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Generic golden gekko

  1. 1. mobilize your ideas
  2. 2. About usContent. About Us About our App Store Distribution Services - Introduction GG App Store Distribution Services – Summary of our offering Key Deliverables Technical Specifications Reporting Key Timings Costing 1
  3. 3. About Us.Who we are & what we do 2
  4. 4. About usAbout us.Who we are & what we do Golden Gekko is the leading mobile application solution provider in Europe and North America with offices in London, New York, Barcelona and Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Golden Gekko has developed more than 400 apps, including many of the world’s biggest brands, just in the last 12 months. Our team consists of over 130 people including software developers, user experience designers, testers, producers and sales people from 20+ nationalities that love and breathe mobile apps and services. 3
  5. 5. About usAbout us.Golden Gekko and app development history We’ve been developing mobile apps since 2005 when only a few industry experts knew what they were. Today our clients include well over 100 brands and media agencies across the world covering operators, device manufacturers, FMCG brands, fashion & retail brands, travel industry, pharmaceuticals, fast food restaurants, beverages, automotive, media, enterprise software, governments, publishers, financial institutions, sports and more. Using the latest technology, user interface design and development methodologies we deliver mobile apps and mobile websites for mobile devices and OS including iOS, Android, Java, Blackberry, Symbian, Windows Mobile, HP/Palm WebOS and Samsung Bada that often have complex back-end integrations. 4
  6. 6. Cross platform specialists since 2005 Team of 130+ people across 5 offices 400+ apps -> past 12 monthsLorem Lorem ipsum Lorem dolor Sit amet10.000 K 20.000 K 35.000 K 65.000 K15.000 K 25.000 K 44.200 K 81.000 K20.000 K 22.000 K 23.000 K 100.000 K 5
  7. 7. More than 100 brands and agencies have put their trust in us.Lorem Lorem ipsum Lorem dolor Sit amet10.000 K 20.000 K 35.000 K 65.000 K15.000 K 25.000 K 44.200 K 81.000 K20.000 K 22.000 K 23.000 K 100.000 K 6
  8. 8. Topic.. Special Metric, etcPlease specify special topics or delete this slide 9
  9. 9. Case studies.Sample references. 9
  10. 10. Case studiesBacardiBackground The app lets you search by name, ingredient, or cocktailstyle to narrow down your choices. You can flick trough theentire cocktail list, or simply shake your phone for a cocktailsuggestion. Find out what’s hot with today’s Top 25 cocktails.Once you’ve found the perfect cocktail, share it with yourfriends. You can make dozens of cocktails with recipe details andeasy instructions Learn the secrets behind some of Bacardi’s legendarycocktails with mixologist video guides Explore a real-time list of the Top 25 cocktails Search for a cocktail name, ingredient, and more Get a recommendation by shaking your phone to get acocktail suggestion Create a shopping list and check off the ingredients as youbuy them Share recipes with your friends through e-mail, Facebook orTwitterDevices: Android, Blackberry and 90% if Java devices (Nokia,Samsung, LG, Motorola, etc) 10
  11. 11. Case studiesAbsolut VodkaBackground Absolut Vodka has a long and proud history ofinnovative and award winning campaigns in print andmore recently digital marketing. It was a therefore a giventhat Absolut would deliver a mobile campaign but onlywhen it would be possible to do something that truly livedup to the brand perception.Results Within 3 months after launch the mobile service hadover 20.000 visits to the mobile web site, 10.000downloads of the application and over 35000 exposures*of the Absolut drinks guide. The number of downloads vastly exceeded the targetamong Absolut Access users. In addition to this thedownload success rate from was 74%,exceeding all our hopes for the US market consideringthe high proportion of low-end devices and severalcarriers only supporting Brew in a closed gardenenvironment. As a bonus 19% of the visitors have also downloaded extra content suchas ringtones, wallpapers and bar mixing videos. 11
  12. 12. Malibu Bowling Case studies Client – Malibu Kahlua (USA) IPhone and java based bowling game developed with Great Works to promote Malibu’s two flavors, coconut and melon. Game launched and available in the USA and Canadian AppStore with over 8M downloads 80% of users played multiplayer with a friend promoting the game further Features:  Malibu branded bowling game  User bowls against Malibu bottles instead of pins  Modes for one and two players  Selection of the ball (coconut or melon)  Selection of game background (one of five) 12
