Flipkart brand's Social Media Audit Report [March]


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Brand Name: Flipkart
Time: 1st March to 31st March
Total Conversations: 726
Average Mentions per day: 23

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Flipkart brand's Social Media Audit Report [March]

  1. 1. 4/16/2012SIMPLIFY 360 BRAND AUDIT REPORT- FLIPKART © Copyrights InRev Systems 2012 | Sample Report
  2. 2. Brand Audit ReportDocument Document Author Approver Revision RevisionNumber Title Number Date04-16-12-SM-FK Brand Audit Deep Deep 00 April 16, Report-Flipkart Sherchan Sherchan 2012 Contact DetailsEmail (Support) : support@simplify360.com 3rd Floor, 7/1 Binnamangala,Phone (US) : 512-539-0360 100 Feet Road, Indiranagar,Phone (India - Bangalore) : +91 80 40971130 Bangalore 560038.Phone (India - Delhi) : +91 99999 84328 Contact Person: Mr. Deep SherchanPhone (India - Mumbai) : +91 98200 81917 Cell Number: +91 “This document is solely for informational purposes. The content of this document is strictly confidential and contains proprietary information. The recipient agrees that it will use theinformation only for its own use and will not divulge any such information to any other party without InRev or any of its affiliates’ prior written consent”http://simplify360.com/ Page 2 of 13
  3. 3. Brand Audit Report Brand Name: Flipkart Time: 1st March to 31st March Total Conversations: 726 Average Mentions per day: 23 Social Brand Buzz Trend of Flipkart908070605040302010 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 Brand Opinion Peak Trending Topic on Flipkart Date Neutral +ve -ve 10th Pre-Order Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus On March Flipkart : http://t.co/0nRc4Dj5 8% 20 th IIM Kozhikode successfully completed March placements. 32% 28 th Flipkart takes over Letsbuy!! End of March Competition ? 60% 28 th Flipkart introduces online purchase of “Goa March Petrol”, India goes berserk!.... 30 th Blackberry Curve 9220 spotted on Flipkart, March much ahead of announcment or launch by RIM http://t.co/35cwbj4t Flipkart had 8% negative and 32% positive voice on the social media. This counts for overall positive brand opinion which people have over Flipkart. http://simplify360.com/ Page 3 of 13
  4. 4. Brand Audit ReportNegative Opinions 1. Before i write further i would suggest to you all "NOT TO BUY" Samsung Galaxy SII from "Flipkart". Although i was impressed by the delivery made by these guys to me, The hand set they delivered is having a lot of problems. 2. I am so frustrated right now that i want to cry. I purchased few goods from Flipkart which costs in total around 60 thousand ruppes. Flipkart logistics is so messed up and its customer care is a mockery. Summary: 1. They sent me wrong product model.Positive Opinions 1. flipkart.com is good and trustworthy website you can buy anything without fear from flipkart customer care is good ,service are also good ,value for money i purchased alot of products including mobile phones,laptop,books,routers etc. 2. I am a proud user of Flipkart since 2009. I have been buying books from flipkart - they are perfectionists in every aspect. You can blindly buy from the site. I bought the books - Slumdog Millionaire, SCJP, A shot at History..Brand Affinity Keywords for FlipkartCommon Topic of Discussion  Recommendation of new books and music on Flipkart.  Service Related issues like delivery time and quality of the product.  Price comparison of Mobile Gadgets of different Brands.  Comparison with other competitive online shopping stores.http://simplify360.com/ Page 4 of 13
  5. 5. Brand Audit ReportBUZZ IntelligenceMost popular Brand associated with Flipkart  Samsung Galaxy is the most popular brand associated with Flipkart.  Other Mobile brands include : HTC, Nokia, Blackberry Share of voice of other 1% mobile brands 0% 0% 1% samsung 7% htc android Among other Brands 17% relevance Nokia stands nokia Second most associated blackberry 51% brand. ipod 15% ipad 8% iphone lumia Share of Voice of different Along the product categories product categories on Flipkart the most popular association is with books and then music. Laptop and smartphone 10% makes the other half of the book conversation. 16% smartphone music 12% 62% laptophttp://simplify360.com/ Page 5 of 13
