drive a lot of traffic to their YouTube channel. AAP On Youtube
  16. 16. AAP On Youtube
  17. 17. Rating Per Video On Youtube The Rating per video for BJP is highest for AAP because of its content and crux in their arguments against the government. While both BJP and AAP have maintained to have negative sentiments, Congress has managed to have a neutral sentiment on YouTube during this interval
  18. 18. Total Engagement Vs Subscribers The Total Engagement Vs Subscribers metric shows that AAP is fighting in full pace with BJP which is ahead in the race. The success falls on the shoulders of rich , dynamic and engaging content along with the dedicated team of volunteers and supporters who propel this content to nooks and corners.
  19. 19. AAP - Media Mentions And Sentiment Analysis AAP enjoys a fairly neutral sentiment like BJP and Congress. Positive sentiments come from the roaring success of offline-online campaigns, negative sentiments can be attributed to internal rift . AAP has lowest media mentions (357) among the three with BJP has recorded maximum number of web mentions (746).
  20. 20. AAP - Media Mentions And Sentiment Analysis BJP has a neutral sentiment with certain spikes for negative sentiment because of its association with Congress. Increase in positive sentiment was during Mr. Arvind’s visit to Varanasi. Negative sentiment was during Ink splashing on him which is seen to be reducing gradually.
  21. 21. AAP - Media Mentions And Sentiment Analysis Overall the Party in the recent times is recording a neutral sentiment 82.1% across mentions and communication. The party might receive more positive sentiments now with the launch of new mobile application and google hangouts with party members. Negative sentiments are basically associated with accusing AAP of joining hands with Congress.
  22. 22. Conclusion • The Key highlight of BJP’s social media strategy is the seamless integration across various platforms with consistent communication and messaging. • The party has launched some exceptionally innovative 360 degree campaigns and initiatives like Vote for Change, Jan Lokpal legislation, Google Hangouts with Mr. Arvind Kejriwal and other major party influencers to register their presence synonymous with Growth, Development and Good Governance. • The brilliant Offline-Online Integration of the party’s activities has definitely helped the party in expanding their reach. Overall, the party’s approach towards the digital and social media has been outstanding and impressive. • The party has been phenomenal in terms of the usage of different social media platforms to the best of their capabilities. The numbers , facts and figures depict that ‘AAP is faring well on the Social Media Forefront and because of the innovation in their efforts its getting difficult for the competitors to catch up with them.