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Political Social Media from SocialRise

  1. 1. Authentic Engagement. Measurable Results. www.socialrise.net info@socialrise.net 888-822-3174
  2. 2. Why Social Media? It works! h• On the day he announced his candidacy, My.BarackObama.com (MyBo) was launched. The next 19 months resulted in: – $30 million raised on 70,000 personal fund-raising pages – Voter registration site registered 1 million voters – 2 million user profiles created on the site – 200,000 real-world events planned – 400,000 blogs posted “When we turned to the community, they were there. We sent staff into Colorado and Missouri for caucuses, and the staff was already half-organized. We were there to support the people, but that simply would not have been possible if we did not have a set of online tools that enabled us to do that. -David Plouffe, President Obama’s Campaign Manager www.socialrise.net info@socialrise.net 888-822-3174
  3. 3. The world is in the midst of a social revolution.Social Media is not just for college kids anymore.The 35+ demographic makes up 30% of Facebook users.As of 2011, 1 in 13 people in the world are on Facebook.Half of them are logged in on any given day.48% of young people get there newsthrough Facebook.Twitter has nearly 200 million users.Source: www.onlineschools.org www.socialrise.net info@socialrise.net 888-822-3174
  4. 4. Are you in on the conversation?www.socialrise.net info@socialrise.net 888-822-3174
  5. 5. Traditional Campaign Techniques:Expensive. Arduous. Increasingly Less Effective.www.socialrise.net info@socialrise.net 888-822-3174
  6. 6. Winning Social Media Campaigns SocialRise provides winning campaign solutions to enable right-thinking political and issue advocacy organizations to: •Communicate your message •Spread the word virally •Build your base •Motivate action •Measure results •Coordinate and manage your online presence •Secure and protect your reputationwww.socialrise.net info@socialrise.net 888-822-3174
  7. 7. Expert Strategic Management• Expert Digital Strategy and Management. – We will: • Develop, manage and implement winning strategies. • Integrate all of your social media needs into one unique platform. • Achieve success without the headache of coordinating multiple systems, accounts and tactics.• Our team has decades of experience in political campaigning, online marketing and communications strategy. – We will • Work with your team to develop a strategic plan. • Advise on the right tools for you and your team. • Seamlessly foster an ongoing personal connection with your social media network. www.socialrise.net info@socialrise.net 888-822-3174
  8. 8. Real EngagementEngage Connect EducateIt’s time to be bolder than ever beforein our communication.End the one-way communication.Focus on real conversations to educateand engage the public and build yourbase.SocialRise will help you start the Your audience:conversation and strategically manage • Is socially networkedyour ongoing engagement. • Expects real-time news • Wants to share opinions www.socialrise.net info@socialrise.net 888-822-3174
  9. 9. Complete ConnectivitySocialRise develops and manages strategic, relevant content using the fullcircle of technology tools to connect your message with your audience:Internet and email Social media Mobile Apps and SMS www.socialrise.net info@socialrise.net 888-822-3174
  10. 10. Sharing and GrowingUser-friendly tools so your audience canShare your content with friends and colleaguesVia Facebook, Twitter and other social networks toCreate a viral effect for your content and calls to action. www.socialrise.net info@socialrise.net 888-822-3174
  11. 11. Real-Time Response• Instant Action and Feedback. Engage your audience with attention-grabbing messages and calls to action, such as “Get Involved” or “Contribute” or “Call Your Congressman” or “Share Your Opinion” with tools built into our solutions.• Immediate Response Mechanisms bridge the chasm between message delivery and audience response – traditionally a barrier in advocacy communication www.socialrise.net info@socialrise.net 888-822-3174
  12. 12. Data and Analytics• Our technology tracks and collects relevant, actionable data related to viewing patterns, click-throughs and social media sharing, and other analytics surrounding your audience. www.socialrise.net info@socialrise.net 888-822-3174
  13. 13. Measurement and Reporting• Utilizing the latest trends• Measured results and reports weekly• Performance-based strategies and activitiesYou will see what works while it’s working! www.socialrise.net info@socialrise.net 888-822-3174
  14. 14. Social Media Protection Recent scandals in have shown the damage an accidental “Send” can do. Protecting your integrity is critical to your reputation and success. We centralize and track all your social media – preventing mistakes. Don’t leave your credibility to chance!www.socialrise.net info@socialrise.net 888-822-3174
  15. 15. Let SocialRise Connect You Contact us today: (888) 822-3174 info@socialrise.netwww.socialrise.net info@socialrise.net 888-822-3174