  6. 6. Brand Audit ReportCompetitive Intelligence (Indian Context) Share of Voice on Social Media 1% 16% Infibeam 4% The buzz around Ebay and 25% Amazon 2% Amazon is much higher Ebay than that around Flipkart. 2% Letsbuy Myntra Note : Global buzz ignored. Yehbhi 50% Flipkart Brand Affinity towards competitors Out of all the other online stores, Ebay and Amazon are the most associated 22% ebay competitors with Flipkart. 32% amazon In addition to that, Yebhi and myntra Myntra are also catching up the yebhi pace. 19% letsbuy infibeam 22% 2% 3%Conversation related to competitors  "@TradingRats: Flipkart.Amazon.EBay.Whos gonna take d business in India? ttp://t.co/feaQF5cJ" LET US WHOLEHEARTED SUPPORT @FLIPKART.JAIHIND  Some online retailers like Flipkart, eBay etc. are fairly popular in India. With all these success stories, Indian e-commerce industry is expected to grow manifold in the near future.http://simplify360.com/ Page 6 of 13
  7. 7. Brand Audit ReportSocial Media Buzz Benchmarking Social Buzz Benchmarking 120 The chart shows that Myntra has the highest Opinion Score 100 which means their brand has 80 very less negative opinions. 60 On the other hand, Ebay has the 40 highest Influence score which makes it the most talked about 20 brand among all the other 0 competitors. Infibeam Amazon Ebay Letsbuy Myntra Yehbhi Flipkart Opinion Score Influence Score Definition of Buzz Metrics used for Benchmarking Opinion Score: Opinion Score based on the sentiments of the posts towards the brand. Influence Score: Influence Score defined by overall buzz, uniformity of the buzz over time, and diversity of buzz across channels. Overall Buzz Definition of Buzz Metrics used for Benchmarking is the resultant score of 2 score. Buzz Score 80 70 60 The chart shows than in the 50 overall Buzz Score, Ebay stands 40 first then Amazon and then Flipkart. 30 20 10 0 Infibeam Amazon Ebay Letsbuy Myntra Yehbhi Flipkarthttp://simplify360.com/ Page 7 of 13
  8. 8. Brand Audit ReportAudience Intelligence281 Unique People are talking about Flipkart on Twitter and Facebook. Audience Gender Age distribution MALE FEMALE 45+ 1% 36-45 5% 12% 26-35 54% 18-25 30% 13-17 10% 88% Audience Platform Affinity Facebook Twitter The research shows that people are more actively talking about Flipkart on Facebook than on Twitter 41% 59%http://simplify360.com/ Page 8 of 13
  9. 9. Brand Audit Report Overall Audience Platform Affinity 3% 15% 16% Blogs Customsite 1% Discussions Facebook 13% Flickr 27% News 0% Others Twitter Video 23% 2%Most of the conversation related to Flipkart took place on Customsite and then on Facebook. Blogsstood as the third most popular platform. Twitter was only 16% of overall conversation.Custom sites are collection of specific sites. Below is the list of some site based on the number ofconversation about Flipkart. It shows that most conversation related to Flipkart took place on team-bhp.com and mouthshut.com www.team-bhp.com www.mouthshut.com www.consumercourt.in www.consumercomplaints.in www.consumercourtforum.in www.deccanherald.com www.indiaconsumerforum.org www.livemint.com consumer.admanya.com www.complaints-india.com www.moneycontrol.com pitchonnet.com 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80http://simplify360.com/ Page 9 of 13
