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  • Only in America can a chef become a swami 
  • I may not be from the Pacific North West and have a southern accent ( south of India)
  • Do you know people are already talking about you maybe ?
  • Of course I am not asking you all to start a beer blog, it seems like beer blogs are popular in the portland area atleast in the eyes of technorati
  • Social media is about conversations and relationships Customers are in control, but not total control because you CAN participate People do not want to me marketed to; they want to be heard and can relate more to another human than a banner ad It’s not just about great content, it’s about relationships Chances are there is a conversation going on online about your products or services, or even the business itself. Are you going to participate, or let someone else?

Shashi Bellamkonda Shashi Bellamkonda Presentation Transcript

  • Small Business and Social Media 
  • Thank you all for coming
  • My Story :Once upon a time
  • Today Thank you kk Social Media Swami for Thank you @kk
  • The media world has changed
  • The internet has surpassed newspapers and radio in popularity
    • 92%) use multiple platforms 
    • 33% access news on their cell phones.
    • 28% of internet users have customized their home page 
    • 37% of internet users have contributed to the creation of news
  • Strangers shape your brand reputation Word of Mouth has become Word of Mouse
  • Customers demand transparency This guy wants to make sure the book and the DVD are saying the same thing
  • Your brand may be created by others Never used a computer – Yet his brand exists online
  • You may even require rebranding
    • Carefully curate your content
    • Use the mom rule
    • Your alerts will tell you tell you about new content
    Removed the pic of drunk young man to give him a chance to rebrand. I just used the keyword “drunk” in the search box
  • Once you have a web presence your business is global
    • Web searches for a local business
    • Searches on Maps
  • See the full study at
  • 25% Small Business use social media presence – Doubled since last year
      • Network Solutions – University of Maryland Small Business Success index
    See the full study at
  • 1. Business Objectives to use Social Media
    • Free (requires time commitment)
    • Connect with customers
    • Get ideas, trends, buzz
    • Help your Search Engine Rankings
    • Find peers and network
    • Easy distribution of content
    • Greater reach
    • New Clients
  • 2. Process
    • Integrate Social media into your marketing campaign
    • Make your existing marketing collateral social
    • Engage with your existing customers
  • 3. Measure what you care about
    • Customer satisfaction/ Retention
    • Traffic to your website
    • New customers
    • Facebook community
    • Blog comments/ subscriptions
    • Search results
  • Network Solutions Swami’s - 3 Word Mantra Photo: courtesy: LISTEN PARTICIPATE Photo Courtesy: CONTRIBUTE Photo Courtesy:
  • Listening Tools : Who is talking
      • Search Results
      • Google Alerts
      • Twitter
      • Friendfeed
      • Technorati
      • BackType
      • Alterian SM2
      • Radian 6
  • Use Google Alerts as a business intelligence tool
    • Get alerted to conversations about your product
    • Trends and competition
    • Tip : Use Google alerts to get content ideas
  • What's in your search results 1 2 6 3 4 5 Concentrate on developing your top results
  • Demonstrate expertise and thought leadership
      • Join Communities
      • Comment on Blogs
      • Answer Questions
      • Thank reviewers of your business
      • Look for guest post opportunities
    • Show your expertise
    • Appear in search
    • Traffic back to your business
  • Become Visible : Be a publisher – Create content
      • Website
      • Blogs
      • Microblogs
      • Guest posts
      • Articles
      • Forums
      • Communities
      • Social Media Press Release
      • Multi- Media
    • Share your content
    • Link to other web sites
  • Contribute
    • Tell your story
    • Make videos of your expertise
    • Talk about your employees
    • Share exciting events/news
    Rohit Bhargava’s says in “ Personality Not included” to follow UAT formula – UNIQUE, AUTHENTIC, TALKABLE
  • Blogging: Tell your story Session: Social Media & Health Care 4 .00 p.m
  • Share your happy moments
  • If chips can have their own page so can you!
  • Facebook Profile Page
    • Add a newsletter sign up widget
    • Give special Facebook offers
    • Ask for feedback
    • Ask website visitors to become your Facebook fan
    • Encourage customers to join
  • LinkedIn Answers Groups Profile
  • Videos : Tell your Story New embed videos into Slideshare NEW Kodak Zi8 HD Pocket Video Camera 
  • Podcasts & Your Own Radio Shows Flickr photo Chris Penn Or follow @ldpodcast
  • Photos- Flickr Tip : Your raving fans may be telling your story in pictures
  • Social Media press release
  • Document sharing Sites
    • Docstoc :
    • Slide Share :
    • Scribd -
    Tip : Add a custom offer for each channel and monitor traffic from these sites
  • Build online relationships offline
  • Offline Networking
    • Conferences
    • Local meetups
      • Upcoming,org
    • Create your own local event
  • Tactical Steps
      • Claim your business on Yelp
      • Encourage customers to review you on social networking sites
      • Integrate Social Media components to your website
      • Thank reviewers
      • Special offers for Fans
      • Add social media to your marketing plan
  • Make your email social
    • Consolidate all your contact lists
    • Tweet news about your email offers
    • Make your email available online
    Tip : Add your social media links to your email signatures
  • Add your social media channels to your website Encourage visitors to join your social media properties
  • Make your product pages shareable Share options on product pages Tip : Encourage your customers to review your products. Offer them a coupon post sale.
  • Twitter Business Info here – Your conversations will lead your connections to your page Tip : Consider having a separate account for your products and tweet a special offers and blog feeds
  • Final Thoughts
    • Listen first
    • Conversation, not publishing or broadcasting
    • Be a useful conversationalist
    • Build relationships - one at a time
    • Take a Leap of Faith and Jump In!
    • Make it easy for people to give you their money Photo Courtesy Fred Dawson on Flickr /
  • Your Social Media Plan
      • Setup Alerts
      • Join and setup profiles in 3 social networks
      • 15-20 minutes a day tracing the alerts and responding
      • Choose 3 blogs on your field to read and comment
      • Converse, don’t sell
      • Answer questions and become an expert in your niche on LinkedIn
      • 2 hours a week - Learn and write about the products you promote
      • Measure your efforts
        • How many times were you mentioned
        • How many people read your posts
        • Inbounds links
        • Are your customers evangelizing
      • Attend one local event a month
      • Ask for help from the community if you need it
  • Proud to be a sponsor of Social Media Plus
  • Questions ?
    • Shashi Bellamkonda [email_address]
    • Twitter: @shashib
    • Small Business Success Index :
    • Network Solutions Blog :
    • Unintentional Entrepreneurs : http://
    • Gen Y Blog : http://
    • Women Entrepreneurs :