  13. 13. Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Case studies Client: OMD International Challenge: Leverage the Vodafone McLaren sponsorship to build brand awareness and reach min 0.5m customers Budget: 60.000 euro over 5 months Launched: June 2009 Solution • Mobile app with exclusive news and behind the scene interviews with Lewis, Heikki, the pit crew and lots more. • Daily team news, Formula 1 news, real time race information, results, championship standings and new videos added throughout the season. Delivered for Java and Widget • Distributed via SMS, Web, Appstores, Bluetooth, etc • Application launched on 10 territories • Over 600.000 successful downloads to date 13
  14. 14. Case studiesTOYOTA YarisBackground The New Toyota Yaris See the new Toyota Yaris in all its glory with the new Yaris App Download the new Yaris App and you can: - View photos of the new Yaris - View video on the Yaris in action - Play Yaris game - Share on Facebook - Read all the stats you’d want to knowResults Launched one week ago. No results available yet. 14
  15. 15. Case studiesMango MNGBackground For Mango and in collaboration with Vasava, wedeveloped an innovative application for Mango whichallows the user to “try on” the clothes before buying withthe fun mix and match section, browsing the collection,finding the nearest store and purchasing items on the go.Results300.000+iPhone downloads within the first three months 15
  16. 16. Case StudiesO2 Priority MomentsBackground Priority Moments is a clever new mobile service justfor O2 customers. It brings you great nearby offers andexperiences exclusive to O2, with a handful picked fromthe best already in the market - from some of the UK’smost well-loved brands. Launched in July 2011.Developed by Golden Gekko for iPhone and AndroidResult 500,000+ registrations in the first month 16
  17. 17. Case Studies My DogBackground My Dog is a social mobile platform for dog lovers. Allowing users to connect with dog-loving friends, share photos, discover dog friendly places, get dog care advice from professionals. The app users location and your dogs profile to provide relevant information designed for your dogs needs Developed by Golden Gekko for iPhone and Android Launched August 2011 17
  18. 18. Case StudiesGolf Match Mobile WebBackground Tribal DDB wanted maximum, reach and a great user experience for a small budget on behalf of their client… XHTML and HTML5 mobile websites launched in the UK with traffic form web, opt-in program and search.ResultGenerating target test drives andsubsequent sales. 18
  19. 19. How we work.Identifying the use cases, our design, our way ofworking and quality assurance process overview 19
  20. 20. 1 How we workMapping the customer touchpointsIdentifying the use cases • Magazines/TV/Fashion shows 8 • Social Networks 2 • Friends & Family • TV • Billboards/Outdoor adverts • Reminder to come back • Magazines • Special offers in your store • Online (Web or Mobile) • Exclusive opening hours • Youtube • New collections/products • E-mail/SMS Cooupon/voucher Inspire Keep Engagin Adverts g • Browsing • Wear the products products/fashion • Product/Service feedback • Store locator • Finding if/where 7 • Review/Rate products Post Customer Online product available 3 • Share info/photos Visit • Shop online about products with friends Journey • Community (social media room) Cashier Outside Store • Paying for the products In Store • Signing up for loyalty program • Window shopping • Returning products • Interact outside of opening • Requesting assistance (size, etc) hours • Coffee shop nearby talking • Finding what you want about what to buy (size, color, etc) 6 • Assistance from staff 4 • Free browsing • Trying on the clothes 20 5
  21. 21. How we workGolden GekkoDesign process.Explanation We encourage the process to be as collaborative as possible .- You are experts in your business and we need to learn from that expertise to incorporate Step 1 is we present our proposed high level concept. Steps 2, 3 and 4 are driven by our collaboration with you to find the full solution to fulfil your objectives. High level Designs & Art Complete Complete concept definition Wireframes designs 21
  22. 22. How we workGolden GekkoProject methodologyExplanationAt Golden Gekko we work very closely with the client, eliminating misunderstandings andincreasing communication. We work in very short iterations, usually hours or at the most days, ensuring that we can get rapid feedback on the applications. If we are heading in the wrong direction according to the clients expectations, it will not be for very long. We identify the core product functionality as expected by the client, as early as possible, to enable early customer road testing. We develop secondary functions once the target users have experienced how the main functions work in real life. We prefer to have a transparent dialog with our customers through the development process discussing around the actual product instead of specifications solely. This allows us to deliver the right product at the right time with exceptional quality.Our development methodology is based on more than 6 years of research and best practicecase studies of major corporations including Ericsson, ABB and Vodafone at one of the leadingsoftware engineering universities in the world. 22