  10. 10. Brand Audit ReportTeam-bhp.com is the most comprehensive and only unbiased information on user reviews. Most ofthe conversation on the site was related to the purchase of electronic goods from Flipkart. Some ofthe example of the conversations is below: 1. Any idea how much i can get the Galaxy Note here in Bombay for? Flipkart & others are retailing it for 32.7k. Do i anticipate anything lower that that? Do they still give the OEM cover along with it? 2. Hi sen2009, Did you check out ebay ? one seller with a feedback score of 100% is selling it for 31,390 another one with a rating of 99.3% for 30,799. I have had good experience with all of them- ebay , flipkart , letsbuy. 3. How is this Dell unit (Vostro 1540) Dell Vostro 1540 Ci3/2 GB/500 GB/Linux: Flipkart.com: Compare, Review Dell Notebook Any bad experiences with this unit for anyone ? This is purely for home use. 4. I just happened to see that FK has started selling music on its site and I bought a few english, hindi collections to checkout . Many are priced at just a 100 bucks. The bit rate available is up to 320kbps which should satisfy even a die hard audiophile. 5. In one of the initial posts on this thread about Amazons Junglee killing Flipkart - It is not really an apples to apples comparison here. Flipkart is into end to end operations where you have peace of mind. Junglee is just a re-direction portal where you..Top Influencers among the Audience HBR India Fans: Reverse Innovation, the new book from Vijay Govindarajan and Chris Trimble is available on flipkart. http://t.co/J2fY2rn8 RT @chronozshre: Despite living in an arbitrary village in N.India, @flipkart managed to deliver Enders game to me in strictly < 48 hours. Take a bow, guys. RT @AxDestruction: @maheshmurthy @vishalgondal @letsbuy @flipkart received my "phone with no stone"this time. Thanks guys http://t.co/vWR3oHYj @Jakebinge Thanks. Please do consider rating or reviewing the book on Flipkart or wherever you bought it from.http://simplify360.com/ Page 10 of 13
  11. 11. Brand Audit Report @yohhanp thanks! Its 6K and out of stock on Flipkart, but the reviews all seem very, very good @nomadshanu IKEA, Mini, BMW, Nike Internationally Vodafone - intl. matured market. Flipkart, Zomato, - online business, so not an option. and @flipkart is selling ACs now! :O Just when Im going to buy one! RT @Benny_Dayal: Music lovers. My album vaazhkai Dj has launched. pls go to flipkart,nokia music,itunes and near stores for the album http://t.co/c4iVQwpK @mojorojo I know the feeling. Infibeam has some great deals but Flipkart is Flipkart. @srinirags i love @flipkart too :D but i cant stand the lines the kids are mouthing ...http://simplify360.com/ Page 11 of 13
  12. 12. Brand Audit ReportAudience Activity Analysis 60 Blogs 50 40 Customsite 30 Discussions 20 Facebook 10 Flickr 0 News Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri SatFlipkart received more mentions on Wednesday than any other day. Most of this conversation tookplace on Customsite and Facebook. 250 200 150 100 -ve 50 +ve 0 NeutralThe chart shows that most negative opinions are expressed on Custom sites and Twitter about theFlipkart.http://simplify360.com/ Page 12 of 13
  13. 13. Brand Audit ReportSummaryThe general Brand Health of Flipkart is good, though it is facing some tough competition from itscompetitors like ebay and amazon on social media space. Most conversation around the flipkart areas following:  People talk about reliable delivery but some negative comment on the quality of the products is also found.  People area usually comparing services of flipkart and other online store.  The Brand Flipkart is more like a Brand India and is often associated with emerging India.  People are also often searching on Flipkart for the availability of certain products and sharing their information.  The discounted sale of Samsung Galaxy was able to generate lot of conversation.  People mostly talk about book, than music and finally smartphones/gadgets.  People are also seen very keen on what would be the next thing that Flipkart would sell.  Flipkart can leverage its sales by actively participating in Forums and Blog and helping people resolve their queries as most people are looking for information and reviews.http://simplify360.com/ Page 13 of 13