Looking Back at Social Media on Give to the Max Day 2010


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Give to the Max Day is Minnesota’s biggest online fundraising event of the year and 2010 was the most collaborative social media effort for this event ever. Join this session to learn GiveMN’s outreach strategy for social media and explore how nonprofits across the state collaborated on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Livestream to make it successful. Learn what didn’t work and why. Mostly, find out how these lessons learned can help your nonprofit create and implement successful social media strategy year-round.

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Looking Back at Social Media on Give to the Max Day 2010

  1. 1. Looking back on Give to the Max Day 2010 Reflecting on the Social Media Strategy Jeff Achen Interactive Media Strategist GiveMN.org @givemn Nicole Harrison Social Media and Digital Strategist SocialeNicole Online Communications @socialnicole1
  2. 2. We focused on… We did not focus on…2
  3. 3. Early Collaboration • Began early with an informal lunch w/ social media specialists in our network • GiveMN Strategy Cabinet came up with Livestream idea, as well as video ideas3
  4. 4. Outreach Strategy • Created a “Social Media Guide” • Used the training webinar to talk about our social media efforts • Created a Twitter hashtag - #GTMD2010 • Leveraged our networks and promoted by finding our advocates • Sent out request to Minnesota Bloggers to blog about GTMD. • Began coordinating with The UpTake to Livestream the event.4
  5. 5. YouTube Strategy • Created “how-to” videos – Gaining Admin Access, Creating a project page, Setting up a matching grant, etc.5
  6. 6. YouTube Strategy • Created a celebrity public service announcement video – Drafted an invitation, used our network to see who had connections, wrote the script and scheduled interviews – Distributed via YouTube, Facebook & Twitter. Sent DVDs to news stations & nonprofits. Emailed the video to our mailing list6
  7. 7. YouTube Strategy • Commissioned Chuck Olsen to create “Dr. Garry” video – Allowed creative freedom and tapped the power of Chuck’s personal network/fans7
  8. 8. The Message Spread • Nonprofits spread the Give to the Max Day message through e-newsletters.8
  9. 9. The Message Spread • Nonprofits began their own promotions through social media. – Animal Humane Society created some great videos – North American Bear Center activated its Facebook fans (over 120,000 of them!) – Twin Cities Rise! Created template messages for its supporters to use on Twitter9
  10. 10. Lessons Learned • Get an earlier start on celebrity PSA • Livestream was extremely popular. Managing the sign up was tricky. Using Google docs not the best. • Bloggers outside of the NPO community did not pick up the story.10
  11. 11. Turning GTMD into an EVENT! • Livestream became the hub for activity. – Nicole guest Tweeted – Jeff blogged Golden Ticket winners/posted to Facebook11
  12. 12. Lessons Learned • Tweetup wasn’t successful, only 3-4 people showed • Location was tough to get to and wasn’t high traffic, public venue • Never effectively used Foursquare12
  13. 13. Managing your online community • Some North American Bear Center Facebook fans were found to be attempting to game the system. • The NABC as an organization did nothing wrong, but GiveMN clearly states in its prize grant rules that a unique donation is an individual person making a donation to a nonprofit. • After determining there were some instances of multiple donations from the same individual taking place, GiveMN worked with NABC to review its donations and determine the number of those donations. Those donations were removed, and the final results brought North American Bear Center into second place.13
  14. 14. Managing your online community Lessons learned: • Your Facebook page is your community. • Monitor conversations and set the tone.14
  15. 15. GTMD Takeaways • Strategize with peers and supporters • Find your advocates and get them to volunteer time and skills • Reach out early/plan early • Educate and be transparent with your plan • Use a variety of channels for your message: SM, email, earned media, print publications, advertising, phone calls • Monitor your SM channels, set the tone • Conduct a debrief after the event to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses15
  16. 16. “The Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project reports that more than 73 percent of young American adults use social media as a primary means of gathering information and decision making—and that includes where and how to give money.” What’s your social media strategy?16
  17. 17. Give to the Max Day 2011 is Wednesday November 16!17
  18. 18. Links • Social media tip sheet: http://blog.givemn.org/_asset/3w0hnj/Social-Media- Recommendations-for-GTMD-2010.pdf • GTMD2010 Webinar http://www.slideshare.net/jeffachen/gtmd2-webinar-v4 • GTMD NPO Toolkit http://givemn.razoo.com/p/gtmd- nonprofit-toolkit/ • GiveMN YouTube channel http://www.YouTube.com/givemn • Blog post: “Social Media’s Role in Raising $10 Million in One Day” http://www.vimm.com/social-medias-role-in-raising- 10-million-in-one-day/ • Blog post: “How Minnesota’s ‘Networked Nonprofits’ raised over $10M in one day’” http://www.bethkanter.org/mn- give-2/18