  23. 23. How we workGG QA phases. Acceptance Maintenanceprocess Pre testing Early testing Mature testing testing testing Jira smoke test Jira smoke testinput Jira kick-off task Jira tasks Jira tasks Jira tasks task task Test lead writes Test lead writes Test lead writes Test lead writes Test lead writes test cases test cases test cases test cases test cases QA Manager QA Manager QA Manager QA Manager QA Manageractivity selects test lead selects test lead selects test lead selects test lead selects test lead QA Kick-off QA Kick-off QA Kick-off QA Kick-off QA Kick-off meeting with TPO meeting with TPO meeting with TPO meeting with TPO meeting with TPO Test lead writes Test lead writes Test lead writes test cases test cases test cases Test lead Test lead presents project presents project to QA to QA QA Kick-off QA Kick-off QA Kick-off QA Kick-off QA Kick-offoutput Test cases meeting with TPO meeting with TPO meeting with TPO meeting with TPO meeting with TPO Test lead writes Test lead writes Test lead writes Test lead writes Test lead writes test cases test cases test cases test cases test cases Test lead Test lead presents project presents project to QA to QA 23
  24. 24. Critical Success FactorsEnd-to-end experience –mobile is everywhere Simplicity -> Consumers want an app/site that is as easy to use as their desktop app Customers expect same functionality/content on mobile as online User Interaction -> Needs to be treated different between platforms, screen sizes and input (Tablets, touch screen, Qwerty, etc) Reliability -> Key to success (off-line, crashes, etc) – must test on target devices Speed -> Performance make a huge difference 24
  25. 25. TechnologyDelivering complex solutions in the fastest way 25
  26. 26. Lorem Lorem ipsum Lorem dolor Sit amet10.000 K 20.000 K 35.000 K 65.000 K15.000 K 25.000 K 44.200 K 81.000 K20.000 K 22.000 K 23.000 K 100.000 K 26
  27. 27. All platforms provide different features, interfaces and capabilities. The Golden Gekko framework enables us to take all of them to a similar starting point and reuse experience and code across platforms. This way our we optimise efficiency and development time as well as the app’s operating speed and reliability.Lorem Lorem ipsum Lorem dolor Sit amet10.000 K 20.000 K 35.000 K 65.000 K15.000 K 25.000 K 44.200 K 81.000 K20.000 K 22.000 K 23.000 K 100.000 K 27
  28. 28. As cross platforms specialists we often integrate with multiple backend servers and data sources where datacan change at any time. For this purpose we have developed GG Server Platform which clearly separates theclient from the backend to manage ever changing environments in the backend without having to makechanges to any of the client sides. 28
  29. 29. CommercialsRate card and cost overview 29
  30. 30. CommercialsTitle Role Hourly rate Daily rate (EUR) (EUR)Program Manager Plan and manage projects with multiple work streams 880 110 (e.g. LG or ED)Project Manager Plan and manage smaller single platform projects 560 70Technical Project Manager Plan and manage cross-platform projects or projects 760 95 involving back-endSenior Developer Technical Design, Scope review, Scope sign-off, etc. 760 95 Min 10 years experience.Developer Lead developer or part of a development team. Min 3 520 65 years experienceJunior Developer Part of a development team. 360 45Art Director Manage and create graphics including overall concept, 880 110 design guidelines, wireframes, mock-ups and review the work by the Graphic Designers and Junior DesignersUser Experience Designer Create and give feedback use flows, user interactions 720 90 and wireframes for unique appsGraphic Designer Create graphics including wireframes, mock-ups and 560 70 design guidelines for appsJunior Designer Create graphics including mock-ups and edit/manage 400 50 graphical assets for projectsHead of QA Manage the test team and complex test projects 720 90 including coordinating creating use cases, device target lists, etc. 30
  31. 31. CommercialsTitle Role Hourly rate Daily rate (EUR) (EUR)Test Leader Coordinating creating use cases, test planning and 480 60 carries out testsTester Carries out tests in accordance with the use cases, 360 45 test plan and device list.Test Assistant Carries out tests under the lead of a Tester 280 35Distribution Planner Plans distribution of apps and banner campaigns 600 75Distribution Manager Carriest out distribution of apps and banner 400 50 campaignsSenior Business Developer Create strategies and roadmaps and run workshops 960 120 on behalf of clientsProducer Create strategies and roadmaps and run workshops 880 110 on behalf of clientsPartner Create strategies and roadmaps and run workshops 1920 240 on behalf of clients 31
  32. 32. Next stepsPartnering for success 32
  33. 33. Next stepsNext stepsAgreed tasks Introduction to mobile leads in New York Identify opportunities with global accounts such as Nissan, McDonalds and Monster Joint workshop and training sessions 33