Social Media Case Study: Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain


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VML Qais and their client Revlon India, leveraged social media to build a digital campaign to engage Revlon's customers, generate interest in the new "Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain"product.

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Social Media Case Study: Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain

  1. 1. Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm StainCampaign Case Study by VML Qais
  2. 2. Challenge Revlon was launching its latest product, Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in India in March.The product is a pampering balm fused with a lightweight lipstain that gives softer, smoother lipswith a perfect flush of colour. It is buildable from light to dark , it moisturizes your lip while givinglong lasting colour and does not require touch-ups. Lip stains is a relatively new category in India and there was a negative association with the word‘stain’ as women thought it would be tougher to remove VML Qais’ challenge was to engage with Revlon’s customers in an innovative way that wouldgenerate interest in the product and encourage trial. A similar product had been launch by another cosmetics company earlier and it was important forVML Qais to differentiate Revlon’s product from its competitors The campaign was run from March 4thto April 30th 2013
  3. 3. Strategy The idea was to focus on the rational benefit of the product and combine it for what the REVLONbrand stands for –strong, bold, glamorous women who want to express themselves to the world The modern woman today essays multiple roles in her daily life. She is a mother, a workingwoman, a wife, a teacher, a daughter. She successfully handles all these roles effortlessly Revlon’s product is more than one thing –it is a moisturizing balm as well as a luscious lip colour The idea was to use a proposition that brought both these elements to the fore –the rationalproduct benefits as well as the multiple roles of women. Additionally, there was a need to create a positive association with lip stains and then showRevlon’s audience that the new product was perfectly designed for the woman of todayTwice As GoodContent PieceCover PhotoApp &ContestBloggerOutreachDigital to InStoreTwitterStrategy &ContestTwice AsGood
  4. 4. Content Facebook Content –Twice As good teasers International Women’s Day activity Product Launch –Colour Lover
  5. 5. Content 1 VML Qais created content around eminent Indian female figures focusing on their dual roles -tying back Twice As Good to the many facets of women Using a crayon like font and the colours of the product VML Qais subtly brought Revlon’s productinto focus in those pieces of content VML Qais curated posts about regular women who essay dual roles in their daily lives. Thesepieces were picked up online and from articles. This allowed Revlon’s fans to better connect withthe campaign
  6. 6. Content - 2 VML Qais posted content around other daily use products that have a dual purpose –the focus ofwhich was to push the proposition of #TwiceAsGood These content posts were interspersed with posts about the Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain aswell –where the dual benefit of the product was highlightedWhat did this achieve The idea was to connect Twice As Good to women’s lives Revlon’s content featured distinguished women, its brand ambassadors and regular women whomanaged multiple roles in their lives with success thus providing its fans with the inspiration todo the same The products featured in the content piece tied back to the twice as good rationale and thewomen featured had an emotional connect
  7. 7. Women’s Day Content To celebrate International Women’s Day VML Qais created an album of seven custom imagesthat acted as badges, each representative of a characteristic of the Revlon brand Revlon fans were asked to share or tag their friends or family to remind them of how#TwiceAsGood they are. The badges created were I am Twice as Confident I am Twice as Colourful I am Twice as Vibrant I am Twice as Bold I am Twice as Glamorous I am Twice as Expressive I am Twice as InspiringWhat did this achieve This activity was conducted prior to the launch of the product but was successful in increasinginterest in the Twice As Good campaign as it spoke about the campaign It leveraged on the pre-existing positive sentiment around Women’s day and simultaneouslybrought out the brand attributes
  8. 8. Colour Lover To highlight each shade of Just Bitten Kissable Lip Balm Stain VML Qais created a ‘ColourLover’series Instead of just featuring each shade straight out VML Qais attached a visual connection to it These were everyday products that people could relate to and VML Qais called it ‘Colour Lover’because we asked them what their favorite wasWhat did this achieveThis content piece helped push each shade in the range individually
  9. 9. Twitter Strategy & Contest Twitter was used to run two contests The purpose of this activity is to help generate buzz and popularise the phrase ‘Twice as Good’ Revlon announced on its Facebook page that there was a Twitter Contest coming their way–thishelped expand their Twitter follower base Contest 1: Revlon asked its followers to tweet telling why there were Twice As Goodwhile using thehash tag Contest 2: Revlon asked its followers to share products that were twice as good using the same hashtag. The followers with the best entries from both contests won samplesWhat did this achieve The Twitter contests was publicized on Revlon’s Facebook page which helped convert some ofRevlon’s Facebook fans to Twitter as well These contests helped increase Revlon’s fan base while simultaneously popularizing the#Twiceasgood hash tag The Twitter contest encouraged Revlon’s followers to discover, and share the multiple roles theyplay in their everyday lives
  10. 10. Blogger Outreach Revlon wrote to its top bloggers telling them about its product and campaign These bloggers were sent samples of Revlon’s products Revlon received a lot of positive reviews from the bloggers who were then featured on Revlon’spages in specially created Twice As Good templates and led fans back to the reviewWhat did this achieve The bloggers acted as influencers who said positive things about the brand and the product These review acted as testimonials which helped build a positive buzz around the product as well These bloggers act as brand advocates who encourage trial within their readers
  11. 11. Cover photo app & contest VML Qais developed a custom application, where in fans could upload any 2 photos ofthemselves(from their existing Facebook albums)to depict their dual sides, enter text into atemplate like “I am _________ & _______.” Fans were allowed to choose from three different templates The output was an image with the 2 photos and the Revlon #Twiceasgood branding that theycould use as their cover photo on their own profile The cover photos generated were also their entry into the a contest where winners were selectedto win vouchersWhat did this achieve The content pieces and the Twitter contest helped strengthen the ideas and thoughts behind theTwice As Good campaign which celebrates the many roles a woman plays in her daily life The app helped fans show their two roles they essay to their friends and family and helped theRevlon campaign come a full circle The cover photo app had over 700 entries and was successful It also helped build and increase positive affinity towards the brand and our product
  12. 12. Results During the campaign Revlon’s fan base grew by 72% with 203,191 new fans Revlon’s engagement rate during this campaign was at a whopping 86% Revlon had over 700 fans create custom Twice As Good cover photos using our applicationThank you